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One of Us Is Lying Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – One of Us Is Grieving

BY Angela

Published 7 months ago

One of Us Is Lying Season 1 Episode 2 Recap - One of Us Is Grieving

Addy dreams of Simon telling her everybody’s going to know about her secret as she dreams about the night she cheated on Jake. Jake comes and gets her for school with 2 cups of coffee on hand. Addy asks him if they can just skip school, but Jake tells her she shouldn’t let the post affect her so much because he will not let anything happen to her.

Cooper gets lots of messages while on his routine morning run, but the only message he pays attention to is the one from Kris, his lover. He decides to pay him an impromptu visit. Kris tells him he wasn’t prepared to see him, and his place is a mess. Cooper apologizes for just showing up and tells him he just went there because he is about to have a bad day, and he wanted a part of it to at least be good. Kris lets him in, and they have sex.

In school, Bronwyn tries to review while waiting for Nate. When he arrives, Bronwyn approaches him and asks for the laptop. She tells him it was stolen from her, and he says he learned from horror movies that when something like such happens, usually, the culprit is from inside the house. She tells him it is impossible. She would have known immediately if her parents found it because she would be grounded permanently. He makes fun of her for trusting her parents so much. She tells him she trusts her parents more than a drug dealer on strike away from jail and immediately regrets what she said. She says sorry. Nate walks away as the bell rings.

Vanessa, TJ, Jake, Addy, Cooper, and Keely sit together during lunch. Vanessa theorizes somebody killed Simon to steal his laptop, get into AboutTHAT and post the confession to freak everyone out. Keely mentions the theories being posted online are insane, including one that says he was about to reveal secrets about four people, and there were four people in detention with him. Cooper laughs at her for thinking the secrets were about them. Addy tells her she cannot seriously think one of them killed Simon. She says the only one capable of killing someone is Nate.

Nate receives a text from the man he owed money from, saying he’s way past his deadline. He tells him he needs more time.

Vanessa keeps talking about Simon and the secrets, so Cooper tells her to just drop it. She mocks Cooper and says his biggest secret might be that he skipped a protein shake. Cooper walks away and checks his phone. Kris sends him a photo of him wearing his underwear and tells him Cooper probably has his underwear. Cooper smiles.

Vanessa turns to Addy and asks her what her secret could be. Addy looks at Jake and laughs. She says the post cannot be about her.

While in class, Addy remembers the last time she was in the same seat. It was the day Simon got killed. That day, she checks her phone and sees a message from TJ. Sitting next to her, Simon looks at her phone and writes something in his notebook. Addy’s phone suddenly beeps. Her alarm goes off, prompting Ms. Avery to confiscate the phone and give her detention. Back to the present, Principal Gupta excuses Addy from class.

Principal Gupta leads her to the lockers, and she sees Nate, Bronwyn, and Cooper are also there. She gets introduced to Detective Wheeler, who needs to search their lockers for evidence that might help solve what happened to Simon. After searching Nate’s locker, the detective tells them they will search Addy’s locker next. Addy hesitates to open her locker and asks what will happen if someone plants evidence in their lockers to make them look bad.  She explains it is possible someone put a phone in Bronwyn’s bag, and she weirdly got detention.

The detective tells her that if she did nothing wrong, she does not have to be afraid. She opens her locker. Detective Wheeler finds a cosmetic peanut oil bottle. Addy says she uses it for moisturizing her hair and skin. She says that kind of peanut oil could not have killed Simon because peanut oil has to be cold-pressed for someone with allergies to react to it. Detective Wheeler asks how she knows this, and she says she saw it on the Food Network. The detective says they’ll run some tests against the samples they found in the library.

The four of them are gathered in a room where Detective Wheeler tells them she thinks one of them stole Simon’s laptop. She assures them they will soon find out about it anyway, so they better come clean while they are given a chance. Bronwyn is about to spill it, but Nate holds her hand under the table; she starts to calm down. Instead of telling the truth, Bronwyn asks why they are even talking about the laptop when they have found peanut oil in Addy’s locker. Addy reacts and says some people actually spend money on makeup.

Detective Wheeler tells them she’s trying to help them, given they are now doing a murder investigation. She tells them they found peanut oil only in Simon’s cup and some capsule residue, which means someone in the room put peanut oil in a capsule and dropped it in the water.

