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Queen’s Gambit Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Middle Game


Published 1 year ago

Queen's Gambit Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Middle Game

[00:00:15] Elizabeth started learning Russian to prepare herself for the possibility of competing overseas. After class, she met a guy who invited her over for a party; the two got to know each other while smoking what seemed to be weed. After a while, Elizabeth decided to call home to inform Mrs. Wheatley that she wouldn’t make it since she was partying with her classmates. Alma was surprised at what Elizabeth told her. She reminded her to be careful with what she smoked and hung up.

[00:03:30] The guy approached her, and they were about to have sex, but to her disappointment, nothing happened. He was too high to have an erection, and both of them just decided to go to sleep. The next day Elizabeth woke up all alone in the apartment. She went to the kitchen and found a note with a blunt attached to it stating that everyone went out to watch a movie and that she was free to stay as long as she wanted. She decided to stay and cleaned up the entire apartment.

[00:06:50] During the day, she decided to call home to inform Mrs. Wheatley that she still wouldn’t make it and that she was going to Cincinnati to watch a movie. Alma asked her if she was with a boy. Elizabeth told her what had happened the night before but assured her that she wasn’t going to get pregnant.

[00:08:10] Finally, Elizabeth graduated from High school, and they decided to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. Mrs. Wheatley got her a Bulova, a luxury watch, and engraved it, “With love from mother.” Alma expected Elizabeth to attend a graduation party, but she declined. Elizabeth mentioned a tournament she’s attending in two weeks at Mexico City, plus the US Championship. Elizabeth was also invited to Remy-Vallon, which will be held in Paris. On their way to Mexico, Mrs. Wheatley confessed to Elizabeth that they were going to meet her long-time pen pal, named Manuel. Alma told her that they remained in contact with each other even though she was already married. The two enjoyed a romantic conversation as they drove around Mexico City. Elizabeth awkwardly listened from the back seat.

[00:12:10] Elizabeth heads over to register for the tournament, where she bumps into Matt and Mike. The twins asked her if Mrs. Wheatley had a new friend, which she acknowledged, saying that the two have been together for most of their stay and are most likely in a sexual relationship. Mrs. Wheatley convinces Elizabeth to relax and enjoy what Mexico City has to offer even though the tournament begins the next day. Elizabeth decided to follow her mother’s advice and went on a leisurely stroll in the zoo. While enjoying one of the exhibits, she saw a man speaking Russian and immediately left.

[00:19:30] Elizabeth did well on the opening rounds of the tournament, so did Mrs. Wheatley as she continues to have a wonderful time with Manuel. Elizabeth decided to watch a match, and we saw the man from the zoo. He was none other than Vasily Borgov. As Elizabeth returned to their room, a heartbroken Mrs. Wheatley told her that Manuel had left on a business trip and he wouldn’t be back for the duration of their stay. Elizabeth invited her to dinner, which she happily accepted.

[00:23:50] The next day, Elizabeth faces off with Georgi Girev. They were unable to finish their fast-paced match. Elizabeth sealed her moves so that they could resume the match tomorrow morning. As they adjourned, Georgi approached Elizabeth to ask her if drive-in movies are a thing in America. Elizabeth was surprised, but she responded that drive-in movies are real and walked away.

[00:27:20] The next day, they resumed their match. Elizabeth tries a new approach that seemingly distracts Georgi every now and then. After her first move, she got up and walked away. Eventually, she would return to make her move, but she would immediately walk away. After a few moves, Georgi resigned, stating that he shouldn’t have let her move the rook. Elizabeth acknowledged Georgi as a skilled player. She even told him that she hadn’t been to a drive-in movie. After the match, Elizabeth spotted Mrs. Wheatley playing the piano for a crowd. The two decided to have dinner at a new restaurant that neither of them had eaten at, but just before they could leave, Elizabeth spots the match schedule for tomorrow; she was to face off with Borgov. Mrs. Wheatley decided that it would be better to have dinner in their room instead.

[00:35:20] The day has finally arrived; Elizabeth patiently waits for Borgov to arrive. Borgov plays white, and as he makes the first move, it appeared that this would be a great match, but it wasn’t to be. Elizabeth fought with everything that she had, all while waiting for her mother to arrive, but in the end, she resigned from the match. This was the third time that we have seen her lose. Elizabeth was devastated, but nothing could have prepared her for what happened next. She continued talking when she noticed that Alma wasn’t responsive. Elizabeth rushed to her bedside to open the lamp. As the light shined on her mother’s face, she knelt on the floor; Alma was dead.

[00:40:20] Paramedics brought Mrs. Wheatley out of the hotel in a stretcher; the doctor approached Elizabeth to inform her of his findings. The doctor thinks it was hepatitis, but an autopsy will confirm his findings. The hotel staff ensured her that they would help her with anything that she needed and that her bill would be taken care of. She makes a note and asks them to contact the person on it; the phone rang later on, and Elizabeth spoke with Mr. Wheatley to inform him that Mrs. Wheatley had died. Mr. Wheatley didn’t care about what happened to her, informing Elizabeth where to bury her and that she could have the house as long as she could pay the mortgages. She informs him that Mrs. Wheatley died of hepatitis, or so the doctor said.

[00:44:50] Elizabeth sat by the window of the plane and saw four men loading up a coffin; there was no doubt that it was her mother.  Overcome by sadness, Elizabeth raises her glass to the empty seat beside her, a farewell toast.






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