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Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 4 Recap


Published 1 year ago

Sweet Home Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

[00:01:00] One of the tenants wanted to check if Lee Su-Ung was still alive, but Lee Eun-Hyeok forbade them. He closed the gates and placed the barricade back up. Lee Eun-Hyeok nearly died as the monster’s tongue went through the barricade, looking for more prey. The daycare director blamed him for her daughter’s death. She told Lee Eun-Hyeok that her daughter would still be alive if he allowed her to go outside and save her. Meanwhile, Han Du-Sik didn’t think it was safe to leave his apartment. Yoon Ji-Su and Jung Jae-Heon planned to go to the first floor and join the other survivors. They told Han Du-Sik they would come back for them once they confirmed that the ground floor was really safe. Han Du-Sik told them not to make promises they couldn’t keep.

[00:04:00] Cha Hyun-Su went with them, leaving the kids with Han Du-Sik and the old lady. Meanwhile, a young woman was talking to an older man about the announcement. The man planned to go to the ground floor to help out, but the woman thought he wouldn’t be much of a help because he’s already old. The other tenants helped Lee Eun-Hyeok set up a stronger barricade in front of the building gates. The daycare director sat there staring at the gates where her daughter died. The other tenants felt devastated at what she experienced. They were talking about Seo Yi-Kyung and wondered where she was.

[00:08:00] Seo Yi-Kyung was trying to escape from the basement. She managed to remove her outer clothing without breaking the spider’s web. A mutated human changed into a spider monster and made the basement its home. It came back to eat Seo Yi-Kyung, but she was already gone. She was crawling through the air vents when the monster heard her footsteps. The monster chased after her inside the vents. Seo Yi-Kyung hid for a while as the monster searched for her. She tried to escape the vents, but she made a lot of noise trying to break the fan. The monster caught up with her and nearly strangled her to death. Seo Yi-Kyung managed to break a window and used the glass shard to cut the monster’s tongue. Her phone fell through the other side of the gate. She couldn’t reach it to call for help.

[00:12:30] Inside the men‘s bathroom, the tenants were talking about Lee Eun-Hyeok. They didn’t know he was inside one of the stalls listening to their conversation. The tenants called Lee Eun-Hyeok heartless, but they weren’t wrong. Lee Eun-Hyeok sent Seo Yi-Kyung to the basement despite knowing a monster was there. Seo Yi-Kyung managed to get back to the ground floor. Lee Eun-Hyeok greets her, but she punches his gut. She told Lee Eun-Hyeok about the monster, but she already knew he sent her to the basement despite knowing there was a monster.

[00:13:30] Meanwhile, the military has issued martial law across Korea. They were now in charge of the country, and they planned to resolve the issue one way or another. They told everyone who could be watching the broadcast to survive. The tenants of the building prepared themselves for things to come. The military gave guidelines on how to kill the mutated humans. They told everyone that the mutated humans could only be killed while they were changing into monsters. Meanwhile, Lee Eun-Yoo was already on the ground floor, but she couldn’t open the staircase doors. Cha Hyun-Su’s group was making their way down when they encountered a dead body. Yoon Ji-Su checked the body and told them it was still warm. She got something from the corpse and gave it to Cha Hyun-Su. They didn’t notice the monster was using the corpse as bait.

[00:17:00] The monster attacked Cha Hyun-Su, sending him down a few floors. He fell through the stairwell and landed head first on the ground floor. Lee Eun-Yoo turned around and saw Cha Hyun-Su’s body. She screamed, thinking that Cha Hyun-Su was already dead. Cha Hyun-Su dreamed about his family as someone dragged him out of the room. Cha Hyun-Su woke up in front of Lee Eun-Yoo. He asked her about Yoon Ji-Su and Jung Jae-Heon, but she told him they’re doing okay. Lee Eun-Hyeok called the other tenants for a meeting. They were making a vote to see if they would allow Cha Hyun-Su to stay or not. After he fell, Cha Hyun-Su briefly turned into a monster to save his life. He didn’t have control over the mutation, so the other tenants discovered he was infected.

