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Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 5 Recap – The Road to Hell


Published 7 months ago

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 5 Recap - The Road to Hell

Early in the morning, Tommy walks up to the Chinese tea shop where Arthur gets his opium. They were opening the shop when they saw Tommy approaching. Tommy enters the shop and asks for green tea. The shop owner told him they gave Arthur some opium because he gave them a hard time. Arthur attacked the owner’s wife when they refused to provide him with some opium. Tommy places his briefcase on a seat to reveal a bomb inside.

Tommy asks the owner how much opium he has left. The owner responds that he still has 5 pounds left in his cellar. Tommy told him to get the opium against the clock. The man rushes to his cellar while his wife nervously serves the tea. The man arrives with the opium in less than a minute. Tommy gave the man and his wife an ultimatum. They will only sell tea and cakes unless they want to lose their business. The man agrees so that Tommy will turn the bomb off. His wife thinks the bomb isn’t real as Tommy takes the opium and places it inside the bag.

Tommy took a sip of tea and left. The man and his wife look out the window, agreeing that the bomb isn’t real. Tommy casually walks to the bridge and crosses the river. He throws the bag just in time, and the bag explodes as it sinks to the bottom of the river. The man and his wife were surprised that Tommy nearly killed them. Tommy instructs a police officer to inform everyone in the pub and the café owner in the street that there will be no more opium selling. He threatens to remove all of their businesses and turn the street into apartments. The police left and did as told.

Ada came late to a family meeting because of a gas explosion on Montague Street. She realizes that Tommy closed the street, and he set the explosion. Firstly, Tommy welcomes Finn’s wife, Mary, to the family. Next, he introduces his son, Erasmus, more commonly known as Duke. They told them how he got another woman pregnant and that Duke was his son. Tommy orders Arthur to open up their betting shop so that he can give Duke a job.

Arthur asks Duke what he is capable of since he couldn’t read or write. Duke responds that he could tell the time. Arthur doesn’t understand how telling the time is a skill set but realizes Duke’s real capabilities when he looks for his watch to check the time. Duke returns the question and asks Arthur if he could tell the time. Duke is a thief. He stole Arthur’s watch while they were walking to the betting shop. Arthur gave the watch to Duke so he wouldn’t be late for his following shifts.

Meanwhile, Tommy met with Linda inside the church. He asks Linda if she could ever forgive Arthur, and Linda responds that she will never be able to forgive Arthur, but God may be able to forgive him.

Tommy asks Linda if God is interested in him or his money. He knew that Linda agreed to meet with him because she needed him. Tommy told Linda he would donate to her foundation if she agreed to look after Arthur. Linda agrees as Tommy tells her that he will donate 10000 pounds. She tells Tommy that his money will be put to good use and the mission will be named after him. Linda added that she would only look after Arthur but not sleep with him. Tommy agrees as he knows that Linda and Arthur sleeping together again would take considerable time and negotiation. He has something to do, so he settles with the first agreement.

Tommy went to the docks to speak with Hayden Stagg. Tommy tells Hayden that he still owes the Peaky Blinders a beating. The day will come when they collect what’s owed but today isn’t the day. Tommy needs Hayden to unload a shipment of guns coming into his docks. Tommy pays Hayden for the grievances of Arthur and Isiah. He tells Hayden that a consignment of ammunition will accompany the guns. Tommy shows Hayden a sample of the ammunition, which has his name written on it. Hayden apologizes and thanks Tommy for another opportunity to make some money and keep himself alive. He asks Tommy why he continues to be a gang leader when he could become a simple and ordinary man. Tommy tells Hayden that the reason he carries on being a gang leader is so that he can show everyone that he’s the boss.

Tommy pulls out his pistol and points it at Hayden. He puts the safety back on and holsters the gun a few seconds later. Tommy asks Hayden if he feels that he’s the boss. Hayden responds that he thought it, and Tommy told him that killing someone is better than opium. Before leaving, Tommy tells Hayden that he will become a simple and ordinary man once his business on earth is done.

Meanwhile, Finn and Arthur have a problem at the betting shop. One of the referees won’t allow getting paid to fix matches for them. Finn went to Arthur because he was in charge, but he wasn’t his previous self anymore. Arthur kept on reading a bible verse, so Finn interrupted him. He was about to tell Finn what Jesus wrote on the ground based on the bible scripture, but Billy came into the office.

