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PITCH Recap “Unstoppable Forces and Immovable Objects”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago


By Ruby Campos

Are You Happy Here?

Rain delays and possible tradeoffs are the theme of this week’s episode.

The episode starts with Mike meeting with his agent to talk about the possibility of him moving to another team. Mike is upset about this talk and seems adamant about staying with the Padres, but his agent wants him to keep his options open.

A rain delay keeps everyone inside rather than on the field and Al takes Mike out of the game to keep him from injuring himself, which irritates the catcher even more.

Oscar spends most of the episode talking to Charlie, who wants Mike to move teams and for the Padres to get back out on the field as soon as possible. If they want to keep their wildcard spot, they need to get Ginny out on the field and playing but the rain isn’t letting up, and neither is the groundskeeper.

While Ginny is warming up for the possibility that she and her teammates can get back on the field, she gets a visit from her brother, Will. It turns out that he is in town to see her play in the Major Leagues for the first time in person.

However, the episode flashes back to Ginny’s first days as a player for the Padres and Will, who is sporting a black eye, watches from afar in his hotel room. Amelia pays him a visit and ends up helping him pay off a $20,000 loan that got him into his current situation. She also sends Ginny’s brother away from meeting with her to keep Ginny’s morale up.

Mike receives another talking to about the possibility of being traded, this time from Oscar. Oscar repeatedly asks the disgruntled player if he is happy with the Padres. He tells him that they’ll keep him if he is happy but if he isn’t, he has his choice of teams to play for that would gladly take him.

Afterwards, Blip suggests they hold Kangaroo Court to lift Mike’s spirits, and Mike goes along with it because he really doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be around with this team. The mock court session seems to be working as Blip hoped, the team is laughing as they plead guilty to various things like manscaping and not wearing flip flops in the shower.

Things quickly turn sour though when Ginny challenges Mike’s accusation that she previously stole first base. After some heated argument, Mike storms out and Ginny follows on his footsteps immediately apologizes for taking it too seriously. Mike doesn’t take the apology and tells her to stop following him around like a duckling. She retorts that he is the one who is supposed to be helping and guiding his teammates, not making everything about himself.

Meanwhile in the family room, Will seems to be talking Evelyn into a partnership in order to open a sports bar and Amelia tries to subtly discourage him from doing so. Ginny gets called away from her warm-ups yet again and Will puts her on the spot when she enters the family room. She blindly backs up his grand business plans and subsequently learns from her brother that Amelia sent him away during her first game. Ginny is livid and warns Amelia that she doesn’t want to have to choose between her and Will, reminding her that she did choose her brother over Amelia when she first offered to be her agent. Amelia apologizes but tells her that she really is just looking out for Ginny’s well-being; Will is way in over his head with debts and a part of Ginny knows this and appreciates Amelia for looking out for her.

The rain finally lets up and the team is told to start getting ready to get back out and play and Mike’s attitude lightens with the weather. He sees Ginny doing warm-up stretches and finally gives her that advice that she’s been telling him is part of his position on the team. They have a nice moment and Ginny even goes as far as saying she wouldn’t know what she would do without him on the team. This moment seems like the perfect one to send Mike off to tell Oscar he wants to stay with the Padres, however, when he finds the manager he gives him one word to confirm his wishes.


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