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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – ..betrayed a friend

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - ..betrayed a friend

Devi gets called to the principal’s office to support Aneesa and make her feel like people in Sherman Oaks High has her back. Devi says she hopes to find out who started the rumor. Aneesa says there‘s no need to find out who started it because she just wants to lay low and wait until another rumor swirls around and everyone forgets about her. Principal Grubbs says she needs to find out who did it so she will call everyone who was at the relay until she gets a name. Knowing she will get in trouble, Devi tells the principal that a student should head the investigation. She gives in and tells Devi that the job is hers, so all Devi has to do is pin the crime on someone else.

Devi starts her investigation and asks Aneesa if she knows someone who might have a connection to her old school. She says a guy on the football team is the cousin of a girl she knows — Darius. They go to the boys’ locker room to talk to him, but he doesn‘t even know Aneesa.

At the lab, Evan tells the group that he already has their paper‘s first draft and will send it to his coauthors for approval. He also tells Kamala that she has been an asset to the lab, so she earned some face time with Dr. Peters. He tells her to meet with Dr. Peters during breakfast the next day.

At school, Sasha, one of Eve’s queer friends, tells Eve that she should have joined them during the queer ladies’ night at The Library. Fabiola can‘t wrap her head around discovering that The Library is not the school library but an alcohol bar for adults. She says it‘s illegal for them to be there, but Eve tells her that some laws are worth breaking to support the community. Fabiola excuses herself from the conversation and talks to Devi and Aneesa.

Aneesa tells her they’re tracing who started the rumor. Fabiola tells them that she’s in. Devi tries to tell her that she’s got it under control, but then Fabiola asks who they have questioned already. When she discovers that they’ve questioned Darius, she tells them they shouldn‘t have done it because he wasn’t even at the relay. She suggests that they start from whoever told Aneesa and then work backward. Malcolm drops Eleanor off with them but not before kissing her goodbye. Eleanor tells them she can‘t believe she gets to date an out-of-work actor. Devi asks Aneesa who told her about the rumor, and they figure out it‘s Jonah.

Dr. Chris Jackson comes to Nalini’s clinic to tell her that her patients keep parking in his parking spots. Nalini apologizes to him. He notices Nalini’s outfit, so he tells her she looks nice. Nalini tells him she‘s going to Dr. Morales’ retirement party, her counselor at UCLA. She says Dr. Morales probably runs in more academic circles than him.

Devi’s crew goes to find Jonah. On their way, Paxton stops Devi and asks her to help him study, saying she never helped him during the relay. Devi tells him she’ll find him at lunch. Paxton tells her she better come because he can‘t learn without her.

They find Jonah, so they trace back the rumor until it leads them to Trent. Trent tells them he doesn’t remember who told him, but he remembers hearing someone say “hilare,” which is Shira and Zoe’s version of hilarious. Eleanor deduces it, so Shira and Zoe are detained for a month and removed from the dance committee. Paxton texts Devi, but she doesn‘t come because she gets held up at the principal’s office.

Devi comes home to find Nirmala has picked fruits from the neighbors’ trees instead of going to the market. Nirmala says she won’t get caught, but Devi tells her what she’s doing is wrong, regardless of whether she gets caught. Kamala gets a call from Setseg, saying that Evan didn‘t list her as a coauthor. Kamala tells him she’ll get to the bottom of it.

Nalini arrives at the retirement party and gets greeted by Dr. Morales. She says she‘s excited for Nalini to meet her other mentee, who turns out to be Dr. Jackson.

Aneesa, Fabiola, and Eleanor come to Devi’s house for yet another sleepover. Eleanor is speaking about cheesy bread paired with Diet Coke having its own taste personality but realizes that she might be talking about food too much, considering Aneesa is actually anorexic. Aneesa tells her it‘s okay and that maybe, they should talk about what is going on in her head. She explains she became anorexic because she was seen as the Muslim brown girl and that the only compliment she ever received was that she‘s skinny, so she became obsessed with being skinny. She assures everyone she‘s in a program and managing her disorder. She says she’s thankful to have met them, especially Devi. Devi gets guilty, so she comes clean to Aneesa and tells her she‘s the one who started the rumor.

