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Peacemaker Reflects on Rick Flag in New Clip

BY Brandon

Published 6 days ago

Though he was more on the morally gray area, John Cena’s Peacemaker ended up being one of the surprise antagonists of The Suicide Squad when he killed Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman). While he seems to have no qualms about his choices in the film, it looks like he’s going to be expressing his regrets in the upcoming HBO Max series.

Just in, we have a clip of Peacemaker letting out his frustrations on himself, including the murder of Rick Flag:

Admittedly, the scene is played for laughs, but the character development seems to be accurate, with Peacemaker frustrated at his habit of pushing people away; then we have him reflecting on what Rick Flag told him when he died.

If the Guardians of the Galaxy films are any indication, we’re probably going to get a lot of laughs in the series, but director James Gunn will still try to go for a realistic character approach. I mean, Peter Quill’s mother issues are at the heart of GOTG, but he’s still going to have a dance off with a would-be world destroyer if he can.

With Gunn being connected to Rocket in the Guardians of the Galaxyy films, he seems to have found an affinity for Peacemaker with The Suicide Squad. Though PM didn’t get a conclusive arc in the movie, we should expect his character to be challenged and explored when it comes to his own series. After all, there has to be a reason why he’s the way he is, and knowing Gunn, it’s probably going to be messed up.

Catch Peacemaker when it debuts on HBO Max on Jan. 13.

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