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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – …been a perfect girl

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 10 Recap - ...been a perfect girl

Devi thinks about what’s going on between her and Paxton after he called her “pal” in school. She thinks he doesn‘t like her at all, and he‘ll never return to her room. But Paxton comes again as she‘s thinking of it. He sits on her bed and leans in for a kiss, but Devi moves away. She tells him he shouldn‘t be kissing her when he just walked by her during the play. She asks him if he is embarrassed by her. Paxton tells her he’s just not a PDA guy and thinks labels are cheesy. He says it‘s nice for them to keep things private.

Eleanor and Fabiola come to Devi’s house to pick dresses for the Winter Dance. Devi tells them she‘s kind of dating Paxton again. She explains that he comes through her window, and he’s been doing it for two nights in a row already. Eleanor tells her that he will surely ask her to the dance if she‘s really his girlfriend.

Devi waits for Paxton to ask her to the dance because everybody in the school is already getting asked. She‘s confused because they‘re getting intimate and super close during the evenings, but in school, Paxton is cold as ice.

One day at school, Kamala brings Devi her lunch, wallet, and phone. Devi says she‘s a little distracted. Manish spots Kamala and asks her what she’s doing in school. Before she could even answer, a loud dance proposal happens. Marcus asks Shira to the dance. Kamala asks them what’s going on. Manish tells her about the dance happening soon and asks her to come to the chaperone’s booze night at Mr. Shapiro’s classroom. Devi tells him that Kamala can‘t come because her mega-hot fiance’s parents are in town.

In class, Fabiola tells Eric that she‘ll be in robotics practice after school, but Eric doesn‘t believe her anymore because she has been saying such for the past eight practices. Devi voices her disbelief at the fact that Fabiola has missed eight practices already. Even Eleanor tells her that Gears Brosnan is Fabiola’s emergency contact, so it‘s very unusual for her to miss robotics practice. Fabiola brushes them off and says she has just been busy with the Cricket Queen campaign. Fabiola veers the conversation in another direction and asks Devi if Paxton has asked her yet. Devi says he hasn‘t asked her, but she keeps getting her hopes up.

Aneesa enters the room and asks Ben to go to the dance with her through a video message. Devi is amazed, so she talks to Aneesa. Aneesa tells her that girls waiting for the guys to ask them to the dance is old-fashioned and waiting for the guys to get their acts together is stressful. Devi then comes up with an idea — she‘ll ask Paxton.

Devi approaches Paxton while he‘s putting things in his locker. Devi makes a “DANCE?” sign using gum wrappers, something Devi is fond of. But Trent and Marcus come out of nowhere, so Paxton refuses Devi’s proposal. Devi walks away and cries herself out in the ladies’ room. Ben goes into the ladies’ room and tells Devi that he saw what happened. Devi says she just humiliated herself once again, but Ben tells her that it‘s Paxton who should be embarrassed. He tells her that Paxton doesn‘t deserve her.

Fabiola gets into the robotics room with some snacks, but Eric tells her that she‘s no longer the captain of the robotics team because she abandoned them for her pursuit of popularity. Fabiola explains that she‘s just trying to help the queer community. Eric tells her he‘s the new captain and reminds her that she abandoned Gears. He says Gears was left under a roof leak, so Jordan had to replace all of its wirings. Jordan brags that he turned Gears into a straight-up player.

Paxton goes through Devi’s window again. Devi tells him he can‘t just go there again after he rejected her in front of his friends. He says he did it because she humiliated him before, and when his friends see that he‘s dating the girl who cheated on him, they’ll think of him as a joke. He tells Devi that he really likes her, but if they‘ll be together, it has to be in secret or not at all.

Devi dreams of her father. This time, he tells her that she doesn‘t deserve to be someone’s secret girlfriend. He tells her that she‘s always perfect for him.

The following day, she goes to Paxton’s house. She tells him that she can‘t be his secret hookup. She says she wants a boyfriend who will hold her hand, take her to the dance, and let her sit on his lap. Paxton tells her he gets it, but he can‘t be that boyfriend for her. Devi holds back her tears and thanks Paxton for their time together.

The night of the Winter Dance comes. Devi and Eleanor stand in a corner while watching other couples dance. Eve approaches them to ask if Fabiola came with them. They tell her that they thought Fabiola was coming with her. They look for her and find her in the robotics room, crying because she can‘t program Gears back to his usual self. She says she thought things would be easier after coming out, but she still feels like she‘s trying to fit in. Jonah hears their conversation and tells Fabiola that she should just be who she is.

Zoe and Shira announce the Cricket royalty: Eve and Fabiola. Everyone cheers, but Fabiola is nowhere to be found. She then appears from behind the curtains, led by Gears. She dances with Eve and tells her she‘s not cool. She says the only things she loves are her family, friends, Eve, and robots, so she doesn‘t want to miss any more practices.

Ms. Warner calls Paxton and tells him he has improved his academics dramatically. She says his chances of getting into a college are pretty good, and he will have plenty of options if he keeps things up. She says Paxton and Devi make a good team.

Ben and Devi find each other in the dance. Devi thanks him for the pep talk he gave her in the ladies’ room. Ben is about to ask Devi to dance when Aneesa butts into their conversation and takes Ben away.

Back at the house, Kamala gets a hint that Prashant might really propose to her. When it‘s time for dessert, she tells Nirmala she’ll be the one to get it. But instead of doing it, she goes out of the house and into the booze night with Manish at school.

Still at the dance, Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola observe that the DJ plays many slow songs. Eve comes and asks Fabiola to dance. Trent approaches Eleanor and tells her she did well at the play. He asks her to dance with him. Devi decides to go home because she feels so alone. She walks out of the street and gets hit by Paxton’s jeep. Paxton helps her up. He worries about her being hurt, but then she tells him that her dress is really padded, so she‘s okay.

Paxton tells her he came to the dance for her. He says he’s there as her boyfriend. They kiss, hold hands and go inside the hall together. Other students look at them, but they walk until they get to the dance floor. They dance. Eleanor’s jaw drops as she watches from afar. Ben stands beside Eleanor. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Of course, it’s him. It’s always been him,” he says. Eleanor disagrees with him and says that after he took her to Malibu, she wanted to choose him. She explains that everything Devi did to Aneesa was because she was jealous because she thought he was hooking up with her in the relay. She tells him that it has not always been Paxton.

With a sad face and a heavy heart, Ben watches as Devi and Paxton kiss while dancing.

Our Thoughts

Woah, woah, woah! At long last, Devi is finally back in the arms of Paxton. But why does this make us a bit sad for Ben? Maybe because deep inside, we believe Devi and Ben seem better for each other. But hey, Ben chose Aneesa over Devi, so losing Devi is a bit of his fault too. Manish looks like a better fit for Kamala than Prashant. Prashant failed to support Kamala in ways she wanted, like when Evan took her off the paper. Well, who knows, maybe Devi and Kamala will be happy soon like Fabiola is with Eve. We’ll just see what happens to these relationships in the next season. It’s definitely something worth waiting for!

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