[00:20:00] The tenants were worried about their lives, so Lee Eun-Hyeok wanted to make a vote. Kim Seok-Hyeon didn’t want to make a vote. He told everyone to just raise their hands to see who wanted to oust Cha Hyun-Su. No one wanted to raise their hands as Lee Eun-Hyeok told them ousting Cha Hyun-Su meant they were participating in murder. Everyone turned silent, but Kim Seok-Hyeon continued to speak to everyone. The tenants voted but the result was a tie. Someone chose to make an invalid vote which made Kim Seok-Hyeon angry. He demanded one of the tenants bring Cha Hyun-Su inside the daycare. Before Cha Hyun-Su arrived, Kim Seok-Hyeon’s nose began to bleed profusely. He told everyone not to worry; the nose bleed was due to tiredness, but he wasn’t fooling anyone. They knew he was also infected.

[00:25:00] Cha Hyun-Su went inside the daycare; he wanted to vote. He was willing to oust himself as long as he could take Kim Seok-Hyeon with him. Kim Seok-Hyeon fainted upon hearing that he would be ousted with Cha Hyun-Su. The tenants discussed what they needed to do about Cha Hyun-Su and Kim Seok-Hyeon. They didn’t want to kill anyone, but it didn’t look like they had much choice. Kim Seok-Hyeon woke up inside the storage room with Cha Hyun-Su. Cha Hyun-Su told him what happened and why he’s stuck there with him. Cha Hyun-Su told him to pull himself together so that he would survive.

[00:29:00] The tenants were trying to convince Kim Seok-Hyeon’s wife to oust him, but she couldn’t make a straight decision. Meanwhile, Seo Yi-Kyung was looking for Lee Su-Ung. The tenants told her that Lee Su-Ung died trying to rescue the daughter of the daycare director. Kim Seok-Hyeon’s wife went over to give Seo Yi-Kyung a meal. She knew Seo Yi-Kyung hadn’t eaten and thought it would cheer her up. Seo Yi-Kyung tried to eat, but her stomach wasn’t doing okay. Meanwhile, Yoon Ji-Su sat with the daycare director. She was staring at pictures of her daughter on her phone. Yoon Ji-Su shared she regrets not taking many pictures of the person she loves. Yoon Ji-Su showed the daycare director a picture of her with a guy. She gave the director a chocolate bar to regain some energy.

[00:33:00] Yoon Ji-Su went to the bathroom to wash her face. She remembered the time she spent with the man she loved. It was the same man who owned the bass guitar. Lee Eun-Yoo confronted Yoon Ji-Su about trying to cheer up the daycare director. She told Yoon Ji-Su she’s just doing it to make herself feel better, but Yoon Ji-Su didn’t care about Lee Eun-Yoo’s thoughts. The scarred face man appears on the ground floor in front of the man he was torturing a few days ago. They continued their fight, but the man managed to escape him. The man went toward the other tenants and told them he was infected. He requested that they lock him up, so he could avoid the scarred face man.

[00:36:00] Lee Eun-Yoo saw the scarred face man, but he didn’t want to talk with her. The man was about to lock himself up when Jung Jae-Heon arrived. He tried to stop the man, but the scarred face man also arrived. The man pulled down the roll-up door to trap himself inside the storage room. Cha Hyun-Su woke up with the man staring at his face. The man offered some food to Cha Hyun-Su, but he refused to eat. He was so fascinated with Cha Hyun-Su and his mutation. The man asked Cha Hyun-Su how he could get infected to gain the same powers. It seemed the man wanted to become immortal like Cha Hyun-Su.

[00:39:00] The scarred face man looked inside the storage room as the man was speaking with Cha Hyun-Su. The scarred face man pickpockets the man’s key as he was trying to escape from him earlier. Meanwhile, Kim Seok-Hyeon’s wife gave Seo Yi-Kyung a pregnancy test kit. She refused to accept the kit, but the woman insisted. Lee Eun-Hyeok watched as Jung Jae-Heon prayed. Jung Jae-Heon knew Lee Eun-Hyeok announced that it was safe to go to the first floor. Lee Eun-Hyeok asked Jung Jae-Heon who made the shield he was wielding.

[00:41:30] Kim Su-Yeong told Han Du-Sik about the old lady with them. She told him that the old lady hadn’t gone out of the bathroom. The old lady had been inside the bathroom for over an hour. Han Du-Sik opened the bathroom door from the outside and prepared his homemade gun. As he opened the door, he discovered a womb-like structure hanging from his bathroom ceiling.

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