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Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 6 Recap – Lock and Key


Published 7 months ago

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 6 Recap - Lock and Key

Michael is finally out of prison. He asks Jack’s men to take him to Gina. They want to ensure that after he sees Gina, he will kill Tommy. Michael didn’t answer the question and just rode their car. After his dinner with Oswald, Diana, and Jack, Tommy goes to see Lizzie. She was crying inside Ruby’s room. She couldn’t accept that Tommy had already slept with another woman when she could still smell the smoke from Ruby’s funeral on his clothes. Tommy told Lizzie that he did what he had to do. Lizzie finally agreed that Tommy was cursed and that his curse would never be lifted.

After speaking with Lizzie, Tommy went to see Charlie. He tells Charlie that he is leaving again, but Charlie doesn’t want to hear what Tommy has to say. Lizzie enters the stable, and Charlie wants to go with him. Lizzie isn’t his birth mother. However, he considers going with her because Tommy is never around to take care of him. Tommy agrees that Charlie could go with Lizzie. Charlie asks Tommy where he’s going, but Tommy doesn’t respond. He leaves the stable.

Uncle Charlie brings Duke to the Peaky Blinders armory. He told him that they have weapons in case bad people want to do bad things to them. The family always comes together in a time of need, and Tommy tells Charlie that Duke needs to become part of the family. He wants to know what Duke has fired and killed before. Duke tells Charlie that he fired a pistol and a shotgun to kill rabbits, partridge, and pheasants. Duke claims to have killed a man in the hospital where he took his mother. The man was an orderly at the hospital who refused to give Duke’s mother a bed because she was a gypsy. Duke’s mother never saw the sunrise, but neither did the orderly. Uncle Charlie wasn’t impressed, but he knew Duke would someday become a general, and he needed to start training.

Uncle Charlie asks Duke if he could keep a secret as the last part of his initiation. Meanwhile, Tommy went to his office and found Arthur staring at his diagnosis. Arthur wants to know how long Tommy has left before he dies. Tommy responds that he has enough time to do what he needs. Tommy wants to ensure that the money keeps flowing long after he bites the dust. Arthur wants to know if Lizzie knows about his condition, but Tommy doesn’t bother to tell anyone. All he wants to do is leave enough money for everyone. Arthur couldn’t accept Tommy’s decision, and their conversation almost ended in an argument. Tommy tells Arthur that he now knows about his condition, but he can’t tell anyone.

Tommy tells Arthur that when the time comes, he will call him to bring a wagon. Arthur still doesn’t agree with the plan, so he pours a glass of whiskey and drinks a toast to John. Arthur couldn’t accept that he was going to lose Tommy when he had already lost John. He tells Tommy that he’s clean and sober thanks to him. Arthur gets emotional and hugs Tommy as tight as he can. Tommy tells Arthur to pull himself together because they still have a business to do.

Tommy calls a meeting with the remaining members of the Peaky Blinders. He gives them a couple of instructions before he leaves for Canada. Tommy told them that Michael would accompany him to Canada. He’s confident that Michael will keep him safe since he’s family. Billy was with them during the meeting, and he heard everything. Arthur won’t be with the Peaky Blinders as his wedding anniversary with Linda is on Sunday. Tommy left Isiah in charge of the operation. They will go to his mansion at arrowhead to collect all the valuables he has, including all the wine at the wine cellar. Tommy told his men that they could enjoy themselves with his wine while moving his stuff. Billy confirms the date of the operation before Tommy leaves.

Michael visits Gina in Boston. They have sex and discuss their plan to kill Tommy and Arthur. Everything will happen on Sunday. Michael will kill Tommy, while some men who are part of the IRA faction will go to the bar and kill Arthur. Michael doesn’t want Arthur to die, but Arthur will surely come after him once he finds out that he killed Tommy. Gina wants everyone to be killed, but Michael tells her they don’t kill women or children. Gina wants to ensure that no one will be left to take revenge on Michael, but he responds that Charlie and Duke are not a threat to him.

