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Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 5: It Came From Michaocan

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 5: It Came From Michaocan

Our reaction to Ozark season 3 episode 5? EWWWW!!! NOOOO!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! We’ll talk about THAT scene, and more, today in our Ozark recap.

Click on the player above to listen to our full discussion on the podcast!

In our listener feedback segment, we have a message from Michael. He says, “The fingerprint {in ep 3} referred to the hand print left on the glass on the boat by Cosgrove Jr’s assistant, who is interrogated at the end of the episode.”

Thanks Michael! We were wondering about that, but didn’t catch that actual hand on the glass.


Marty and Wendy on the Same Page?

Marty is back home, Wendy wakes up late and the family is up already. Marty has cleaned the house and made breakfast and is talking very matter-of-fact about what happened to him in Mexico. He’s all “back to business” and tells Wendy he set a meeting for 10:30.

This seems odd considering how Marty reacted after he killed Mason in season 2. We’re expecting Marty to be a little more broken, but he seems to have a new lease on life and to have a definite plan/purpose.

At the meeting, Marty wants to phase our the “smurfs” (the guys that are losing money on purpose at the casino) and start extending credit. Ruth says Frank Jr. is not going to like it because he’s been loan-sharking. Marty says that was never approved and he needs to stop now. Suddenly Marty doesn’t care about pissing off Frank Jr. Hmm.

Wendy goes to Sam Dermody to ask him to invest in the casino and offer credit to gamblers. Ozark fans, help us out here. Is she asking Sam to take the dirty money and pretend he is offering it up as credit to people? We’re not 100% clear on what’s happening here.

But Sam is, once again, not quite sure this is legal. Wendy assures him it’s FINE. Just maybe a little unethical. {shrug}. LOL.

Navarro calls Wendy AGAIN. He tells her he wants to buy a very specific horse farm in Kentucky and she needs to go there for an appointment this afternoon. He also tells her Marty passed his test and he knows him now, saying, “You’re very lucky because he’s just like me. He wants to win.”

Wendy is not sure that’s a good thing.  

So they go to the horse farm and everything goes perfectly. Wendy can’t believe how accommodating Marty is being. Marty is DEFINITELY up to something.

Later in the episode, Wendy goes to Wilkes’s assistant, Jim, to try to dig up some dirt on Maya. They find out that her Dad went to prison for financially scamming people and it’s her life’s mission to put people like that away. Marty thinks he can use that. Wendy thinks this plan with Maya is a bad idea.

At the end, Marty goes to see Maya in her hotel. He admits he was in Mexico and thanks her for saving his life. She was the one who flagged the Navarro bank account – knowing that only Marty could fix that and it would prove his usefulness to Navarro. We’re not sure what else they talked about, but as Marty was leaving, he got a call from Wendy and he sent it to voicemail.

Helen and Wendy are NOT on the Same Page

We are still speculating about Helen. We thought she really liked Wendy and wanted to bring her into the fold. Then we thought maybe she was using Wendy. Now we wonder if she’s just like the rest of them: scared and trying to survive.

After Marty and Wendy buy the horse farm, Helen and some men show up there. They castrate the stud. Wendy gets a frantic call from the owner and arrives on the scene. Helen tells her that the horse belongs to Castel Lagunas – Navarro’s rival in the war. Navarro only wanted the farm so he could hurt the horse.

Wendy calls Navarro to yell at him. Interesting point here – she demands the phone number from Helen, who advises against it, but ultimately gives it to her. Does Helen have a motive in doing that?

Wendy tells Navarro, “I thought we were partners!” You thought wrong, Wendy. Navarro screams at her, “YOU EXIST FOR ME TO USE. I OWN YOU.”

It was scary. 

Ruth & Ben, Sittin’ in a Tree – Er, Truck

Ben brings breakfast to Ruth and she seems reluctant to see him.

Ruth: “Look I know I kissed you last night, but I thought I was gonna fucking die. … I’ve only known you for 5 fucking minutes. I was a criminal long before Marty Byrde showed up with a bag full of cartel cash. So spare me your fucking pity.”