Arthur asks Billy and Finn if they know what Jesus wrote on the ground, but they don’t. Finn only wants to know how Arthur intends to resolve the issue with the referee. Arthur tells Billy and Finn to bring the referee to him. Meanwhile, Tommy and Lizzie spent the night at the Midland Hotel. After sex, they thought about Ruby and how she would always be with them in her spirit. Lizzie used to love having sex with Tommy because it was just sex. They didn’t need to talk afterward. Now, they don’t have anything left to say to one another. It was just sex. Tommy told Lizzie they still had a business to run, but Lizzie was no longer interested. After Ruby’s death, she wasn’t interested in anything to do with Tommy, and she knew that Tommy regrets marrying her.

Tommy agrees. He tells Lizzie that he regrets marrying her because of everything he put her through. Tommy apologizes for everything, but he can’t take it back. All that he could do was move forward. Tommy explains that when they married, she also married a man with a curse. He regrets having Lizzie share his fate. Tommy tells Lizzie that he loves her no matter what happens. Lizzie charged at Tommy and told him that he was a ticking box. He never allowed Lizzie inside the box even though she knew the combination to the locks.

The next day, Arthur and Duke arrive at the betting shop. Billy, Finn, and Isiah were waiting for them along with the referee. He tells Arthur that he will go straight to the police once they finish their conversation. The referee tells Arthur that Isiah pointed a gun at him. Arthur tells Finn to call the police; he even tells the referee to ask for Moss. The referee wanted to speak with the police; however Arthur showed him Moss’s betting sheet. It seems that Moss is making money from the fixed football matches arranged by the Peaky Blinders. Billy explains to the referee that he will allow the Birmingham team to win on Saturday, but he refuses. The referee told them that someone needed to stand up to them, and he wasn’t willing to cheat to get paid.

Nothing they said fazed the referee. He told Arthur that he was in France during the war. He has already seen many bad things, so he wasn’t afraid of the Peaky Blinders. Arthur closes the blinds of his office. The referee told Arthur that a beating wouldn’t change his decision. Arthur knew that, so he planned on killing the referee. He orders Billy to strangle the referee. Billy hesitated and refused, but Arthur pushed him to do it. He told Billy that he would die with the referee if he refused to do what he said. Billy didn’t have a choice, so he took the wire and placed it around the referee’s throat. He choked the referee so hard that the wire went through his throat, instantly killing him.

Billy screamed at the top of his lungs as blood squirted his face. He couldn’t let go of the wire, so Arthur calmed him down. After what happened at the betting shop, Billy went to the public bath to spend some time to himself. He was sitting inside when a man approached him. It was Jack Nelson. He took a wire and strangled Billy’s penis. Jack strangled his penis so hard that blood dripped down on his legs. Jack wants Billy to turn against the Peaky Blinders. Jack’s men will kill Tommy, and he needs Arthur to die as well. Jack wants Billy to give Arthur up unless he wants to die with them. Once again, Billy didn’t have a choice; he agreed to give Arthur up to save his manhood. Jack releases Billy’s penis and threatens to kill him if the plan doesn’t go his way.

Arthur went back to the betting shop to drink himself to sleep. He sat down on one of the tables and saw Linda appear. Linda invites Arthur to pray. She told Arthur to say the Act of Contrition. Arthur told Linda that he no longer remembers the act of contrition because his head was too dried up from opium and liquor. Arthur begs Linda to help him. Linda starts the prayer so that Arthur can freshen up his memory. Arthur completes the prayer as he kneels in front of Linda while holding her hands.

The next day, Charlie caught Duke stealing from them. He brought Duke to Tommy and told him what he was trying to steal. Tommy told Duke that he could steal from anyone except him. Duke wants to leave because he doesn’t believe that Tommy is his real father. Duke told Tommy that he doesn’t fancy working at the betting shop with Arthur. Tommy told Charlie to get Duke the proper things he needed so he could leave. Charlie called on Curly to fetch an old four-wheeled wagon and a horse. While Charlie and Curly were lifting the heavy, Tommy told Duke a story. He told Duke about how he met his mother and that his mother stole a watch and chain from him the night they had sex.

