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Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 4 Recap – Sapphire


Published 1 year ago

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 4 Recap - Sapphire

Tommy and Lizzie brought Ruby’s remains to Charlie’s yard. They placed the remains inside a wagon as Tommy pulled out a small sheet of paper. He sees Arthur mourning the loss of Ruby in the arms of Jeremiah. Tommy approaches Arthur and asks him to read the words he wrote because he cannot say them out loud, and Arthur refuses Tommy’s request as he cannot do it as well.

Tommy steps up in front of the wagon to address everyone. He told them they were supposed to get Ruby a golden wagon, but he opted not to. Tommy learns that gold doesn’t work and that even all the riches in the world couldn’t save Ruby. They decided to have the funeral rites at Charlie’s yard because it was her favorite place in the world. Ruby used to tell Tommy they wouldn’t know what would come from the river. Tommy told everyone that whatever came up in the river, they would make honest work of it in Ruby’s memory.

Charlie approaches Tommy to tell him that it is time to burn Ruby’s wagon. Lizzie is opposed to it as Tommy calls out Jeremiah to light up the wagon. Lizzie wants to see Ruby last time, so she enters the wagon with Tommy. As Lizzie kneels beside Ruby’s coffin, Tommy swears to her that he will have his revenge on the person that caused her death. Lizzie didn’t understand what Tommy went so she chased after him to find out. Jeremiah lights the wagon as soon as they get out while Charles hugs them.

Lizzie tries to stop Tommy from leaving the funeral, but he walks off as Isiah tends to Lizzie. She continues to call out to Tommy not to go, but he doesn’t look back at the burning wagon. Tommy approaches a gypsy camp in the woods. He got out of his car and started asking for Evadne Bardwell. The woman responds, but Tommy doesn’t allow her to say another word. He starts gunning everyone down. The rest of the gypsies fled into the woods to escape Tommy’s wrath. Tommy smashes his rifle against a tree as he finally cries out the pain he feels for losing his only daughter.

Tommy drove to Esme’s camp to give her some gold dust as part of their agreement. Esme told them that they still have unfinished business. It seems that Tommy slept with a girl before the war, and their actions gave them a son. Tommy went to war before his son was born, so the girl had to raise him alone. The girl’s father threatened to kill Tommy, but he couldn’t because he was away. Esme finds the boy although his mother is dead; she knows that Tommy remembers the girl he spent his night with. Esme knew Ruby’s passing left a gaping hole in Tommy’s heart. He could do things right and give his son a new chance in life. Esme told him that the boy’s name was Duke.

Tommy came home, but Lizzie was displeased. Lizzie knew that Tommy had gone somewhere and killed someone. All she kept thinking about was the children of the people that Tommy killed. They would also be on the same path he’s on; they would want revenge. Tommy didn’t care. He did what he had to do. Tommy didn’t plan on stopping, and Lizzie knew he was beyond saving. Lizzie ended their conversation instead of arguing.

Lizzie told Tommy that Arthur was in the house before she left. Tommy went to the cellar to find Arthur drunk and nearly passed out. Arthur was waiting for his cup to be filled with wine. He nearly emptied one of the barrels, so Tommy told him to open up another barrel. Arthur thinks the barrels were filled with blood, just the drugs getting into his head. Arthur and Tommy had a little brotherly talk before Tommy asked for a cup of wine. It was four years since he last drank something, but Tommy took a sip of the wine. Tommy remembers when they were still young and realized that Arthur always had his back. Arthur always wants him to win. Right then and there, Tommy and Arthur make a pact. They were only a few yards away from victory.

They planned to see things through before changing their ways. After a few days, Tommy’s guests arrive at his house. Charles sat at the bottom of their stairs, hoping to get a glimpse of the people who came. Tommy told him to go to sleep, but Charles refused. Charles couldn’t sleep as he always sees Ruby when he closes his eyes. Charles was afraid because Ruby always wanted to hold his hand. Tommy tells Charles always to allow Ruby to hold his hand. He sends Charles to Lizzie while he deals with his guests. Jack wants Captain Swing to sing the IRA hymn. Diana and Mosley didn’t allow it at first, but Diana’s story about her time in Berlin ruined the mood, so Mosley allowed Captain Swing to sing. Tommy listens from the shadow as Captain Swing continues to sing.

