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PITCH Season Finale Recap

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

PITCH Season Finale Recap

By Ruby Campos

Endure. Endure. Endure.

Pitch threw a lot of surprises at us in its season finale. After the intense ending of last week’s episode with Ginny and Mike’s almost kiss, we see how that affects the two in these week’s episode and we also see which direction Evelyn and Will’s restaurant venture ends up going in.

The episode picks up the morning after the eventful ending of the previous episode and Ginny receives a visit from Evelyn, who comes with coffee and the request for details about Ginny’s date with Noah. Ginny tells her very excited friend about what happened with Mike but Ginny has to get started with her day before they can delve into what it all means.

Later on in the day, Ginny and Mike run into each other for the first time since that night, and they awkwardly agree not to talk about it. Oscar comes to the decision that they need to shut Ginny down. Al and Oscar ask for Mike’s opinion and he gets upset with them for even considering it. Blip however, decides to chime in and actually agrees with Oscar; he agrees that Ginny had a good start but ran out of gas along the way and says that in the end it would be for the best of the team if they shut her down.

Mike then gets mad at Blip for not being on Ginny’s side and immediately goes to tell her. Ginny is equally angry and goes to the managers, who agree to let her play in one more game.

After Ginny does an interview with Rebecca, Mike’s ex-wife, the two run into the catcher and Ginny leaves the two to talk. Before she walks completely out of sight, Ginny notices that the two are talking very amicably and decides to text Noah, asking if they can finish their date from the night before.

Ginny freaks out after not hearing from Noah about twenty minutes after she sent her text, she gets Eliot to track him down and they find him singing (very impressively) at a bar. They end up finishing their date, sharing stories about their paths to success. The two end up spending the night together, while Mike pays Rebecca a visit at her hotel room, and spends the night with her.

The morning after for the two pairs are quite different. Noah invites Ginny to go on vacation with him during her off-season (she tells him she’ll think about it) and Mike invites Rebecca to the next game and offers to get her a ticket, but she declines.

Meanwhile, Evelyn tells Blip about Will and the restaurant situation and reveals that he’s pretty much out of the picture as her partner. Blip is a little too relieved about the business deal coming to an end and tells his wife that he wanted to have another kid anyways, so they can put the restaurant on the backburner. Evelyn is furious with him, telling him she doesn’t want to have another kid and wants to do something for herself for once in their marriage. She storms out but not before saying that she hopes he can come to an understanding and show her the same support she has shown him for their entire marriage.

Will meets up with Ginny and tells her that he used some of the money she gave him for the business to pay off some debt from his previous coffee shop endeavor. She accuses her brother of stealing from her (to be fair, he technically did), and tells him to go home and figure out his life and find the brother she knows. She tells him that she’ll be ready to support him when he gets himself together and he storms out.

After having another awkward moment with Mike, who is determined not to talk about what happened between them, Amelia comes to talk to Ginny while she is stretching. Ginny immediately goes off on her agent, reminding her that she asked her not to interfere with family stuff (if you don’t remember, Amelia was the one who confronted Will and told him to come clean with his sister about his financial situation). The two get into an ugly argument that results in Amelia walking out of the room and her job as the player’s agent.

After everything that has happened throughout the episode with Mike, Noah, Will, and Amelia, Ginny seems to channel her frustration/energy into playing extremely well in perhaps her last game of the season. However, that quickly comes to an end when Mike and Blip come close to fighting in the dugout and she ignores Oscar’s call to shut her down and stop playing.

Ginny throws badly for a while until Mike runs over to the pitcher’s mound and suddenly starts apologizing to her for not talking about what happened a few nights ago. She stops him from making one of his spirit lifting movie speeches and affirms that she can take care of herself, she can make her own decisions, and she doesn’t need anyone to help her with anything. Thankfully, Mike response is agreeable and he goes back to his place so she can finish her no-hitter.

In the last few moments of the finale however, Ginny ends up on the ground clutching her arm (an injury that is not good for a baseball player, especially a pitcher) and gets taken off the field. The final moments give the audience a glimpse into each character’s solemn reactions to the news of Ginny’s possible career ending injury. The season closes with Ginny in the hospital awaiting the news that could either be a relief or the end of her days as a ballplayer.

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