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SLEEPY HOLLOW Recap: Like Minds, One Heart in “Delaware”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

SLEEPY HOLLOW Recap: Like Minds, One Heart in

By Chris B.

This week on Sleepy Hollow the team develops a “two-pronged strategy.”

The Witnesses will travel to the Catacombs, reassemble Pandora’s box, and use it to drain The Hidden One of his power; meanwhile, the rest of the team will work to run interference on The Hidden One until they return.

Crane and Abbie start off in their row boat, Crane with sash and bended knee, adopting the stance of his mentor in the famous painting; Abbie flies the special flag and sings the national anthem, lighting a doorway to the underworld.  Then, they are no longer on the Delaware, but now travel the River Styx.  Soon, they come across the remains of Washington’s exploded boat and crew, “frozen in death’s rigor for 200 years.”  In the pocket of one, Crane finds a note written by Betsy Ross, clarifying the mayhem that had ensued: a saboteur had come along on the mission, and only Washington and Betsy had survived.  However, Crane speculates that the woman who returned to America, callously saying farewell to him via letter, was not the real Betsy Ross.

In a hidden chamber, Abbie and Crane discover Betsy’s body.  As they prepare to say some honorary remarks, she awakens, unaware that it is no longer December 1776.   Apparently, her greed to acquire more artifacts from the chamber was her downfall, locking her in when the door came down.  Washington had no choice but to leave her behind.  Though she has been there (according to the Catacombs timeline established during Abbie’s experience) 2400 years, she seems totally unaffected, and even manages to give Abbie some major side-eye when the two women are introduced.

The Hidden One is Restored

The B Team is plenty suspicious of Pandora, but they’ve no choice but to work with her.  They decide to focus on the hourglass, determining that The Hidden One will perch himself on Bear Mountain where he can make complete his regeneration to an omnipotent being, thanks to the intersection of ley-lines there which will intensify the mystical energy.  The team plans to also use the lines of force to their advantage as well, aligning poles around the base of the mountain to create a bubble of static disturbance to delay the process.  When their presence is detected, he summons a tempest, breaking Pandora’s compass and giving them no way to find the ley-lines.  Joe must adjourn to the trailer to examine a map of Washington’s that Crane had given to Jenny (the one he redrew in “Bad Blood” perhaps?) and call back line coordinates to them.

Joe is interrupted by Mr. Mills, who witnesses Joe’s transformation to a wendigo via The Hidden One’s desire to turn Jenny’s irritating love into blessed pain.  That’s when we find out another Mills family secret: Papa Mills is a demon hunter who knew both Atticus Nevins and August Corbin.  He and Jenny gear up with the skull and obsidian knife that Crane had utilized previously to free Joe of his curse, but in their inevitable confrontation with the wendigo, Jenny shoots him.  It appears Joe is the war’s latest casualty.  But he might not be the last.  By the episode’s end, The Hidden One is fully restored and ready to make good on his promise that “this world shall burn!”

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