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SLEEPY HOLLOW Fall Finale Review “Desperate Times”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

SLEEPY HOLLOW Fall Finale Review

By Jennie Bragg

Sleepy Hollow finally showed us what we’ve been waiting for this week: what the big bad has in store for the town.

The episode opened with a deceptively gorgeous autumn morning at the lake. But the camera pans down to show Jenny lying unconscious by the water, and Pandora engaged in what looks like a baptism. She raises a mummified looking figure from the water and we find out what she’s been planning all season. The mummified figure is her husband, and he’s been “reborn” so that he and Pandora can reclaim the earth from the mortals who have ruled it for millennia, fouling and despoiling it. Unfortunately we also now know what role Jenny will be playing in this. Pandora’s husband – who is, as Crane says, an actual living god - must feed on the shard’s energy to be fully renewed, and he and Pandora are happy to use Jenny for that purpose. (A husband whose wife placed him in suspended animation and then revived in the modern world, a world he finds bafflingly changed from the one he knew? That has such a familiar ring to it….)

Meanwhile Abbie’s conflict between the FBI and her role as a witness finally comes to a head, in a big way, with Jenny as the catalyst. Abbie has to make a huge sacrifice not once, but twice in this episode, and it’s not clear where she’s going to be when the Sleepy Hollow returns after its winter break.

The show promised a big send-off and it delivered one.

The Final Sacrifice

Much of this episode revolved around what people will do when they’re desperate to save a loved one. Abbie was forced to make a choice between her FBI job and her fight to save Jenny – one that had to be especially bitter for her since she’d focused all her energy on getting back on track with that dream of hers after Crane left. Joe is so desperate to save Jenny he considers turning himself back into a Wendigo to fight the Hidden One and Pandora. And Pandora herself, she’s been wreaking havoc on Sleepy Hollow all season to bring back her beloved.

Which leads us to Abbie’s second sacrifice. The showdown with Pandora and The Hidden One had Crane facing off with Pandora in a contest to draw baddies from her box, while Abbie drew out the shard’s energy from Jenny and fought off The Hidden One. Crane watches in disbelief as Abbie once again leaps into the unknown – this time into Pandora’s tree with the shard, as the lair disintegrated around them. That ending looked ambiguous – did Abbie sacrifice her life or has she disappeared into the underworld? – but I’m betting on Abbie not being gone for long. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Baddie look like they might make for a fun second half of the season.

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