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SHADOWHUNTERS “The Fair Folk” Review

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 5 years ago

SHADOWHUNTERS “The Fair Folk” Review

By Andrea Dixon

This week’s episode was penned by a fan of the book series and it certainly shows! Writer Taylor Mallory seamlessly weaves iconic book moments within the narrative of the current television adaptation. Fans of Clace (Clary and Jace) and book fans alike are rewarded for their patience upon entering the Seelie Realm while Alec makes his first big career move as the newly appointed Head of the Institute back on the home front.

As Jace predicted, Alec slips effortlessly into his leadership role and his next order of business is to smooth over Shadowhunter and Downworlder relations. He sends Jace and Clary to the Seelie Realm to discuss Kaelie’s murderous actions with the Seelie Queen. Alec himself remains behind to host the first of what he hopes will be weekly cabinet meetings between the Shadowhunters and various Downworlder representatives.

Malec interaction is kept on the professional level as per Alec’s request, but it is quite satisfying to officially witness the power couple that is Head of the New York Institute and High Warlock of Brooklyn working together to make progressive change.

The cabinet meeting additionally lends itself to many other interesting interactions between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Izzy’s various flames, new and old, gather to give each other the side-eye. Meliorn and Raphael discuss Sebastian’s shadiness (glad to see someone taking notice) and Raphael accuses Sebastian of being a predator. Sebastian hits a sore spot when he points out the dangerous nature of Raphael and Izzy’s relationship. 

Mama Lightwood returns to offer her children heartwarming words of encouragement and it is revealed that she and Luke have a past history. She appears to have a soft spot for him as well. The chemistry between these two actors (Nicola Correia Damude and Isaiah Mustafa) does not go unnoticed and foreshadows a possible future relationship.

Speaking of past history with Luke, the worst parabatai to ever exist reunite when Luke attacks Valentine, convinced that killing him is the best solution to the current predicament. Sounding a lot like Inquisitor Herondale there, Luke! Despite the fact that Luke’s actions went against the peaceful purpose of the meeting, Alec lets Luke go, likely considering how hypocritical imprisoning a Downworlder would appear in the current moment.

The trend of Shadowhunter and Downworlder meetings and clashes continues on the Seelie Realm mission, first when Simon decides to tag along and then with the introduction of the Seelie Queen. Her physical appearance is a surprise to everyone and gives off a vibe similar to that of the Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story. It turns out that Simon’s presence is welcome as the Seelie Queen seems just as interested in the Daylighter as everyone else in the Shadow World.

This plotline culminates in a scene straight out of the books where Clary is forced to kiss Jace in order free both him and Simon from killer vines. Clary insists that the kiss doesn’t mean anything (the second time Jace has heard this line from a woman over the course of twenty-four hours), but the fact that it turns into a make-out session indicates otherwise. No one quite knows how to process this turn of events; most of all Simon, who drowns out his emotions (and Clary’s pleas to talk) with an amplified guitar riff.

The audience is also given some pretty heavy-handed clues at the end of the episode that Sebastian is up to no good (just in case you didn’t already have your suspicions). He proves (albeit to an empty room) that he is just as good as Jace is at playing the piano and that he has actual skeletons (still alive for now) in his closet. It is also revealed that he is the mysterious caller who prompted Luke to go after his old parabatai. Don’t expect all answers anytime soon though. I have a feeling Sebastian is in it for the long game.

The promo for the next episode, wrought with angst occurring between all of the show’s main ships (Clace, Climon and Malec) just serves to make the already difficult wait during the one-week hiatus all the more excruciating. At least we can rest somewhat easy knowing that Alec has the Institute heading in the right direction and that another one of the endgame pairings have encountered the catalyst that will ultimately bring them together.

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