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Ozark Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Ruling Days


Published 3 weeks ago

Ozark Season 1 Episode 5 Recap - Ruling Days

A guy was standing in a convenience store while reading a magazine. He kept looking at the cashier like he was about to do something. The guy pulls out his gun and tells everyone in the store to get down. The guy declares a robbery, but everything goes south when he shoots one of the customers inside the store. He continues robbing the store and its customers when a man walks in to confront him. The guy he shot was still alive, and the man kept on convincing the shooter just to surrender. The cashier takes the opportunity to escape through the back door as the man keeps on distracting the shooter.

The shooter decides to shoot the man who distracted him and runs away afterward. The man was shot in the chest and fell to the floor. He clings to his life while the other people run out of the store. Fast forward to the future, the man survived being shot and carries a scar to remind him of that day. The man’s name is Mason, and was swimming near the shore when a man called out to him regarding a boat. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing at Ozark for the Brydes. Wendy arrives at their dock after kayaking and finds a body floating nearby. She calls Marty, who comes home and confirms that it was Bobby Dean. Wendy suggests they call the cops but Marty thinks otherwise. He took over Bobby’s business a few days ago and no one was supposed to find out that Bobby’s body is near their house.

Some bystanders saw Wendy poking Bobby’s body with her oar. Marty had no choice but to call the cops before someone else did. The Sheriff went over to interview Marty regarding his deal with Bobby for the bar. Marty told the Sheriff that he legitimately bought Bobby’s business, and he didn’t have anything to do with his death. After speaking with the Sheriff, Marty was headed to town when Jacob stopped him to introduce himself. Jacob offers Marty Bobby’s job, but he refuses. Marty told Jacob that his current employers wouldn’t allow it. Marty knew that Jacob was trouble for him, but he needed to deal with him before things went south.

Charlotte continues working at the lodge, where she meets Zach. He invites Charlotte to a party, but she knows that she’s working during the holidays, so she refuses the offer. Charlotte really wants to go, and it’s not the first time she did something on her own without informing her parents. Meanwhile, Marty went to the bar to find Ruth. Everyone kept on staring at him like he did something illegal. Ruth informs Marty that everyone thinks he killed Bobby. Ruth knew that Marty wasn’t capable of killing someone, but gossip spread faster than light. Marty told Ruth that he needs her to keep the bar running since he needs to be at the lodge for the holiday weekends. Ruth knew it would be a daunting task to keep the bar running, but Marty had faith in her that she’ll pull through. Marty assures Ruth he’s going to pay her.

Buddy arrived and went straight to his basement. He found Jonah staring at his gun collection. Jonah asks Buddy if the lake is a dangerous place. Buddy responds that he’s seen his fair share of bodies in his time, but he couldn’t say that the lake was dangerous. They continued their conversation as Jonah took one of Buddy’s guns and fired at some watermelons. Buddy tells Jonah that everyone who moved to Ozark was running from something. Jonah remembers that Buddy also moved to Ozark, but he doesn’t tell Jonah what he was running from. Buddy teaches Jonah how to hit his target to distract him from his question.

Tuck was talking with Wyatt at the docks when Charlotte approached him. Wyatt apologizes to Charlotte for everything that happened between them. Charlotte went over to apologize to Wyatt for what Wendy did the other day. Wyatt accepts the apology, and it seems they would start to become friends moving forward.  Meanwhile, Rachel talks to Marty about his involvement with Bobby’s death. She told him to stay away from the lodge until everything is resolved because his presence isn’t good for business. Marty agrees and asks Rachel what she knew about Jacob Snell. Rachel responds that the Snells have been living at Ozark for a very long time. They moved up into the hills when the dam was built because their lands were swallowed by the lake.

The Snell’s employed a man named Ash. They have a task for him regarding Marty and tell him to get on with it. Jacob was there when Sheriff Nix took Bobby’s body out of Marty’s dock. Jacob told his wife about his offer for Marty, but Marty was more afraid of his current employer than them. The Snells were growing poppy up in the hills, and it seems Marty’s takeover of Bobby’s bar has disrupted their operations. That night, Wendy arrives to find Josh Silverberg speaking with Marty. Marty tells Wendy that Josh came to ask some questions about his father’s suicide. Marty left Josh with Wendy so they could talk things over.

Josh knew that his father didn’t commit suicide. He tried to get some help, but the detectives working on his father’s case believed it to be suicide. Josh asks Wendy why she hung up on him the other day. Wendy responds that she was surprised to receive a call from Gary’s phone. Wendy told Josh that Gary killed himself because she ended her relationship with him. Josh was still skeptical but Wendy told him that she was just telling him what she knows. Meanwhile, Marty went to the lodge because he didn’t want to be at the house while Wendy talked with Josh. Rachel came back with some random guy and was surprised to see Marty. He told Rachel why he was there, and she chose to keep him company.

Ruth was doing fine at the bar, but trouble came when Raven arrived. She wants to know why someone else was working her pole. Ruth responds that they needed the extra women because of the holidays. Raven didn’t approve of the new things at the bar, especially with Ruth being in charge. She knew that Ruth had something to do with Bobby’s death because everyone knew who her father was. Ruth wasn’t going to accept anyone talking shit about her father, so she confronts Raven and punches her face. Raven fell to the floor, and Ruth gave her a few more punches before asking everyone inside the bar if they have any problem with her or her father.