Meanwhile, a lot of things happen to Tommy’s family. A bunch of kids threw a rock through Ada’s window, and she went downstairs to give them the stone back. The kids think that they could do whatever they wanted because they were up against a woman, but a day of reckoning was coming for them. Lizzie came out of their house and went to their stable. She wasn’t herself as she shouted at the drivers waiting for their masters to return. Arthur decides to return to Chinatown and rob the opium store where he used to stay. Ada pulls out her pistol and starts shooting at the kids. Lizzie cries at the stable, where a white horse approaches her.

Tommy finally approaches the table, which ends Captain Swing’s singing. They discussed politics and how they were going to reform the world. Jack didn’t believe that Tommy supported or truly believed in their fascism cause, so Mosley made Tommy prove himself. Tommy stood up and, without hesitation, shouted “Perish Judah” as he raised his arm, in the same manner the Germans did when they called “Heil Hitler.” Meanwhile, Karl worries that their family will be separated once Fascism takes over. Ada told Karl that he was half gypsy and half Jewish to prove her point that they won’t be saved whether she stays silent. With everything established, Jack allows Tommy to import his opium into Boston. Tommy ends the meeting by pulling out his rifle and heading out into the woods to let a couple of rounds loose.

The next day, Tommy was typing a recollection of his meeting from last night when Lizzie walked into his office. She gave him a letter that came from the hospital. Tommy thought it was another one of Ruby’s bills, but it wasn’t. The letter was marked urgent, but Tommy didn’t open it in front of Lizzie. Lizzie saw the remains of Ruby’s little chair in the fireplace. Tommy told Lizzie that he burned the chair and liked the lingering smell. Lizzie wants to reach out to Tommy, but he refuses her caress. Tommy told Lizzie that he needed to focus on his business so that he could change for the better. He remembers his promise that he will change for the better once everything is done.

Tommy receives a call in the House of Commons and personally sees it. It was about Gina and Mosley. They were having an affair, and Tommy wanted to find out the truth. He sees Mosley leaving the apartment, and he knows that Gina is staying there. Tommy walks up to the condo and barges inside. Gina knows that Tommy caught her red-handed and tries her best to keep her act up, but Tommy is better than her. Tommy knew if Gina were lying, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. He wants Gina to tell him everything that would happen with Mosley’s meeting in Berlin. Tommy tells Gina that he will know if she’s lying, and there will be dire consequences. Tommy also asks Gina what Michael’s true intentions are. Gina responds that Michael plans to continue their deal and walk away.

Tommy just grinned and left. Gina knew that Tommy had spotted her lie. Tommy returned home and finally opened the letter from the hospital. It seems that they diagnosed him with the same disease that ended Ruby’s life. The next day, Tommy calls Dr. Holford to meet with him. Dr. Holford came as fast as he could as time is of the essence. He breaks the news to Tommy even though he’s still mourning the loss of Ruby. Tommy’s lungs were free from Tuberculosis; however, they found a tumor at the base of his skull. He tells Tommy he has Tuberculoma, an illness from the same bacteria as Tuberculosis. Dr. Holford tells Tommy that from the size of his tumor, he must be experiencing symptoms already. He mentions hallucination and seizures as the primary symptoms that Tommy was already experiencing.

Dr. Holford was Tommy’s doctor, but Lizzie didn’t know him. Lizzie walks into the room as Holford explains the implications of the tumor inside Tommy’s brain. It was deemed inoperable as any efforts to operate it would be futile. The road is slowly dwindling for Tommy, but his mission isn’t over. Dr. Holford gave Tommy 18 months before he started requiring help from other people. Tommy sends Dr. Holford away as Lizzie knows they are discussing something serious. Tommy hides the tumor from Lizzie and asks her to give him a minute to think about it.

Tommy realizes he’s not the devil; he’s just an ordinary man. Tommy calls out to Polly to give him enough time to settle everything, and he will come willingly.

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