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SUPERGIRL Recap: “Trinity”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


Supergirl — “Trinity” — Pictured (L-R): Jeremy Jordan as Winn and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW





On last week’s Supergirl the team-up everyone was hoping to avoid happened when the trio of Worldkillers found each other and flew off together. As the latest episode, “Trinity,” begins, Lena is being questioned at the DEO. The team is feeling surprised and betrayed that she didn’t clue them in to what was happening with Sam and Reign. Lena’s been working to help Sam for weeks without their knowledge. But how did she keep Reign contained? Lena admits she used the remainder of Lex’s kryptonite. But she assures Supergirl it’s all gone now.

Meanwhile, the Worldkiller trinity has made it to their fortress where they’re told they need to give up their last shreds of humanity to complete the work ahead. Not surprisingly after last week’s episode, Pestilence says Grace gave up without a fight. But Julia and Sam are both still battling their Worldkiller alter-egos. The trinity join electrified hands to start the Worldkilling process.

Sam wakes up in the alternate universe she goes to when she becomes Reign. Julia is there too. She’s seeing the ghosts of the people she killed as Purity.

At the DEO, as Supergirl notices an eclipse has started, she passes out and briefly goes to the alternate dimension too where she sees Sam and Julia. When she wakes up, she explains that the eclipse is the result of dark magic (okay). The Worldkillers were created by Krytonian witches to kill the world and now that they’ve found each other, that’s what they’re doing. Apparently in the Book of Rao there are stories about witches joining hands to create a “blessed darkness,” and Supergirl’s deduced that that’s what the eclipse is (sure). The world can’t live without sunlight, including Supergirl, so….Worldkiller eclipse.

Kara tells the others that the alternate dimension she saw when she passed out is the same one she’s been dreaming about for a year — the Kryptonian valley, Juru. Usually she sees the Worldkillers there too, but today it was Sam and Julia. J’onn helpfully attributes Supergirl’s ability to see the valley to mind melding, akin to what Martians do. They figure if they can get to Sam in Juru, she can tell them where the Worldkillers are in the real world.

Brainy’s idea is to adjust the tech he used to project himself into Supergirl’s consciousness when Reign put her into a coma a few weeks ago. Then he’ll be able to broadcast Supergirl’s mind into Juru. Also, Lena and Alex plan to hitch a ride there with Supergirl (why not?), even though Supergirl is going to increasingly weaken as the eclipse progresses.

In Juru, Julia and Sam are starting to forget who they are. Sam realizes she’s forgotten Ruby’s name. She and Julia frantically write out everything they remember about themselves on rocks.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is still suspicious of Lena after she lied about Sam. So, she flies to CatCo and asks James to go to Lena’s lab as Guardian and see if there’s any kryptonite left.

Back at the Legion ship, Supergirl takes Mon-El aside. She asks him to promise that if the whole projecting her consciousness into Juru along with Alex’s and Lena’s goes south, he’ll make sure Lena and Alex are pulled out but that Supergirl is left there to complete the mission. Mon-El agrees.

Supergirl, Lena, and Alex wake up in Juru. As Mon-El watches over the three on the Legion ship, he confesses to J’onn that he wants to pull Supergirl out. But he can’t. He also can’t help her or hold her, and he can’t hurt his wife. He doesn’t know what to do. J’onn tells him there’s nothing to do. In Juru, Supergirl is shocked by how difficult it is to carry Alex and Lena with her. She asks if this is what human exercise is like because it’s terrible. “Why would you ever exercise?” Supergirl wonders and compares it to light kryptonite poisoning. (We feel ya, girl!)

During their discussion, Supergirl and Alex confront Lena. Supergirl doesn’t like that Lena was keeping secrets. However, Lena points out that if Supergirl doesn’t like secrets she should be able to tell Lena her real name (boom!).

Meanwhile, James as Guardian goes to Lena’s lab with help from Winn, but when he gets to her vault he chooses not to open it. Instead, he decides to take Lena’s word that she doesn’t have any more kryptonite.

Supergirl, Lena, and Alex find Sam and Julia. Supergirl is weakening, but she is determined to get Sam to help them find the Worldkillers. The trio talk to Sam about Ruby, leading Sam to take back her body in the real world, while Reign wakes in Sam’s body in Juru. On the positive side, Sam can figure out where the Worldkillers are now. On the negative side, Reign attacks Lena. In the fortress, Sam manages to send a beacon to the DEO just as Reign is about to snap Lena’s neck in Juru. Luckily, the team pulls Supergirl, Alex, and Lena out just in time.

The other Worldkillers realize that Reign has become Sam. Pestilence punches her, which brings Reign back. Meanwhile, the Legion ship has flown to Worldkiller fortress. The team beams down and fights the Worldkillers. It seems like the Worldkillers are winning when Julia takes control over Purity at the encouragement of a desperate Alex and Supergirl. She takes on the other two Worldkillers, and Purity and Pestilence kill each other. The DEO team beams themselves back to the Legion ship and fly off just as Reign absorbs Purity’s and Pestilence’s powers, causing the fortress to collapse.

Back at the DEO, Imra is overjoyed. Pestilence is dead, and the Legion’s mission is complete. They can go home. A fact Mon-El seems less than thrilled about. Winn tells Supergirl that James didn’t find any kryptonite in Lena’s vault. And Supergirl apologizes to Lena for overreacting to her actions. Lena goes to talk to James, who confesses that he’s Guardian, and that he broke into her lab, but didn’t infiltrate her vault, because he trusts her. This causes Lena to tell James that the kryptonite she used on Sam wasn’t actually Lex’s. Lena figured out how to make it herself.

The episode ends ominously with Reign deciding to kill Sam’s daughter, a development that will be the focus of the next episode.

Questions to ponder:

  • Will the powers that be ever publish the Book of Rao for our reading pleasure? The more they talk about it on the show, the crazier it sounds.
  • How is it possible that Lena knew Alex was with the DEO and that Sam is Reign but still hasn’t figured out Kara is Supergirl?
  • How far has bathroom technology advanced in the future that Winn wasn’t aware he was standing in one for an extended amount of time while he was helping James? Do people in the future do different things in the bathroom than we do now?
  • Finally, is the Legion’s mission really over if Reign absorbed Pestilence’s powers? If those powers still exist, doesn’t that still point to a potentially Blighted future? Maybe we’ll get some answers next week!


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