Cooper is waiting for his father to arrive when he receives a text from Kris. His father arrives shortly and explains he came home late because their car broke down. He asks if the cops talked to them again. Cooper lies, saying they haven’t. His father says it is the mayor’s kid, so naturally, they would want to pin it on somebody. Copper says he is nervous about the showcase.

A lawyer, Robyn, dines with Bronwyn and her parents. Robyn tells Bronwyn she’s a model student from a great family so that no one would suspect her. She advises Bronwyn to go to Simon’s wake with her family the next day. She further says Bronwyn has to stay away from the other suspects, especially Nate, because he has a criminal record.

Addy’s mom tells her she may ask for help from a lawyer from Jake’s family. She asks if Addy has indeed cheated on Jake as the post says. She scoffs when Addy is unable to answer. Ann asks Addy what she’s going to do. Addy tells her he’s not going to find out. She tells Ann she’s not going to end up like her. She and Jake will get married and travel the world.

Nate eats instant noodles as he watches TV. His father asks him if school’s okay. He lies and tells him everything’s fine.

Cooper comes to Kris’ place and immediately strips down to his underwear, which actually belongs to Kris. This surprises Kris, who tells him he wants to take things slowly that night. He tells Cooper about his day, and when it was Cooper’s turn to tell about his, he accidentally tells him about taking AP English. This stops Kris in his tracks because he thought Cooper was in college. He asks Cooper to leave.

In PE, Vanessa asks Addy if she’ll go to Simon’s wake. When Addy says no, she tells her it’s the right thing to do after the peanut oil incident. Addy gets surprised why she knows about this, so Vanessa tells her Jake told her about it. Vanessa tells her she had an actual murder weapon in her locker and was in detention that day. She tells Vanessa that Copper was there too, and there is a possibility that the cheating post was about him and Keely because she saw Keely looking upset while talking to Simon at Jake’s party.

Addy sees Jake hugging Simon’s mom, Mayor Kelleher, in front of the school as she sits on a nearby bench. Jake approaches her right after and says the mayor asked for his help cleaning out Simon’s locker. He tells her the mayor wants him to go to the wake. She asks Addy to come with him. He mentions they might find Simon’s diary there because he used to keep one back when they were in middle school.

Addy takes another pill while she’s in the restroom. Bronwyn comes and asks her about weirdly getting detention. Addy explains an alarm went off, one she knows she did not set. She tells Bronwyn someone could have set the alarm to get her into trouble, just like someone put a phone in her bag. They set to find out how Cooper and Nate got detention.

Addy asks Cooper how he got detention. He says he was late for Physics. He says he had difficulty finding his phone after going to the gym, and when he finally found it under some lockers, he was already running two minutes late.

Nate receives another text from the guy he owes money from. It says Nate must do some drops for him so they’ll get even. Bronwyn comes and asks how he got detention. He says he got detention like he always did, being late for class. He says he did try to make an effort not to be late, but his locker got jammed, and he had to call the janitor to pry it open with a crowbar.

Addy texts Bronwyn about what Cooper told her. Upon reading it, Bronwyn tells Nate she thinks someone has set them up. She says maybe the same person who took the laptop from her is responsible. Their phones go off and another blog post from AboutThat goes live. It says: “Oh, Bayview, you are predictable. Simon’s dead. A killer is on the loose. But don’t let that distract you from your selfies. I mean, so what if the police found peanut oil in Addy Prentiss’ locker? And I thought I was being obvious.”

In Simon’s wake, Addy walks into the house with Jake. She hears people talking about her. Jake comforts her, but he asks if Addy really thought the cheating post was about Keely and Cooper. Addy breathes a sigh of relief and tells him it is possible. He says he should tell Cooper. Addy was about to object, but Mayor Kelleher interrupts their conversation.

The mayor asks Jake to go with her to Simon’s room, Janae also wants to go, but the mayor only takes Jake. Janae confronts Addy for being there. Before she can answer, Nate comes and Janae confronts him too. Nate tells her he’s there on business.

Bronwyn and Maeve arrive. Maeve sees food and goes to get herself some. Through an open door, Bronwyn sees Nate dealing drugs. Addy sees Detective Wheeler observing the crowd and gets uncomfortable. She follows Jake to Simon’s bedroom. Jake gets some things from Simon’s room, and Addy tells him he should put those in the car. Alone in Simon’s room, Addy tries to find Simon’s diary. She stops and hides when she hears voices outside.

