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SUITS: Hard Lessons are Leaned in “Accounts Payable”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago

SUITS: Hard Lessons are Leaned in

Despite those season premiere assurances that “This isn’t a prison movie” some Suits fans found themselves questioning that assertion in last night’s episode “Accounts Payable.”

Corrupt guards, evil henchmen, a powerful con with the run of the prison, a firm but likeable prison counsellor and an almost-shivving set a Shawshank-like tone for an hour in which Mike struggled to find his feet behind bars, while Harvey tried to remove the threat of (possibly murderous?) inmate Frank Gallo, while keeping Rachel in the dark.

While Mike was fighting for his life, Jessica was fighting for her firm, electing to use PSL’s partner buy-in fund to settle the firm’s class action law suit.

And while the action rankled with the firm’s former partners, one in particular felt the sting more than others. Jack Soloff’s plight placed Jessica in an untenable position. To personally give him the money he needed to buy his way into a partnership with Robert Zane’s company would open her up to other partners seeking redress in the same way. To leave Jack out in the cold, would surely ruin his career.

Overall, it was a night of learning how best to play ball on both sides of the prison bars.

Just Another Prison Movie?

“Donna, cancel my afternoon!”

And with words, Harvey Spector stormed Danbury prison, filled with the conviction he had what it took to save Mike from whatever dilemma he had gotten himself into during his first night in jail.

As it turned out, Harvey proved to be just as hot-headed as Mike (surprise much?) where troublesome inmate Frank Gallo was concerned, and lost his cool in pretty much the same manner as Mike.

Not only that, but Harvey’s head-on charge, so effective in the courtroom, only served to anger Gallo further, prompting him to attempt to stab Mike at an opportune moment later. Mike was saved by the intervention of Danbury’s single decent prison guard, and his actual bunkmate, Kevin, who let’s face it, will probably face Gallo’s wrath in a future episode if the show sticks to its prison formula.

Mike’s learning curve has been a steep one, but for now, he’s made a friend behind bars (a real one), and has figured out how to work within the system. (Prison advice: If you’re about to be shivved by goons and guards suddenly burst in and ask what’s going on, act natural and pretend everything’s ok. It will somehow save your life because there’s nothing prison inmates respect more than secrecy.)

An in a parallel curve, Harvey also found himself leaning on someone in order to use the system to his advantage. Federal prosecutor and former adversary Sean Cahill may know someone who knows someone who can move Gallo to a new prison, but at what cost? Will Cahill attempt to stab Harvey in the back at a later date?

If Harvey Specter owed you a favour, what would you ask for?

SUITS -- "Accounts Payable" Episode 602 -- Pictured: Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross -- (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

“I want a sub THIS big!” SUITS — “Accounts Payable” Episode 602 — Pictured: Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

Friends in High Places

While Mike found friends in low places, Jessica, moving in higher circles, learned her own lesson about friendships — as in, it’s important to maintain one or two, especially in troubling times.

With Robert Zane doing Jessica a solid in order to save her firm, it was Jessica’s turn to realize how important paying it forward actually is. Her totally above-board loan to Zane allowed the cash-strapped Jack Soloff to buy his way into a partnership at his new firm. All’s well that ends well? Right, Jack?

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