She tells Aneesa she didn’t know it was true. She was just so mad at her for hooking up with Ben because Ben was her ex. She says she freaked out, but she’s really sorry. Aneesa leaves. Fabiola and Eleanor are both shocked by what they’ve learned. Devi smiles and tells them she came clean, so it should count. They both leave her alone.

Dr. Morales tells Nalini that Chris uses all the proceeds of his cosmetics line to fund pro-bono surgeries, and he‘s raising his son alone. Chris, as a father, surprises Nalini. Dr. Morales then tells Chris that Nalini is also a good doctor herself because she‘s the first person ever to win the Bevins Surgical Award as a resident. Chris asks Nalini if he can get her a drink, but before Nalini can even answer, Gail spots Nalini. Before she comes near Nalini, Nalini tells Chris that she‘s the most annoying person in their batch.

Gail comes and asks Nalini how she‘s coping after Mohan’s death. She says she can cry at her house if she wants to. Chris butts in on their conversation and tells Gail he’ll get her a drink so they can catch up. He looks at Nalini, and she understands that Chris did it to take Gail away from her, knowing she doesn‘t want her company.

The next day at school, Devi asks Fabiola and Eleanor if they are still mad at her. They tell Devi they‘re not mad but disappointed. She says she feels bad because she really likes Aneesa, so they tell her she should find a way to apologize. Devi insists that if she can talk to Aneesa, she can turn things around.

Eve tells Fabiola they should go to the booth for the Winter Dance so they can nominate themselves as Cricket Queens. Sasha sees them and tells them she will ensure they win.

Chris meets Nalini at the parking lot of their building. Chris shows her a parking spot he freed and reserved for her so she wouldn’t trouble herself going to the far end of the parking lot anymore. They walk together towards the elevator, and Nalini asks him about his conversation with Gail. He says it was long and painful, but he didn’t mind because he knew that Nalini didn’t want to talk about what happened to her husband with her. He understands it because he felt the same when his wife moved out. Nalini’s phone chimes, so she tells Chris she has to be somewhere.

Kamala gets to her breakfast appointment with Dr. Peters. Instead of asking about Dr. Peter’s life, she takes the opportunity to tell him that Evan left her name out of the paper, hoping he would help her, but he tells her he doesn‘t get involved in lab politics.

Devi gets called to the principal’s office again. She gets in as Aneesa is leaving, and she sees that Nalini is there. Principal Grubbs tells her she‘s suspended. She tries to negotiate the suspension because it will go into her record, which could ruin her chance of getting into Princeton. She asks her mom to do something, but she says she must suffer the consequences of her actions.

On Devi’s way out to their car, she sees Aneesa. She says sorry about what happened and asks Aneesa if she can talk to Principal Grubbs because she might change her mind about suspending her if Aneesa just talks to her. Aneesa says it‘s so selfish of her to ask her to do that. She also clears up that she didn‘t hook up with Ben. They were only going to Trent’s tent because she made them run. “Everyone was right. You are crazy, Devi,” Aneesa says before walking away.

At that moment, Paxton comes and sarcastically thanks her because he failed his test. He says he wouldn‘t have failed if she had studied with him as she promised. Devi tells him it‘s not her fault he failed. She tells him that if he wants good grades, he should study because she can‘t hold his hand forever.

Our Thoughts

Sorry Devi, but you got what you deserved. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, but to think that you can get away with spreading a rumor about the new girl? Oh, maybe, you‘re really crazy. How would you even have the nerve to ask Aneesa to talk to Principal Grubbs? Gosh. I don’t know what to say!

On a good note, it seems like Nalini hates Dr. Chris for nothing. He seems like a good guy and may even be her new love interest. The future may look bright for Nalini and him. Yay!

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