Marty went home, but Josh was no longer there. Marty asks Wendy how her conversation went with Josh. Wendy told Marty that Josh was suspecting that his father was killed instead of committing suicide. Wendy told Josh that she didn’t love her father and that he killed himself for nothing. Marty asks Wendy if she really didn’t love Gary, and she assured him that she was telling the truth. Marty felt a little bit relieved hearing from Wendy that she didn’t love Gary.

The next day, Russ sees Agent Petty jogging up the road. He tells him about a new fishing spot he found that was perfect for fly fishing. Petty responds that he thought Russ no longer wants to fish with him. Russ tells Petty that money is money and he can’t turn down his payment. Petty tells Russ to give him a call once he’s available for fishing. Meanwhile, Wendy and Marty went to Sheriff Nix to present the deed of sale for the bar. Everything checked out, but the Sheriff called Chicago PD about Marty and Wendy. He discovers that Bruce and Liz went missing before Marty and Wendy moved to Ozark, and he has his suspicions about their real purpose in Ozark. The investigation into Bobby’s death was closed that day and ruled as an overdose.

Wendy doesn’t believe that Bobby died of an overdose; however Nix tells them that it’s better for everyone to just rule it as an overdose. Marty agrees and leaves Nix’s office. Meanwhile, Petty and Russ just finished the day of fly fishing, and it seems they had a good day. They were talking about all the fish they caught when Petty decides to give Russ a kiss. Russ didn’t take things lightly and punched Petty. He called him a faggot and told him to get out of his truck.

Marty and Wendy knew that the  Snells killed Bobby. They also knew that Sheriff Nix is afraid of the Snells which is why he no longer wants to continue the investigation. Marty and Wendy needed to think of something big in order to launder the last $4 million of Del’s money. The bar and the lodge were no longer enough since Marty’s credibility had already been destroyed by Bobby’s death. No one wants to work with him because of the Snells. Marty came up with an idea and went along with it. They went to meet with some clients while Charlotte decided to go for a swim.

Buddy tells Charlotte not to swim past the red buoy to avoid certain death. While Buddy was giving some life-saving advice to Charlotte, Jonah took one of Buddy’s guns and took it with him into the forest. Meanwhile, Marty and Wendy met with the pastor and his wife. It was the same guy he saw preaching on a boat on the river a few days back. They offered to build a church for him and his congregation in order to make amends with God and all that shit. It was going to take a lot of convincing but the Pastor seems eager to get a church and build it himself for free.

Charlotte continues swimming while Jonah finds a small ditch to bury Buddy’s gun. Petty was busy making a custom bait when he heard a knock on his door. He checked to see who it was, and to his surprise, it was Russ. He tells Petty that he’s not a faggot and rushes toward him to kiss him. Russ was drunk, but Petty wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass by. He closes the door to his motel room and proceeds to have sex with Russ. Marty went to the lodge to find Rachel staring at all the people who came for the 4th of July. She was so happy to have a lot of customers, and it was all thanks to Marty and his efforts.

Wendy went to the door to find someone’s car parked in their driveway. Someone came to pick up Charlotte for a party. Wendy reminds Charlotte to be careful and to respond to her texts when she receives them. Marty decides to visit the bar, and the place is crowded to the brim. Marty went over just to take the club’s earnings. He decides to give the reigns over to Ruth for good. Ruth was surprised that Marty was willing to give her the club. Marty tells Ruth that he’ll continue to manage the books and give her $1000 weekly. Ruth gladly accepts the offer and is pleased that her luck is finally turning for good.

It was Wyatt who picked up Charlotte from their house. They were drinking beer on the rooftop of their trailer while talking about the books that he was reading. While Charlotte was having fun with Wyatt, Ash broke into the Bryde’s house. Jonah was working on his bike when he heard someone in the house. Ash went over to take some pictures while Jonah went to the forest to get Buddy’s gun. Meanwhile, Ruth follows Marty to find out where he’s stashing the money. She sees that Marty is storing the money at the big shed down at the storage facility. She leaves quickly before Marty sees her.

Ash continues to take photos around the house when Jonah arrives with Buddy’s gun.  Ash was upstairs when he heard Jonah arrived. He pulls out his knife and prepares to kill Jonah. Marty pulls up at their driveway so Jonah goes into the garage to hide his gun. Jonah takes his canned beverage and leaves with Marty. Ash sees the car pull out of the driveway with Jonah riding shotgun. Meanwhile, Russ threatens Petty not to tell anyone about what happened between them.

That evening, everyone enjoyed the fireworks display for the 4th of July. Meanwhile, Jacob is busy with his drug trade. It seems they were using the pastor’s weekly preachings on the river to distribute the drugs. They placed them in blue-colored bibles and gave it out as boats passed by. They gave out real bibles to the non-clients and gave the blue ones to their clients, but things were about to change. That Sunday, the pastor and his wife announced they would finally have a real church on the land. They thanked Wendy and Marty, who was attending the preaching that day. Marty and Wendy wanted to avoid the Snell, but they had no idea they were walking right into the middle of their operation.

Ash was present during the announcement, knowing Jacob wouldn’t like the bad news.

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