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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – …begged for forgiveness

BY Angela

Published 1 year ago

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - ...begged for forgiveness

Nalini ensures that Devi won’t feel like she’s on holiday during her suspension. She takes her phone, unplugs the router, and keeps the video game console. The only thing Nalini allows her to do is help Nirmala. Devi helps Nirmala in doing household chores. During dinner, Nalini asks Kamala if she’s okay. Kamala tells her she’s bothered by office politics, but it’s nothing. Devi forces her to spill the beans, saying she’s desperate for any gossip.

Kamala tells them her boss didn’t give her credit on their lab’s paper even when he used all her research. Nalini tells her how common it is in the workforce, but their discussion gets interrupted when they hear someone knocking on their door calling for Devi. Devi gets up and gets to the door to see Ben. He comes and confronts Devi for starting a rumor about Aneesa. He announces that Aneesa is transferring schools once again. It gets Nalini’s attention, so Ben tells them that Aneesa’s transcript will be a mess. Devi doesn’t take it seriously, saying that Aneesa might still be able to spin the experience into a good essay. Ben calls her out and tells her to make things right, or Aneesa’s gone by the end of the week.

Devi rants to Dr. Ryan about what Ben did. Dr. Ryan sides with Ben and tells Devi that what she did to Aneesa is really messed up. She suggests that Devi really apologize to Aneesa because it will bring her peace, but Devi is more concerned about getting Ben back. She thinks that if she gets Aneesa to stay, then Ben will see that she’s a really good person.

Nalini goes to Chris’ clinic to bring his mail, which accidentally got delivered to her office again. Chris brags jokingly about being on the list of best doctors in LA. Nalini cries and explains that it’s not because of what Chris said, but because she doesn’t know what to do with Devi. She says she doesn’t really understand her. Chris tells her he gets her because his son also gives him a hard time. Chris advises her to say yes to Devi, just like he says yes to his son. He says that if her child needs her, she should just say yes.

Devi manipulates Nirmala so she can leave the house and go to school.

Prashant comes to the lab with food. Kamala is still busy sending an email. She tells him about what Evan did and how she went to Dr. Peters about it. He tells her she shouldn’t have come to Dr. Peters about it because it would mean she’s difficult to work with. He tells her to keep her head down until she finishes her rotation.

Devi comes to school and asks for Fabiola and Eleanor’s help to apologize to Aneesa. Eleanor suggests a marching band apology. Devi agrees. Devi dresses up as a cricket and dances while her friends act as cheerleaders. They make a whole lot of noise in the school and attract attention. Devi apologizes to Aneesa again while everyone is watching. Trent asks her why she’s apologizing. Eric says it’s because Devi told everybody that Aneesa is anorexic. Trent says he had forgotten about it, but what Devi did reminded him of it. Aneesa nearly cries and tells her that because of what she did, everyone will be reminded of her being a freak. Ben confronts Devi and tells her to use her brain.

Mr. Kulkarni tells Devi that she needs to get into the classroom so they can both wait for someone to pick her up because she’s not supposed to be there due to her suspension. Kamala picks her up, so Mr. Kulkarni instructs her not to let Devi out of their house again.

Kamala asks for advice from Devi about her situation. Devi tells her she has been wronged, so it’s okay to demand what’s right. Kamala listens to her, so she texts Setseg and asks about Evan’s many weaknesses.

Devi finds it hard to sleep after her botched apology to Aneesa. She looks back on her father’s greatest apology to her mother and comes up with an idea. The following day, Devi goes to school once again. She asks Aneesa if she can talk to her in private, but Aneesa tells her she can apologize publicly again so she can humiliate her again.

Devi stands on a chair and tells everyone that she has wronged Aneesa. She admits she feels threatened by her, but she doesn’t want her to leave. She promises Aneesa that she will be a good friend to her if she stays. She gets caught by Mr. Kulkarni again, so she leaves the school.

Back at home, Devi watches TV with Nirmala. The doorbell rings. Devi sees Aneesa by the door. Devi tells her that she doesn’t know if she should be scared or excited to see Aneesa. Aneesa laughs and tells her that she appreciates what Devi did, so she has forgiven her, but changing schools is a done deal because her mother won’t change her mind. Devi realizes that if someone can convince Aneesa’s mom to change her mind, it’s her mother, Nalini.

Nalini comes home and Devi asks her to talk to Aneesa’s mom. Nalini hesitates at first, but she remembers what Chris told her about saying yes to her daughter, so she says yes to Devi. Aneesa comes to Devi’s house with her mother, Noor. Nalini welcomes them and talks to Noor alone. She tells her she’s sorry for what happened. She adds that Devi might be acting up because they lost Mohan recently and struggled with it. She says it’s not an excuse for Devi’s behavior, but they’re a good family having a hard time. Noor understands and decides not to pull Aneesa out of the school. Devi hugs Nalini and tells her she’s the best mom.

Kamala comes to the lab with coffee for everyone. She secretly puts laxatives in Evan’s coffee as per Setseg’s advice. She plans to alter the paper while he’s in the comfort room. Evan excuses himself from the group right after he takes a sip of the coffee, so Kamala gets to work. Evan returns quickly, saying he forgot his magazine. He catches Kamala using his computer and asks her what she’s doing. Kamala admits she added her name to the paper and sent it to the journal. Evan tells her she has committed fraud, but Kamala rebuts and tells her she has proof of her research. She threatens to file a complaint against him to the administration and mobilize the Association of Women in Science. Evan gets frightened of her and tells her she can have her name on the paper, but she will be out of his lab that day. Kamala tells him she doesn’t care because she will start her new rotation the following week. She channels her inner Devi and breaks a beaker before walking out on Evan.

Devi goes to school after her suspension. She gets complimented by Ben, who tells her that she did well with Aneesa’s mom. Ben tells her that she will ask Aneesa out.

Nalin comes to Chris and tells him he’s a genius because his advice worked. Nalini goes in for a hug, but Chris kisses her on the lips, catching her off guard, so she backs away. Yet she leans back in, so they kiss again.

Our Thoughts

Woah! We’re not ready for that kiss between Nalini and Chris. What would Devi feel about it? I’m scared to know, but I’m excited for Nalini. If she thinks Chris would make her happy, she should go for it. She’s far too young to live the rest of her life alone. I’m so happy for Kamala and how she stood up for herself in front of Evan, the worst coworker/boss a person can ever have. That beaker move was badass. Lastly, I’m delighted that Devi is finally on good terms with Aneesa again. Even though it might mean that Devi would have to suffer seeing Ben and Aneesa together, I think it’s for the best. Devi must suffer through it to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

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