Ben: “I think you deserve better. I think you’re pretty spectacular. Now eat your burrito.” Ruth says she prefers French toast sticks, but she takes the burrito and gives up a little smile.

Ruth goes to work and tells Jr. that he has to stop loan-sharking on Marty’s orders. And delivers another classic Ruth Langmore quote: “And quit parking in the cripple spot. What you got ain’t a disability. Just poor judgement.” 

Ruth meets with Tommy for a drop and they trap her in the back of the box truck and drive off! OH NO. But almost immediately we see Ruth walking down the road and Ben picking her up. HUH? We wanna know what happened? Were they just messing with Ruth to try to scare her? Hopefully they’ll explain later.

Ben is ready to take down the guy that did this to Ruth. Prediction: Ben is gonna UNLEASH on that guy for hurting Ruth. There’s a reason they showed him losing it at the school. He’s clearly got anger issues. Fadra thinks they are going to use Ben to kill someone – maybe Frank Jr or Tommy?

Ben brings Ruth French toast sticks at the casino. They go outside, where Ben has covered Frank Jr’s car with 50 pounds of bird seed. Ben and Ruth sit happily and watch the birds swarm Jr.’s sports car.

Shannon is very excited about this couple and really hopes nothing bad happens to them. But, let’s be real, this is Ozark. We’re not gonna get a happy ending.

Charlotte Has Her Hands Full with Erin

Charlotte, Erin and Jonah are hanging out on the dock and Erin is complaining about how much she hates Helen. Then Tommy and his friend come up in his boat – Tommy is the same guy that worked with Frank Jr. to blow up the casino boat and is now an FBI informant!

Erin is just desperate for some fun, so Charlotte has to put up with these guys. But she and Jonah both notice something is “off” with Tommy. He asks a lot of questions, he knows who Helen Pierce is, and Jonah found him wandering out of his parents’ bedroom when he was supposed to be using the bathroom.

Charlotte decides to take it upon herself to put an end to this. She’s scared of Helen and if Erin gets involved in any of their mess, Charlotte knows she will be to blame. So she goes to Tommy and tells him he needs to stay away from Erin, on Marty’s orders. She is quite satisfied with herself, thinking it worked, but I’m sure there’s a lot more to come in this story line!

Charlotte tells Wendy (talking about Erin), “It’s just so sad, she’s got no idea how fucking scary her mom can be.” As the camera focuses on WENDY.

Sue the Therapist is Making Bank

Marty visits Sue, the marriage counselor. He tells her he needs Wendy to agree to hiring some people. He offers Sue $300 if Wendy’s leaning in his direction and $800 if she commits in session. LOL!

Later, Wendy pays a visit to Sue separately. She carefully proposes a little “extra compensation” if Sue leans is her direction.

Wow, Sue is making bank with this couple’s therapy!

Wyatt and Darlene in Ozark on Netflix.


Well, you all know what we’re referring to…

But let’s quickly recap what happened before that scene. Wendy and Darlene are in court, where Wendy is trying to take Zeke away. Wyatt comes in as a witness and saves the day, saying that Darlene is a wonderful mother.

We were SHOCKED by Wyatt and Darlene’s sex scene, to put it mildly. We had to actually look away because it was so uncomfortable to watch.

Later, we see Darlene and Wyatt watching the poppy fields being replanted. So I guess Wyatt could be the new Jacob, but we hope not!

Twitter, as usual, brought the fun. So we put a whole post together with memes and funny tweets about Wyatt and Darlene.

The symbols in the opener of this episode (and their meanings) are: horse (horse farm), pigeon (Jr’s car), cigars (??), cookies on a plate (therapist offers Marty cookies).

Dirty Dilemma: Charlotte

Should Charlotte be taking it upon herself to try to dissuade Tommy? Should she tell Helen and risk Erin’s friendship? What would you do?

We’d love to hear your comments:

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