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Ozark Recap Season 2 Episode 9 – The Badger

BY Shannon Entin

Published 2 years ago

The Snells on Ozark

Girl power is a strong theme in this episode, as we see Wendy, Charlotte, Ruth and Darlene making key decisions. Listen in to this Ozark recap of season 2, episode 9.


The Snells on Ozark

In episode 9, entitled “The Badger,” we see Charlotte working toward her goal, Wyatt getting accepted, and Wendy growing more confident. Cade makes a desperate move, Agent Petty has a shift in priorities, and Jacob gets his last cup of coffee.

40:25 The Dirty Dilemma: Jacob & Darlene

Two people who have lived life on the edge and are true partners. How else was this gonna end? What would YOU do?

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