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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – …ruined someone‘s life

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - ...ruined someone‘s life

Devi gets uncomfortable and insecure that Ben and Aneesa are getting along so well. She rants to Dr. Ryan, saying that Aneesa doesn‘t know the rule of not dating a friend’s ex. Dr. Ryan says she shouldn‘t feel such because she has not even told Aneesa that Ben was her ex. She tells Devi that she still has feelings for Ben. She admits it, saying she should have chosen Ben because he was all in. She says she thinks there‘s still hope for them. Dr. Ryan says they need to work on Devi’s approach to stress and suggests she listen to some soothing music whenever she feels a surge of anger.

Aneesa talks to Devi and Fabiola as Fabiola gives them some brownies her mom made for Eve. She says Eve can’t eat them because she’s vegan and gluten-free. Devi munches on the brownies as she watches Aneesa impress Fabiola with her fabulous personality. She even gets more annoyed when she sees Aneesa eating so elegantly that she hasn’t even touched her brownies.

Ms. Warner approaches Devi and tells her that since she‘s no longer going to India, she’d have to work extra hard to cover for her skipped PE classes. She says Devi needs to get a team together so they can participate in the 24-hour relay for charity. Aneesa and Fabiola overhear the conversation and volunteer to be on her team. Fabiola says she’ll bring Eve, Eric, and Rosalia from the Robotics Team, so Aneesa asks if they can bring Ben. Devi gets angry, so she excuses herself to listen to something soothing, as Dr. Ryan suggested. She goes into an empty room and plays her dad’s voicemail.

Evan and Setseg, Kamala’s lab mates, come into the house in fancy costumes to pick Kamala up for the video game convention. Nalini and Devi can‘t believe their eyes seeing Kamala in an all-pink ensemble. She says she needs to do it to be respected at work.

At school, Paxton says everybody hooks up during the relay. He would‘ve wanted to go if he didn‘t have to study. Devi tells him she has to go to the relay, so she can‘t help him study all weekend. He has flashcards, so he can study on his own.

Fabiola’s mom is the head chaperone in the relay, so Fabiola says she should try to keep Eve away from her mom for the whole duration of the relay. Devi sees Ben and Aneesa setting up a tent together and tells Fabiola that they’re getting too close to each other. Fabiola tells her Aneesa is way out of Ben’s league. Devi convinces herself that Ben and Aneesa can‘t hook up there because it‘s an open field surrounded by parents and teachers until she learns about Trent’s tent called Spurt Yurt disguised as a study hall where everyone can sign up to hook up. She borrows the signup sheet and sees Ben has reserved the 9:00 PM slot. Devi gets angry again, so she rushes to listen to her dad’s voicemail.

The relay starts. Devi gets to run first for her team. Afraid that Ben and Aneesa might grow even closer while she runs, she decides to run at her fastest. Once her mile is finished, Devi gets so tired that Ben asks her if it was the first time she exercised. She also gets cramps, and to her surprise, Ben gives her a bottle of water and shows her a trick to relieve her cramps. Aneesa comes and tells them she found the run too easy. Ben lends her a Chapstick, so Devi can‘t help but feel envious.

Paxton tries to study on his own, but he gets distracted by his wobbly table, which he ends up repairing. He packs his flashcards and goes to the relay to ask Devi for help. He tells Devi that studying is boring but less boring when he’s with Devi. She promises to help him study, but only after she ensures that Aneesa and Ben spend the least possible time together. He makes Aneesa and Ben run round after round so they can’t be together. A few minutes before Ben’s session in the Spurt Yurt, Mrs. Warner tells Devi it‘s her time to run. She runs as fast as she can, but knowing she can’t make it to the end of the loop in time to stop Ben and Aneesa from going to Trent’s tent, she resorts to cheating. Still, she doesn‘t make it in time. By the time she gets to the finish line, she sees Ben and Aneesa already going into the tent.

She gets agitated and looks for her phone to listen to her dad’s voicemail. While trying to find it, a student mistakes her for Aneesa and asks her if she wants to join the cross-country team. “No, you racist! I’m not Aneesa! I don’t run fast, I’m not cool, and I don’t eat one crumb of brownie because I’m straight-up anorexic! Okay?” Devi snaps. Shira and Zoe hear it and ask Devi if she just said Aneesa is anorexic. Without paying extra attention to what she‘s saying, Devi tells them it‘s probable because she has never seen her eat a thing. Beaten, Devi sits on a couch, unaware that Paxton is sleeping because a blanket partly covers him. He wakes up and tells Devi he tried to study, but Trent got him high. He falls asleep on Devi’s shoulders.

The following day, Devi finds Aneesa crying. Aneesa tells her everyone is talking about her, saying she‘s anorexic. Devi tells her not to mind what they’re saying because it‘s just a rumor, but Aneesa tells her it‘s not a rumor. She‘s really anorexic, and it‘s why she had to leave her old school. She tells Devi she wants to start fresh at Sherman Oaks, and she doesn’t know how everyone found out about her eating disorder. She also hands Devi her phone and says she must have dropped it while running.

Fabiola finally comes clean to Eve and tells her that the PTA woman, the head chaperone of the relay, is her mother. She introduces them to one another. They hit it off right away. Elise tells Eve and Fabiola that they should go to the Winter Dance and become the Cricket Queen and Queen.

Nalini comes to pick up Devi. Mrs. Warner tells her that Devi had a successful relay, and she worked hard to get her teammates involved. She says Devi’s PE grade will change to an A. Her mother tells Devi she should be proud of herself, but she knows she shouldn’t.

Back in school, the rumor has spread like wildfire, so Devi feels so guilty, especially when she sees Aneesa is not in her usual seat beside Ben. She gets even more bothered when she gets called to the principal’s office.

Our Thoughts

Why would you get into so much mess before cleaning up after your last mess in every episode, Devi? I thought the voicemail thing worked like magic, but then the rumor with Aneesa started, so we’re back to square one. Well, at least things are getting brighter with Paxton. I hope Devi will do something she will be proud of in the next episodes. Devi‘s year in high school was truly eventful, but I don‘t know if that‘s better than a boring, uneventful one.

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