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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – …stalked my own mother

BY Angela

Published 2 months ago

Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 9 Recap - ...stalked my own mother

After seeing her mother having a good time inside Dr. Jackson’s car, Devi waits for her to come home. Upon arriving home, Nalini sees an overly gleeful Devi asking her about her day — very unusual — but instead of spilling the beans about her date, Nalini tells them she got a call from Prashant’s parents. She says they are coming for a visit.

Devi asks Fabiola for advice about her mom dating another guy. Before Devi can get decent advice, they see Eleanor walking by with Malcolm. She‘s still visibly pissed at them. Fabiola says she keeps texting her, but she doesn‘t respond.

Mr. Shapiro announces he‘s giving an assignment for extra credit — an oral presentation about one event in the great American saga that has affected their family. Ben and Devi, as usual, signify their intention to do the assignment. Devi looks at Paxton and tells him to take the opportunity as well. He does.

Devi looks through Nalini’s planner and finds a date reserved for Dr. Jackson. She takes a photo for evidence just as Nalini gets into the room. She confronts Devi for going through her things, so Devi lies and tells her that she‘s just stealing some money.

Fabiola approaches Eleanor and Malcolm. She apologizes for accusing Malcolm of cheating, saying she thought she was just looking after Eleanor. Malcolm tells her that she seems like a damaged person for thinking that the best way to look after Eleanor is to cast doubt on the person she loves. Eleanor defends Fabiola this time, telling Malcolm that Fabiola isn‘t a damaged person. Malcolm tells Eleanor he feels unsafe in their relationship because she‘s defending Fabiola after she emotionally battered him. He walks away, and so does Eleanor.

Paxton hears Ben rehearsing for the extra-credit project in an empty room. He looks inside, and when Ben sees him, he lies that he‘s just looking for his phone.

Nalini gets ready for her date with Chris. She removes her wedding ring and leaves the house. Devi talks Kamala into driving her outside.

Paxton tries hard to think about what he‘ll present to the class. A box containing books from his grandfather catches his attention. He finds a journal in the box and gets more interested to read it when a photo with a note that reads “Camp Manzanar, 1944” falls from it.

Devi and Kamala get into Dr. Jackson’s neighborhood, so Devi finally tells Kamala why they‘re there. They observe from the sunroof as Chris and Nalini eat dinner together. Devi texts Nalini to see if she‘ll take the time to respond, but Nalini just looks at her phone and reads the message without responding. Devi gets angry, so she acts up and throws her phone, which lands on Chris’ hot tub cover. She retrieves it and accidentally falls into the hot tub with her phone. She panics because it means she has lost her dad’s voicemail.

Nalini asks Devi what she’s doing, so Devi tells her she‘s the one who should ask her what she‘s doing because they have just thrown her dad’s ashes, but she‘s already dating another man. Nalini tells her they‘re not dating, just having a professional dinner. Chris seconds it, saying they‘re just colleagues.

Nalini goes home with Devi. Devi apologizes and explains she just got upset by the thought that she might be dating again. Nalini tells her she should think before she acts because what she’s done is just crazy. Hearing her mom tell her she‘s crazy cuts deep because it validates what everyone in school is saying. Maybe she‘s really crazy.

Paxton’s dad brings him a plate of food because he skipped dinner as he was so busy doing his extra-credit project. Paxton asks if he knows that his grandfather was at an internment camp. His dad tells him that Ojichan didn’t want to talk about his time there, and whenever they asked, he shut down.

Ben’s presentation ends, so Mr. Shapiro tells Devi it‘s already her turn. Devi tells him she forgot to do her assignment. Mr. Shapiro can‘t believe Devi hasn‘t taken an opportunity to do extra credit. Paxton then says he‘s ready for his presentation. He tells the class he‘s half-Japanese, then calls his grandfather to talk in front of the class. Mr. Shapiro is impressed that he actually cries. After Paxton’s presentation, the whole class gives him applause.

In another session with Dr. Ryan, Devi asks her if she thinks she‘s crazy. Devi cries and tells her that everyone at school calls her Crazy Devi, and just recently, her mom also called her crazy. Dr. Ryan tells her she has been through a lot, and the hurt that comes from her experience can come out in surprising ways. She says everything that’s happening to Devi is just because she‘s human, and she feels a lot.

Nalini goes to Chris’ office and tells him she‘s mortified about what happened the other night. Nalini tells him she doesn‘t think they will work out because she thinks it might be a little too soon. She says she might be ready in a few years, but by that time, Chris might already be snatched up. Nalini kisses him on the lips one last time before she goes. She walks out of the office and finds that Devi is waiting outside — she heard everything.

Nalini and Devi go home. Devi screams at Nalini, saying she‘s the biggest liar of all. Nirmala hears her and asks what’s going on. Devi explains that Nalini already has a boyfriend and continues that it might be why Nalini is not so upset about Mohan’s death. Nirmala slaps Devi gently, saying she shouldn‘t talk to her mother in such a way because she‘s an adult and the reason why she has everything, including her life. She adds that Nalini can do what she wants without Devi’s judgment. Devi marches into her room.

Malcolm breaks up with Eleanor. Eleanor opens up to Sharon and follows her advice to give her dad a chance.

That night, Paxton knocks on Devi’s window. He thanks her for helping him in school and then kisses her. They hang out a bit until it‘s time for Paxton to go home. He gets out of the window and leans in for another kiss before he leaves. Nirmala goes into Devi’s room and tells her she should go down for a family discussion. Devi tells her that she doesn‘t want to talk to her mother. Nirmala tells her that her last conversation with Mohan was a fight; she got so mad at him that she hung up the phone. She says there‘s no time for hanging up or not speaking in this life.

Nirmala brings Devi to Nalini and leaves them alone. Nalini tells Devi she‘s sorry for lying to her. Devi accuses her of moving on so quickly. Nalini tells her she hasn’t moved on at all. She says she might just have wanted a break from the pain. She promises Devi that whatever she and Chris have is over. Devi says she feels like her dad is disappearing from their lives, and she fears she might forget what his voice sounds like. Nalini tells her she has something to remind Devi of her father’s voice. She brings out a videocam, and they watch a footage Mohan had recorded when Nalini was still pregnant with Devi.

Eleanor’s dad and Sharon congratulate Eleanor after her play in school. Fabiola and Devi come to see Eleanor as well. Eleanor says sorry for saying mean things to them and tells Devi that she might not be the only one going to the dance alone because she and Malcolm are done. Paxton passes by, and Devi tells them she might not be going to the dance alone. “Hey, pal,” Paxton greets Devi. It confuses Devi because they had made out the previous night, but he‘s still calling her pal.

Our Thoughts

So, what’s up with Paxton? Is he afraid that Devi might cheat on him again, so he chooses not to acknowledge her publicly? If that’s the case, then we can‘t really blame him, but it‘s still not good for Devi. I‘m delighted that Nirmala has Nalini’s back about her dating life and her relationship with Devi. It‘s refreshing to have a mother-in-law supporting her daughter-in-law to date again, right? Also, I‘ve been waiting for Malcolm to break up with Eleanor, so I‘m so glad it finally happened. A fruitful session with Dr. Ryan is a rare thing, apparently, but the fact that Devi finally asks her about her paralysis is one giant step. Hooray!

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