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New Teaser for The Boys Season 3 Announces June Premiere

BY Brandon

Published 6 months ago

New Teaser for The Boys Season 3 Announces June Premiere

Marvel Studios may be dominating the superhero market now, but Amazon Prime Video has a fun take on the genre with their series The Boys. The show is set to return with its third season this year, and we finally have a premiere date.

This was posted by Hughie actor Jack Quaid on his Twitter:

As per the post, The Boys will be back for more superhero mayhem this June 3.

We don’t have a trailer for the third season yet, but we do have a new installment of Seven on 7, the fictional news channel that gives us updates on the world of The Boys. We’ve been getting episodes over the past few months, but the latest entry gives us a look at where the characters are after the last season, with Starlight expecting to host a reality TV show which will choose the next two members of the Seven and Homelander being scandalized after it was revealed that Stormfront was a Nazi.

We also get an appearance from Hughie himself who has found a job working for the FBSA (Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs), an organization working on holding superhumans accountable for their actions.

In a world where we’re getting 10 Marvel properties in a year, The Boys offers a fun commentary on the comic book genre and points out the pitfalls that these noble heroes could very easily fall into. We don’t know how they’re going to take on this new antagonist in the form of congresswoman Victoria Neuman, but she does pose a very dangerous threat, and we have no idea what her motives are yet.

Catch The Boys Season 3 when it comes back to Amazon Prime Video on June 3.

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