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The Actress Behind Aida: 5 Things to Know about Mallory Jansen

BY Max Veron

Published 6 years ago

The Actress Behind Aida: 5 Things to Know about Mallory Jansen

Who’s the actress behind the mysterious android femme fatale in “Agents of Shield”?

Holden Radcliffe’s Life-Model decoy Aida debuted this season, sparking questions on just who she is and what her motivations are. The face behind the previously disembodied voice is Mallory Jansen, previously of “Galavant” fame.

Here are five things to know about the Australian-born actress:

1. She can sing

Before taking on the job as Aida, Mallory played the evil queen Madalena for two seasons on the musical comedy television series “Galavant.” The hilarious show featured songs by Glenn Slater and Alan Menken (who Disney fans might recognize as the composer for songs in “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Aladdin”).

Check out this video of Mallory singing the sad but incredibly hilarious “What Am I Feeling” from “Galavant.”

2. She washes her hair twice a week

It’s true! While on “Galavant,” Mallory would take the longest among the cast to get her hair and makeup done. She would get up at 4:30 AM and sometimes the whole process would take two hours. On her days off, she washes her hair just twice a week because even washing and drying could take a whole hour.

3. She’s besties with Emily Osment

Mallory met Emily in the latter’s sitcom “Young & Hungry” and the two seem to have become instant friends. Adorable pictures of their friendship like the one above can be found on their various social media.

Here are Mallory’s Instagram and Twitter accounts for those curious to see more of these pics.

4. She’s a big fan of musicals

Okay, so this one might be cheating a little. (It’s hard to think of anyone that had starred in a show featuring songs created by THE Alan Menken who would hate musicals.)

Mallory loves, loves, loves musicals. When she was a little girl, she grew up with “Phantom of the Opera” and confessed to knowing the words to all the songs. She also loves “Hairspray” and “The Lion King” (who doesn’t!). Mallory once said in an interview with Who What Wear, “you can never go wrong with a musical – you’re always going to have a good time no matter what.

5. She can fight with swords

Our last fact might be the most surprising – and the most badass! Starring in “Galavant” wasn’t all just singing and (occasionally) dancing though. Mallory says that she actually had to train for a month on how to fight with swords and daggers to help her role as the evil queen. In her own words from an article with Daily Mail: it was “Kill Bill style in the middle of the desert.”

Who knows? Maybe these sword and dagger skills will crop up in “Agents of Shield.”

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