Meanwhile, Tommy met with Oswald at the Palace of Westminster. He was surprised when Diana came instead of Oswald. She sent Oswald away so that she could meet with Tommy instead. Tommy wants help for his housing plans in Birmingham; however, Diana wants to fuck. Tommy agrees to fuck as long as she’s going to help with his operation. Diana was about to fuck with Tommy when Oswald arrived. Oswald gave Tommy an invitation to his wedding with Diana. He brags that they were going to marry in the presence of Hitler. Oswald tells Tommy he would kill him if he ever looks at Diana in lust. Tommy was already feeling the effects of his condition. He calmed himself down as Oswald nearly caught him and Diana fucking each other.

Michael and his men went to Miquelon Island. Meanwhile, Isiah and his men arrive at arrowhead to collect Tommy’s stuff. He pays the maid to keep everybody away from the house until Monday. Michael and his men went over to the bar. Michael assured his associates that Tommy would arrive despite the lousy weather. Tommy rode a plane to America. There was a bit of turbulence as he thought of Polly’s vision. Polly tells Tommy about the war in the family and their deaths, but she isn’t sure who will die. Tommy seems worried that Michael will kill him. Billy and Finn arrive at arrowhead, where Isiah and his men are waiting for them.

Meanwhile, Arthur arrives at the bar to do some drinking. He gives some coins to the preacher and asks where Jeremiah is, and the preacher responds that Jeremiah is already looking down at them from heaven.

Duke shoots his machine gun around the house and tells everyone they can do whatever they want because the house already has a death sentence. Finn wants to start digging for bodies, but Duke tells him they can’t begin digging without burying all the bodies first. Finn doesn’t understand, but Duke knows about Billy’s secret. Morning came, and Michael went out of the bar for a smoke. He sees Tommy’s plane flying overhead, so he goes back inside to tell his associates that Tommy is arriving. One of the men went outside to get a bag from the car. He slowly brings the bag inside the bar and takes out a bomb. They were planning to use the bomb on Tommy.

A car pulls over near the bar. Laura and her men prepare to kill Arthur, while Michael and his men prepare to kill Tommy. They were going to let Tommy die as he passed their cars. They placed the bomb back into one of their cars and waited for Tommy to arrive. Michael’s associate pity Michael because he couldn’t just shoot Tommy in the head. Michael responds that Polly told him that Tommy wouldn’t be killed with a bullet, so they need to improvise.

Meanwhile, Duke and Isiah beat up Billy. Duke gives Finn a pistol so that he can finish Billy off. On Arthur’s orders, he needs to finish Billy off, or he will no longer be part of the Shelby family. Finn takes the pistol but chooses to use it on Duke and Isiah. He fired two shots, but the gun was empty.

Uncle Charlie told Duke to empty the first two chambers of the pistol to make sure. Billy tries to attach Duke, but he turns around and shoots him. Duke tells Finn that he’s no longer part of the Shelby family. Finn responds that he will kill Duke when the time comes. Meanwhile, Laura and her men use the back door to enter the bar and look for Arthur. The phone rang inside the bar, but no one answered it. One of Laura’s men answers the phone and ends the call quickly. Another man goes to check on Arthur inside their private table, but instead of Arthur, he sees Uncle Charlie. Arthur was hiding behind the bar, and he quickly took Laura hostage. He tells Swing that she’ll die in the street, so her blood doesn’t spoil the bar.

Arthur and Charlie bring Laura and her men outside, but they are met with a machine gun. They need to take cover while Laura and her men escape. Arthur got hit with the machine gun on his left arm. Laura and her men try to search for Arthur and Charlie in the dark, but they can’t find them. One of Laura’s men killed his partner, thinking it was Charlie or Arthur. He realized his mistake, but he couldn’t take it back as his partner was already dead. The man was so close to finding Arthur but Arthur shouted at the machine gunner to attract his attention. The man fires his machine gun long enough for Charlie to shoot him. Arthur calls out to Jeremiah for some assistance. Jeremiah throws out a few smoke grenades to lure Laura and her associate.

