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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – …thrown a rager

BY Angela

Published 12 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - ...thrown a rager

Devi gets the help of Fabiola and Eleanor to make sure she pulls off having two boyfriends on the same campus without being caught. She enjoys trivia nights with Ben and video game nights with Paxton. Devi says Ben and Paxton do not have academic and social overlap except for History class with Mr. Shapiro.

Fabiola runs the numbers on Devi getting caught. She tells Devi she won‘t get caught because she‘s invisible. Ben is also invisible, but Paxton is definitely not. He gets invisible only when he’s with Devi, so no one will actually notice what Devi is doing. Devi says she can‘t help falling in love with both of them because Ben gets her super brainy side while Paxton gets her horny side.

Fabiola and Eleanor tell Devi they should throw her a going-away party while Nalini is out of town. They plan to have an adult soiree with just Fabiola and Eve, Eleanor and Oliver, and Devi and one of her boyfriends. Devi says she’s bringing Paxton because he has a fake ID to buy them alcohol.

Devi goes to Dr. Ryan’s office to apologize for how she acted in their previous session. She also says she came to say goodbye because she‘s all better. Dr. Ryan refuses to believe her and asks her about India. Devi means a lot to her mom, so she’s going with her. She says their upcoming move to India is why she‘s cramming her dating life, having two boyfriends. Dr. Ryan says that if Devi cares for both of them, she shouldn’t do anything that might hurt them.

Nalini arrives in India and finds out that her parents are too busy with their affairs to help her look for a house where they can live and a clinic where she can practice. Nalini comes to visit Nirmala, her mother-in-law. Nirmala welcomes her and gives her something to eat. She massages Nalini’s head. Nalini suddenly misses the feeling of having someone take care of her.

Ben overhears Eleanor telling Oliver about Devi’s going-away party. He invites himself and says he should be part of the party. He makes it impossible for Eleanor to say no, so Eleanor tells Devi what has happened. Devi says he’ll just disinvite Paxton. She tells him that the affair on Friday will just be with girls. Paxton doesn‘t take the hint, so he says he’s still going. Devi plans to cancel the party, but then Fabiola comes up with the idea of inviting more people so that Ben and Paxton will not notice that they are both Devi’s date. They text everyone they know, so the soiree becomes a classic teenager rager.

Before the party starts, Devi tells her friends she‘s worried she might get caught during the party. Fabiola says they just need to keep the boys separated.

Nirmala tells Nalini that she can‘t move back to India because she is too westernized already. Nalini insists she move back because she needs to be around her family for support. Nirmala asks her if she gets the support she needs from her family. Nalini didn‘t answer.

Devi tells her friends that Ben will probably come early while Paxton will probably be late because cool people are always late. But they both come at the same time. They become concerned when they see both the guys in the fancy wine station where they thought Paxton would never be because wine is Ben’s thing. Apparently, Trent’s dad is a sommelier. Devi asks Eleanor to push her down the stairs so she can just be admitted to the hospital and out of her impossible situation, but they think they might still be caught if both Ben and Paxton go with her in the ambulance.

Oliver arrives and tries to talk to Eleanor, but she brushes him off, saying they‘re in a crisis. Oliver asks her to play flip cups in the garage, but she says he should ask someone else. Oliver then asks Ben if he wants to play. Ben goes with Oliver. Devi and her friends sigh with relief.

Nalini comes home to find her parents with a visitor: Gokul. He’s a widower like her, so they‘re trying to set him up with her. Her mother tells Nalini that she can help her look for a new house if their time permits. Nalini realizes that the support she needs from her family in India is nonexistent.

Paxton asks Devi to come to his swim meet the next day to support him as he shows off to a scout from Stanford. Devi agrees to come. Devi receives a text from Ben asking her to play flip cups with him. She excuses herself from Paxton and tells him she will get him a drink. Eve comes with her friends and tells Fabiola they got their tickets to King Princess and asks her to come. Fabiola asks if King Princess is a play, but Eve tells her that King Princess is a singer and the most unproblematic celesbian.

Devi plays a round of flip cups with Ben and then leaves after her turn to find Paxton waiting for his drink. In search of Devi, Paxton wanders into her room. Devi gets a bottle of water from the fridge and talks to Fabiola. Ben follows Devi, so she tells him he should stay in her room so they can be alone instead of his plan to go into the living room where Devi thinks Paxton is. Paxton and Ben see each other inside Devi’s room.

Devi goes to the living room to find Paxton, but she finds Zoe talking to Shira and another girl that she‘s dating Paxton. She pries for more information from Zoe while Fabiola goes up to Devi’s room to tell Ben and Paxton to leave the room because she‘s about to hook up in there. She just says it so they will leave, but Eve comes and finds her there, so they actually hook up. Devi confronts Zoe and Shira and tells them that she‘s Paxton’s legit girlfriend, without knowing that Ben is just standing behind her.

Nalini visits Nirmala again and tells her she‘s not returning to India as per her advice. Nirmala says she will miss Nalini. She is sometimes a bit lonely because she lives there by herself.

Ben gets mad upon hearing that Devi is dating Paxton. He approaches Paxton and tells him they are dating the same girl. Devi tells Paxton she can explain, but she just says Ben is right. She says she likes both of them so much. Paxton walks out. Devi runs after him. He‘s already in the middle of the road when she catches up with him. She says she didn’t mean to hurt him. Paxton says she should get over herself because she can never hurt someone like him. Paxton gets run over by a car, but he‘s okay.

Devi watches some clips of Paxton’s accident in her bed on Instagram. She doesn‘t know what to do, so she plays her father’s voicemail to find some consolation.

The following day, Nalini comes home. Devi welcomes her back and tells her she shouldn’t unpack her bags anymore because they should go to India as soon as possible. Nalini tells her they are not moving back to India, but she brought a little bit of India home. Nirmala comes in and hugs Devi. She will be staying with them from then on.

Our Thoughts

So yeah, it’s not good to say this, but Devi got what she deserved. What was she thinking? She got so full of herself that she thought she could pull it off. Her friends should have told her to do otherwise, but they enabled her instead. I hope they all learn their lessons. I also hope it‘s not the end of the line for either Ben or Paxton’s friendship with Devi, at the very least. It’s good that Nirmal came with Nalini. She might guide Devi when it comes to matters of the heart. Oh, Devi! You’re in a huge mess.

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