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Scams Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

BY Kean

Published 2 years ago

Scams Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Makoto confronts his mom. He lies and says his job is special. But Sachiko knows the password to his computer, so she has also checked his files. “I couldn’t believe it. It’s filled with plans for scamming people. So you paid for your dad’s treatment and your student loans with the money you stole from the elderly?” Sachiko asks. Makoto admits it. He says he won’t earn much if he has a regular job. He tells Sachiko he plans to quit his job after finishing his current project. Makoto tells his mom that if he quits, he’ll be killed. Sachiko slaps Makoto when he says they can’t go to the police. Makoto says if they reach their goal, he thinks he can finally quit. He tells Sachiko he’ll make around 10 million yen when the job is done. “Fine. Maybe I can help,” Sachiko replies. She thinks once Makoto reaches his goal, he can finally cut ties with the other scammers. Because Sachiko works as a helper to the elderly, she gets her hands on some information. Then she leaks this information to Makoto. Makoto creates a new register and names it the ‘M Register’ because Makoto and Mom both start with the letter M. He hands the files to his team the next day and tells them it’s for internal use only. “Don’t tell anyone about its existence. Not even Dokugawa or Kanbe,” he says. 

Dokugawa meets up with Makoto and tells him they won’t be able to collect money. “Yamada disappeared, and now we don’t have enough money collectors,” he says. He says other stores have lost up to 20 million yen because there are no collectors to get money from the targets. “Don’t tell the others about this. It’ll ruin their motivation,” he adds. In situations like this, the leader has to pay. So Kanbe tells the problem to their boss. His boss says he will introduce Kanbe to some money collectors. 

Makoto tells the problem to Seimiya. But when they’re about to return, Kurusu comes out the door and says he has heard everything. “If you’re willing, I have a proposal,” he says. When Makoto goes home, Sachiko is waiting for him. “Do you always feel like this? I feel nauseous all the time,” Sachiko says. “At first. But now I don’t feel anything,” Makoto replies. When Makoto sees Misaki the next day, he tells her Himeka was lying. At first, Misaki doesn’t want to believe, but when Makoto says he’s not lying, she stops asking. “I’m glad,” Misaki says. 

Kurusu introduces Makoto to some men he met while working at an escort agency. The three men are Taiga, Shiro, and Toki. Makoto looks unsure if he wants to work with them, but Kurusu says the men are tough; they even got arrested recently. “If you pay us, we’ll do whatever you want,” Shiro says. “For a 100 million, I would commit murder, burn down houses. It’s all the same to me!” Toki says. Makoto talks to Kurusu privately and says the men are crazy. “They’re like cavemen. I can’t introduce them to our superiors,” Makoto says. Kurusu stops Makoto from leaving and asks him to apologize. “Don’t talk down to my friends,” Kurusu says. Makoto apologizes. Kurusu says he can’t stand how Makoto acts like he’s better than everyone. “So you went to college? You worked at a real job?” Kurusu says mockingly. He tells Makoto that if he keeps acting all high and mighty, he might get stabbed in the back. 

The next day, Kurusu’s friends go inside a house of an elderly man. They haven’t yet found what they’re looking for when Sachiko arrives. “It’s Sachiko from the home helper service,” she says. When Sachiko hears the old man’s voice, she comes and helps him. While she’s inside the room, the three men attack her from behind. 

Our Thoughts

We’ve always had this bad feeling about this scam-gig. We knew that sooner or later, this entire thing would catch up on Makoto. Now, even his mom got involved. We didn’t expect her to even help Makoto by leaking some information. If the police find out about this, even Sachiko might go to jail. Maybe she thought that if she helped Makoto finish the job, he could finally leave and cut ties with the scammers. But she doesn’t know they will get deeper into the mess by staying longer. Makoto might be unharmed, but we can’t imagine the trauma Sachiko will experience from this.

Kurusu looks like he hates Makoto. From the beginning, he seems like an arrogant person. Maybe that’s why when Makoto gets arrogant, he gets angry. The looks he gives Makoto seem suspicious. And even when Makoto doesn’t want to agree to Kurusu’s plans, it’s obvious that Kurusu gets annoyed. We won’t be surprised anymore if we discover Kurusu is the insider who has been causing them problems recently. Even his so-called friends are scared of him. We want to know how they will handle the problem. It’s not like they can ask for help from the police if something happens to Makoto.

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