Laura’s associate comes out of hiding to avoid the gas, but he ends up dying to Jeremiah’s machine gun. Laura stayed hidden, but she inhaled too much gas. Arthur and Jeremiah found Laura. He removes his gas mask and allows Laura to breathe into it. Arthur tells Laura about Polly and puts a bullet through her heart. The Shelby family finally got their revenge for Polly’s death.

Arthur throws away his pistol as he no longer needs it. Meanwhile, Tommy arrives at the bar and greets Michael. He wants Tommy to take them to his opium storage facility. Tommy agrees, and they leave the bar. Michael went back inside because he had forgotten his cigarettes. Tommy enters the vehicle, but he sees a mark on the passenger side door. Tommy wipes the mark off before entering. Michael has a cigarette and waits for the bomb to explode. After a few minutes, the bomb exploded, and Michael knew he had finally gotten revenge for Polly. He goes out and sees Tommy is still alive. Tommy calls out to Johnny, who came out of hiding, and tells Tommy that he switched the bomb as he told him. Johnny left as Tommy pointed his pistol at Michael.

Tommy asks Michael to speak to him. Michael told Tommy that he killed Polly, but Tommy responded that Polly made her own decision. He answers that no one can make their own decision as long as he’s around. Michael blames Tommy for Polly’s death, but he knows that he didn’t cause Polly’s death. Polly still visits Tommy’s dreams, but he tells Michael that she will no longer visit him after their conversation. Tommy pulls the trigger and hits Michael on his left eye, instantly killing him. Tommy enters the bar to continue Michael’s drink. The bartender told Michael of another guest, and it turned out to be Alfie. Tommy has a little conversation with Alfie before telling him that he will die soon. Alfie didn’t care. He told Tommy that he’s better off telling someone who cares for him.

Tommy did as Alfie told him. He returns to arrowhead to say goodbye to his house. Tommy exits the mansion and tells Curly and Johhny Dogs to blow it up. They push on the detonator and send the house to hell, blowing it to bits. After blowing up his house, Tommy held a feast for his family in the woods. He was back where they started, living in wagons with his family around him. Tommy said his farewell to his family, although Ada didn’t know where Tommy was going. He tells Ada that she should run for politics once a seat has opened up for her. Tommy tells Charlie to take care of Lizzie while he heads over to Duke and whispers something in his ear.

Tommy doesn’t finish his speech. He leaves the table while Ada tries to run after him. She wants to know where Tommy is going, but he still doesn’t tell her. One month later, Tommy was in the mountains waiting for his death. Each passing day he waits whether or not he should kill himself. Tommy decided it was time to kill himself; however, he heard Ruby just before pulling the trigger. Ruby told Tommy he wasn’t sick and shouldn’t die. Ruby told Tommy to light up his fire again, and he would understand. Tommy went to light up his fire and saw a burnt newspaper article. It was about Oswald and Diana’s wedding in Berlin. He saw Dr. Holford in the picture and the other doctor who gave him a second opinion about his condition.

Tommy knew that they played him into thinking that he was sick so that he would kill himself. Tommy went down the mountain to visit Dr. Holford. He was about to leave when Tommy cornered Holford near his car. He told him to get down on his knees before he shot him in the head. Holford told Tommy that he doesn’t have tuberculoma, but he’s sick with guilt. He tells Tommy that he’s already a changed man and can’t go back to killing people again. Tommy was about to kill Holford but hearing the bell chime made him change his mind. He looks at the time and sees that it’s the eleventh hour. He thought about the armistice and told himself that it was peace. Tommy fires the round in the other direction and leaves.

Tommy decides to return to his wagon in the mountains, but he is too late. Someone went up there and set fire to his belongings. Tommy couldn’t save anything as the fire spread around the wagon. Tommy decides to get his horse and come down from the mountain again.

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