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Ozark Season 3 Wrap-Up

BY Shannon Entin

Published 3 years ago

Ozark Season 3 Wrap-Up

Join us for a final discussion of Ozark Season 3 where we are joined by Jay Ward for some further insight – and a male’s perspective.

Jay Ward is a technology law attorney based in the San Francisco Bay Area and the host of The Technology Law Podcast. Despite his initial skepticism, Jay became a HUGE Ozark fan when Gary went “boom” way back in Season 1, episode 1.  Thanks for joining us Jay!

Click on the player above to listen to our full discussion on the podcast!


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In this podcast, we quickly recap every episode (and you can find our full Ozark recaps here), and discuss our overall thoughts of the season, questions we still need answered, and our predictions for Ozark season 4.

Was Season 3 of Ozark the best season yet? Shannon and Fadra say YES! Jay feels it’s on par with the intensity of Season 1.

Fun Facts About the Ozark Cast

  • Jason Bateman doesn’t drink and you never see his character Marty with a drink (that we can recall).
  • Laura Linney’s (Wendy) great-grandfather was a congressman from North Carolina.
  • Skylar Gaertner (Jonah) played the kid version of Daredevil, he’s currently 16.
  • Sophia Hublitz (Charlotte) is 21 and made her TV debut on Master Chef Jr.
  • Julia Garner (Ruth) is a Jewish actress from the Bronx who also had roles in Maniac, Dirty John, The Americans, and Modern Love.
  • Charlie Tahan (Wyatt) is from NJ and has been on Gotham and Castle Rock. He is 21 years old.
  • Lisa Emery (Darlene) is 68. She’s had small roles in Jessica Jones and The Sinner. She’s said that she really didn’t think of career strategies or actively pursue a career in film or TV. “I take it as it comes… Perhaps I’d regret it if I were less happy now. I live perfectly well and love what I do.”
  • Janet McTeer (Helen) is an English actress who’s done a lot of stage work. She’s 6’1”!! She also played Jessica’s mother in Jessica Jones, and looks SO different with long, curly brown hair.
  • Tom Pelphrey (Ben) won Daytime Emmys for his roles on soaps Guiding Light and As the World Turns. He also had a great role as a reforming ex-Nazi cop on the series Banshee (available on Hulu).

Unanswered Questions

Why are Wyatt and Charlotte no longer friends? We got an answer from @snowbunnyhug on Twitter: “Wyatt blames the Byrdes for everything bad including his father’s death. In S3 I think he says something like, “everything has been getting worse since the day they arrived” so that’s probably the writers’ way of addressing your question.”

We still have some lingering questions about Helen. Who did she call when she said, “You better get here soon, things are getting complicated?” Could it have been the rival cartel? Why did Navarro kill her? We think Navarro KNOWS ALL and ultimately realized that Helen was trying to undermine the Byrdes whereas the Byrdes only had Navarro’s best interests in mind.

Is Ben really dead? Some viewers think that since we didn’t actually SEE Ben die or see his face, he might just be alive. Could Navarro have kept him alive for any reason? We dismiss this idea… but lots of people think it’s possible!

What’s up with the Blue Cat Lodge and Lickity Splitz? Lots of people asked why they never mention these businesses in season 3. The Blue Cat Lodge was wrapped up in season 2 – Marty gave it back to Rachel. He set her up in rehab in Florida and told her the Blue Cat is hers to do whatever she wants, whenever she is ready. Lickity Splitz is now being run by Sam Dermody. Now that the Byrdes have the casino, they don’t really need these other businesses to launder money.

Predictions for Ozark Season 4

When will season 4 of Ozark be released? This is the question everyone will be asking! At the time of this writing, Ozark has not officially been renewed by Netflix, but we’re pretty confident it will be considering the popularity of the show. But given the current state of the world and COVID-19, it’s not likely filming can begin any time soon. Filming and post-production typically take 10-12 months for a season, so we’re thinking we probably won’t see Ozark season 4 until 2022.

Season 3 was clearly Wendy’s season. Shannon is predicting (hoping!) that season 4 will be Ruth’s season. She thinks there will be a major power play by the new “Snell Family” (Darlene, Ruth, Wyatt and Three) and maybe Darlene will even try to take back her land or somehow take over the Missouri Belle.

What about Erin? Some think Erin and Jonah will have a story line in season 4. Some think Erin and Helen’s whole family are already dead. We definitely think that Jonah will absolutely have a larger role in season 4.

Will Wendy keep trying to get baby Zeke back? We think she will.

What are your predictions for Ozark season 4?

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