Duke told Arthur that his real father was the Duke of Saxon Shore. Tommy reveals that his watch and chain had the inscription “Saxon Shore” on them. Tommy tells Duke that he stole the watch himself when he was a kid. He tells Duke that he’s the Duke of Saxon Shore, which makes him his real father. Curly was still busy with Tommy’s first order, so he continued convincing Duke to stay. Duke likes Charlie’s yard better than the betting shop. He knows a lot about horses and hates anything to do with people. Tommy tells Duke that he has a future for him. Duke tells Tommy that he already has a son. Tommy responds that his business has a light and dark side. He needs a son for both. Duke knew he was on the dark side, but he didn’t complain.

Duke tells Tommy that he will stay in the yard. Tommy tells Charlie and Curly to keep an eye on Duke and give him something to do so that he can earn his keep. Tommy boards a boat from the yard to meet with Diana. He was discussing business with her; however, she wanted to fuck to keep things even. Diana tells Tommy that Oswald had sex with Lizzie once, and it was time to keep things even. Tommy asks Diana if she is willing to help out with his business. Diana assures Tommy that she will help him if he helps her. Diana brings Tommy to her hotel room, where they fucked each other. After sex, Diana tells Tommy she’ll help him with his business.

After his business meeting with Diana, Tommy decides to go home. He has another one of his nightmares which takes him back to the tunnel they dug up in the war. Someone pulls him underwater, and he pops up inside his mansion. He gets up from the bathtub to find a mound of bodies beside it. Tommy decides to take a smoke as he wakes up from his nightmare.

Meanwhile, Michael woke up in his cell to his nightmare. He dreamt about the time that Polly told him a prophecy. She told Michael that a war would happen within the family, and one of them would die because of it. It was going to be either Michael or Tommy, but he wasn’t going down without a fight.

Lizzie and Tommy were talking about their trip to Liverpool. Tommy tells Lizzie that they will head for Liverpool as soon as they deal with Jack Nelson. Lizzie asks Tommy why he changed the combination to their safe, and Tommy responds that he has some things that he cannot share with Lizzie at the moment. Lizzie asks Tommy to tell her everything when the time is right. Tommy assures Lizzie that he will tell her everything once he has the answers he’s looking for.

Tommy and Lizzie hosted a dinner for Jack Nelson. They talk about business, and Lizzie discovers that Tommy is going to America. Tommy knows the secret is out, so he tells Lizzie that he’s going to Canada to collect payment for his opium shipment. The trip to Canada will be worth it as he will earn 5 million dollars. While Jack and Tommy were still talking about business, one of Tommy’s maids came into the room to inform him about a Rolls-Royce coming up their driveway. Tommy wasn’t expecting any other guests, so he went out to see who it was.

It was Diana and Mosley. Oswald heard that Jack was in Birmingham to visit Tommy. Oswald tells Tommy that they went over to say goodbye to Jack Nelson. Diana and Oswald sat at the table with Jack, Lizzie, and Tommy. Oswald asks Jack if he got everything that he came from in Europe. Jack confirms that he got everything and everyone at the table got everything they wanted. Diana tells Lizzie that she got what she wanted from Tommy. She tells Lizzie that she’s a lucky woman for having Tommy. Lizzie knew that Tommy had sex with Diana, which made her leave the room. Diana told Lizzie the truth so she would leave the room because she didn’t belong with them.

Oswald tells Tommy he needs to get a new wife, someone who fits in with their social circle. Tommy stood up and went over to the liquor table. He poured himself a glass of whisky and confirmed that he was one of them despite everything he did to tell himself he wasn’t. After so many years of being sober, Tommy decides to drink in front of everyone, to confirm that he is a monster like one of them. Tommy told them that Lizzie didn’t deserve him or what he was about to become.

Meanwhile, a priest walks a narrow hallway and arrives at his destination. Michael is waiting for the priest in the courtyard of the prison. The priest came on behalf of Jack Nelson and Gina. He tells Michael it is finally his time to come out, but he needs to answer a question. The priest explains that his answer needs to be a yes to gain his freedom. Without hesitation, Michael tells the priest that he will kill Tommy once he gets out of prison.

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