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Scams Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Scams Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

“Is this the Kurusu home?” Onuma asks. Kurusu starts running, and before Onuma can chase him, Kurusu’s friends stop him. Onuma fights back and beats the two before giving Dokugawa another call. Dokugawa tells Makoto that one of the robbers, Shiro, named Kurusu as the one behind the robberies. When Dokugawa and Makoto go to the warehouse, they find Taiga and Toki. Toki is tied to the chair, while Taiga is tied by the hands and feet. When Dokugawa finds out that Kurusu has run away, he tells Onuma to chase after him. Dokugawa kicks the two men while he asks them questions. “Were you working with anyone else?” Dokugawa asks. He hurts them more and says he will not stop until they talk. “Seimiya! We worked with a guy called Seimiya!” Toki screams.

Dokugawa immediately calls Mori and tells him to keep an eye on Seimiya. But when Mori and Goriki return to the office, Seimiya is no longer there. Dokugawa asks Makoto if he’s working with Seimiya. “I know you were meeting secretly!” Dokugawa snaps. Makoto says they’re just drinking together, and he had nothing to do with the robberies. Dokugawa tells Makoto he knows about the secret register his team is using. “Don’t even think about running away,” he says. Goriki and Mori go to Seimiya’s house, but Seimiya isn‘t there. Makoto goes to the playground and finds him. Seimiya refuses to go with Makoto because he’s afraid of getting killed. Seimiya tells Makoto that the people he borrowed money from finally found him. And if he doesn’t pay them back right away, they’d go after his family. He admits he’s planning to pay them with the money from scamming, but since Makoto wants to leave, Seimiya thinks he can no longer continue. He tells Makoto he has asked Kurusu for help because he doesn’t want to bother Makoto and stop him from returning to his normal life. Goriki and Mori arrive at the playground. Goriki beats up Seimiya. Makoto tries to stop him, but Mori holds him back. Meanwhile, Kurusu begs for forgiveness. He asks Onuma to let him see his team again so he can apologize. His hands are tied as he kneels before Onuma. Without saying a word, Onuma kicks Kurusu, and he falls to the river behind him.

Kanbe goes to the office and finds Makoto and Seimiya hiding there. He says he has already learned about the new register Makoto and his team are using. Makoto says he already threw the register away. But Kanbe knows Makoto still has the original data. “We’ll give it to our higher-ups as an apology,” Kanbe says. Kanbe says he has already sent someone to Makoto’s house. “The debt we owe is worth more than both of your lives,” he adds. Seimiya begs Kanbe to spare Makoto because he has nothing to do with the robberies. “Get lost. Go,” Kanbe says. Makoto and Seimiya leave the office.

Makoto tells Seimiya to go back to his family, and Makoto himself will go back home. Sachiko comes home with Misaki. Sachiko just got out of the hospital, so Misaki is helping her. Sachiko wonders if Makoto is home. Misaki tells her the lights are on in Makoto’s room, so Sachiko thinks that her son is at home. When she goes to Makoto’s room, all the lights are off, but his laptop is on. She closes the door not knowing that Mori and Goriki are inside the room. Goriki takes the laptop, but Sachiko goes back inside. Sachiko tries to take the laptop from Goriki. Meanwhile, Mori stops Goriki as he tells him not to hurt Sachiko. Sachiko manages to get the laptop. She hands it to Misaki who is standing at the door. Misaki runs back home and tells her grandmother to hide. But before they can even try to, Goriki arrives and goes into their house through the window. While he tries to get the laptop from Misaki, Misaki’s grandmother gets a taser and electrocutes Goriki several times. When Makoto arrives, he sees Misaki and her grandmother getting in a police car. Misaki slaps Makoto and turns away from him. When the investigators see Makoto, Makoto starts running. They chase him, but Makoto manages to hide from them. 

When Dokugawa sees Kanbe after he meets with his boss, he’s happy that his friend is unharmed. “But in return, they want 80% of our earnings for the next three years,” Kanbe says. While Makoto walks down the street, not knowing where to go, he receives a phone call — Yamada.

Our Thoughts

We knew trouble would catch up on him immediately. We just didn’t realize it would create a mess as big as this. There’s no way for him to avoid this. If Sachiko lies to save her son, we think Misaki won’t. Misaki believes what the scammers are doing is terrible. So even if Makoto is her friend, we doubt she would save him from this. If you look at it, Sachiko can also go to jail. Even if Makoto says it was all his fault and his mother didn’t know anything, the police will still manage to trace it back to Sachiko. Once Makoto’s father gets out of the hospital, he will find that his family is already a mess. 

And we were right that it was Kurusu. But we were also right to suspect Seimiya. It turns out it was Seimiya’s idea, and he just asked Kurusu for help. But then, Seimiya got lucky, Onuma got rid of Kurusu, and Seimiya still got to go home. But at the last part, Yamada called Makoto. It means Onuma didn’t kill him. So if Kurusu is lucky, maybe Onuma will spare him too.

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