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Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 6: Su Casa Es Mi Casa

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

Ozark Recap Season 3 Episode 6: Su Casa Es Mi Casa

It continually amazes us how a show that is so intense and so violent can be so funny. And we had some funny scenes in Ozark season 3 episode 6, which we’re talking about today on the podcast.

Click on the player above to listen to our full discussion on the podcast!

In our listener feedback segment, we have a message from Eulie:

“I’ve listened to episodes 3 and 4 podcasts, so I know that you already know who kidnapped Marty. I just want to say, it was always known that it was the Cartel because remember Mendoza was the man who was asking the questions when Helen was being waterboarded about her divorce.”

Thanks Eulie! We didn’t catch that.


Marty and Wendy Finally Communicate

Speaking of funny scenes, this episode opens with Wendy and Marty arguing at Sue’s office. They are both looking to Sue to take “their side.” Sue finally just gives up and tells them they are both bribing her. 

Wendy: “What the fuck’s wrong with you?”
Marty: “Fuck’s wrong with you, you did the exact same thing.”

Everything comes out – right in front of Sue. Wendy accuses Marty of being jealous, saying “you can’t keep up with me.” Marty accuses Wendy of being a “scary, power-hungry, selfish bitch” and says, “I don’t need you. I don’t even know you anymore.”

Sue’s face is priceless. I think she’s scared, but she also realizes her opportunity here. Marty tries to tell her there would be consequences if she tells anyone what she knows, and Sue counters that there would be consequences for them, too.

Marty asks Sue how much it will take to keep her mouth shut. Sue says, “A shitload.”

Wendy is walking home. Marty tells her to get in the car, and she tells him it’s 45 minutes to walk home and she wants him out by the time she gets there. Marty’s fine with that.

Later we see Wendy and Marty going to bed in their separate places. It’s a somber scene and Fadra noticed that Wendy is ready a book called “Transcendence.” Seems like Marty’s words hit home with Wendy and maybe she is thinking about who she is and how she can be better.

In fact, we see Wendy later in the episode contacting Wilkes’ assistant Jim about setting up a charitable foundation and it seems she really wants it to be legit. She wants to try to do something good. Or at least it seems that way.

Rejected Ruth and Bipolar Ben

Sam is at the casino with a ton of chips and he’s nervous about all the FBI officers around. Ruth is trying to calm him down. We’re not sure Sam is the right man for this job!

Frank Jr. comes over to Ruth with a $7,800 bill for a custom paint job on his Trans-Am. She tells him there’s no way she’s paying that and they are now even for what his guys did to her with the box truck. Ruth tells him to “Call the Audubon society.” LOL.

Ruth in Ozark season 3.

Just when it looked like Ruth and Ben were going to get it on, Ben is having some issues in the performance department. He tells Ruth he “just drank too much.” Ruth feels rejected.

We soon find out that Ben is bipolar. Wendy discovers that he flushed his meds and she’s really upset about it. But Ben really likes Ruth and doesn’t want the meds messing with his body anymore.

Later, Ruth goes to see him at the Byrdes’ house. She tells him, “I don’t care if we can’t fuck, I just wanna talk ok?” She is sad about Wyatt. But by now Ben’s meds have worn off and they sleep together.

Teen Beach Movie

Charlotte, Jonah and Erin go to the beach, Alligator Cove, and Tommy and his friends are there. Erin called them. Charlotte is furious and again tells Erin these guys are bad news.

They are pressuring Jonah to get high and teasing him. Tommy pulls out a gun. He sets up three beer bottles and tells Jonah he’ll give him $20 if he hits one. Jonah hits all three (thanks for the shooting training, Buddy!). Tommy suggests he put a beer bottle on his head. Charlotte is screaming to stop! Luckily, the cops roll up at that moment. This scene had us SOOOO tense!

So everyone ends up at the police station. Helen tries to blame Wendy and Charlotte and Wendy isn’t having it – good, some communication! Wendy tells Helen about Erin’s “goal” to lose her virginity and Helen is visibly surprised.

Helen: “We may have dipped our toe in the friendship pool, but I’m not sure we’re gonna swim.”
Wendy: “Fine with me!”

Helen confronts Erin and grounds her. Charlotte and Jonah are also grounded.

Later, we see Tommy in a car talking to FBI agent Trevor Evans. He’s telling him that he’s getting closer to Erin.


In the beginning of this episode, Darlene goes to see Helen and tells her she’s going to be back in business selling heroine in a few months. Helen tells her she’s insane, what with the Feds breathing down their necks at the casino. Darlene says, “Broken promises got consequences.” Helen replies, “Bring ’em on.”

Then we see Three at family dinner with Wylene. They offer him a job on the farm and even a place to live in the cabin. Three asks where Wyatt is living and he casually says, “It’s a big house.” But Darlene starts playing with Wyatt’s hair, making sure Three knows what’s really going on.

Three goes to Ruth and tells her, “I think they’re fucking each other.” Ruth goes to see Wyatt. She tries to tell him Darlene is dangerous and she wants him to come home. He says, “Are you gonna ruin this for me like you ruined everything else?”

Ruth is clearly crushed and thinks she’s completely lost Wyatt.

Darlene also pays a visit to Sheriff Nix and demands he get some of his most trusted guys to work on her heroine operation. He starts to tell her she’s crazy, but she holds something over him… The Snells have had something on Nix since season 1 and we don’t know what it is! Anyone have any thoughts? Darlene also tells him to stop helping the Byrdes in any way.

And when Marty goes to Nix to make the charges for the teens “go away,” he refuses.

Marty & Maya – Going Nowhere Fast

Marty moves into the hotel where Maya is staying. He tells Maya he doesn’t trust her. GOOD! That’s what we had said in the last podcast – you just don’t know what the Feds will do and it they’ll keep their promises. He continues to try to get closer to her, but it’s not working out as he planned.

Marty notices a car following him around town. It’s clearly NOT trying to be inconspicuous. He calls Helen, who tells him it’s not her guys. She advises him to go into the store, out the back door, and her guy will pick him up. But he has to go back to Wendy’s house for the night. The Byrdes try to look like a “normal” family and play Parchesi.

The next morning, Helen calls and says the SUVs were spotted going north and they seem to be in the clear.

Ben and Ruth come upstairs, causing some smirks from the kids. Ruth leaves and Ben is looking a little crazy-eyed. He asks Jonah what the range is on his drone and does he want to take a ride? Jonah says he’s grounded, but Ben doesn’t care.

They follow Ruth to the money drop with the drone. Ben and Jonah see three SUVs coming up fast and warn Ruth to get out of there! The SUVs pull up and shoot all three of the mob guys. We presume Tommy is one of them, but it’s not actually shown.

The title of this episode, Su Casa Es Mis Casa, is a flip of how we normally hear this phrase. Fadra pointed out that everyone is kinda “switching houses” lately. Shannon suggested that the title is reference to Navarro’s “I own you” statement – you house is MY house.

The symbols in the opener of this episode (and their meanings) are: Drive-in movie (the drop gone wrong), Parchesi game (Byrdes playing this game), waffle (eating waffles for breakfast), and a light switch (turning out the lights – killing someone).

Dirty Dilemma: Sheriff Nix

There wasn’t one really obvious moral dilemma in this episode, but we are wondering about Sheriff Nix. What does Darlene have on him? Should he continue to do her bidding?

We’d love to hear your comments:

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