Addy hides under Simon’s bed. The mayor and Detective Wheeler come inside to discuss Simon’s case. Addy overhears their conversation and learns that the peanut oil found in her locker did not match the one they found in Simon’s cup. Detective Wheeler says they are working on a theory that the four suspects did it together. After they leave, Addy gets outside and sees Jake talking to Cooper.

Simon’s parents give a speech about Simon. Janae scoffs as they begin. Janae walks out and goes to the billiard room. Bronwyn tells Addy to get Cooper and meet her upstairs. She approaches Nate and asks him to go with her as well.

Janae gets shocked when she sees Maeve in the billiard room as well. Janae tells her Simon would hate what is happening: his parents turning his wake into a political fundraiser. Maeve says it is best to focus on the food. Janae says everyone in the house hated Simon, but Maeve tells her it‘s not true.

The Bayview Four meet at Simon’s room. Bronwyn tells them it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that Ms. Avery gave them all detention. She says somebody is messing with them. Addy tells them whoever is posting on the blog knew about the peanut oil in her locker, and they were the only ones there. Cooper confronts Addy and asks her if she is sure she didn’t tell Vanessa because they seem to be gossiping a lot. Addy says she knows Jake and Vanessa wouldn’t tell, but she does not know Bronwyn and Nate. Bronwyn tells them the four of them must be singled out because whoever was doing it thinks the posts were about them.

Bronwyn suggests they go to the police. Cooper mocks her for trusting the cops. He says the cops will just think one of them could have framed the other three and pretend she was framed too. He turns to Bronwyn and tells her she gets to be valedictorian with Simon gone. They stop arguing when Addy tells them the police think they did it together.

Evan sees Bronwyn outside and tells her he saw her with Nate. He tells her he’s cool; prison’s full of cool people, and he does not want Nate to take Bronwyn with him because she deserves only the best. They kiss.

Cooper and Keely talk about their agreement. Keely says she would never see anyone else because she knows he would never do that to her. Cooper forces a smile.

Addie remembers a time during Jake’s party: Simon approaches her while taking Xanax and says her Xanax habit is less interesting than what happened between her and TJ. He tells her he won’t post it, and nobody has to know because they are full of surprises.

Back to the present, Jake asks Addy why she made up what she told Vanessa about Keely and Cooper. He asks her if the cheating post was about them. Addy says no and admits to starting the rumor so that Jake wouldn’t think it was about them. They decide to leave. Addy gets a text from Bronwyn asking for more information about what the police said and asks her to meet later that night.

The four of them meet at a cinema as per Nate’s recommendation. Addy explains she heard the cops talking to Simon’s mom. Bronwyn suggests they work together to get out of the situation, but Cooper asks her why they should trust her. Bronwyn admits to thinking one of the posts was about her but refuses to discuss it more. Cooper tells her none of those posts would be about him, so he does not have a motive. Addy admits to cheating on Jake when he went to Greece because she thought they were over when he didn’t text her back. She says she was mad and sad, so she cheated on Jake with TJ. She breaks down as she says she has a motive, too.

Copper visits Kris and explains he didn’t mean to lie to him about being in high school. They make up and decide to start all over again.

Addy is on a video call with Jake when she notices a new post in AboutThat. She says she needs to go, and they end the call.

The new AboutThat post says: “Don’t you just hate a cliffhanger? Simon may have left you high and dry, but making you wait for a good reveal? That’s really not my style. Seems Addy Prentiss is no good at waiting either. She didn’t last a week before finding a new boy-toy to play with while Jake was in Greece this summer. Ahhh, that’s better. Wasn’t the suspense just killing you?”

Maeve is in her room at their house, using Simon’s laptop.

Our Thoughts

Whew, so Simon was actually the mayor’s son, which explains why he can get away with a blog that seems to do nothing but complicate the students’ lives in Bayview High. Maeve has his laptop all along, which tells us Nate was right — the culprit is usually inside the house. We didn’t expect Maeve to be so deep into this. We thought she was just a background character to the Bayview Four.

As we learn more about the characters’ lives, we are getting convinced they are being framed. But it is still a mystery how Maeve, if she was really the one posting in AboutThat, would know Addy’s secret when she was not there with them when she admitted to him. Well, that’s assuming TJ didn’t really tell anyone. I guess we’ll find out!

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