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New Trailer for Pam & Tommy Teases the ‘Greatest Love Story Ever Sold’

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

New Trailer for Pam & Tommy Teases the ‘Greatest Love Story Ever Sold’

This Valentine’s season Hulu will be taking us on a journey through internet history with Pam & Tommy, which tells the story of the first-ever leaked celebrity sex tape. The series stars Lily James as Pamela Anderson and Sebastian Stan as drummer Tommy Lee, and we have a new trailer teasing one hell of a wild ride.

Watch this:

Here’s the official description:

Set in the Wild West early days of the Internet, “Pam & Tommy” is based on the incredible true story of the Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan) sex tape. Stolen from the couple’s home by a disgruntled contractor (Seth Rogen), the video went from underground bootleg-VHS curiosity to full-blown global sensation when it hit the Web in 1997. A love story, crime caper and cautionary tale rolled into one, the eight-part original limited series explores the intersection of privacy, technology and celebrity, tracing the origins of our current Reality TV Era to a stolen tape seen by millions but meant to have an audience of just two.

Besides James and Stan, the series also has a star-studded cast which includes Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman; Orange is the New Black fans will also recognize Taylor Schilling. Since the movie is also a story about celebrities in a crisis, we’re also getting characters who are real-life celebrities themselves; Mötley Crüe members Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, and Mick Mars are set to appear, and even Playboy’s Hugh Heffner.  

With I, Tonya being as unapologetic as it was, I’m excited to watch director Craig Gillespie tell this story. Though celebrity sex leaks are dime a dozen nowadays, it’s going to be interesting to see just how something like this disseminates back in the early days of the internet.

Catch Pam & Tommy when it hits Hulu on Feb. 2.

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