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Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 3 – Once a Langmore…

BY Shannon Entin

Published 3 years ago

Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 3 - Once a Langmore...

Once a Langmore, always a Langmore? That’s the theme of this episode of the Netflix original series Ozark. Make sure you haven’t missed a beat with our Ozark recap of season 2, episode 3.


Ruth Langmore on Ozark

In Episode 3, entitled “Once a Langmore…,” Ruth contemplates her future and her heritage as a Langmore. Marty and Wendy get stonewalled at every turn. Jonah gets his first kill. We find out what Charlie Wilkes really wants. And the Snells & Byrds have a nice dinner together.

 50:18 The Dirty Dilemma: Ruth

In this segment, we’ll be discussing one character’s moral dilemma and thinking about the “what would you do?” Ruth struggles with trying to become Marty 2.0 or Cade 2.0.

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