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Ozark Season 2 Wrap-Up

BY Shannon Entin

Published 3 years ago

Ozark Season 2 Wrap-Up

Shannon and Fadra wrap up season two of the Netflix original series Ozark. Join us as we discuss questions we’re left with, fun facts, and predictions for season 3.

This podcast was recorded in September 2018 after we finished watching season 2. Be sure to follow this podcast up with everything we know about season 3!

Ozark on Netflix
  • Will the Byrdes stay put?
  • How will Marty deal with the mob?
  • What will Ruth’s role be and how will she feel about asking to stand down?
  • How does Ruth really feel about her Daddy being dead and who will she blame?
  • Will Rachel come back from rehab?
  • Is Wendy’s behavior going to drive Marty into the arms of Rachel?
  • Will Charlotte become emancipated?
  • Will Wyatt return home? Go to college? Relationship with Charlotte?
  • Will Wendy get the baby back from Darlene? And if so, what happens to Darlene?
  • Can Marty live with Wendy knowing who she’s become?

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