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THE BLACKLIST “Eli Matchett” Review: What Would Red Do?

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago


By Kai Greenwell

In this week's episode of The Blacklist Reddington decides that the best defense is offense, turning his ship around and locating a high value Cabal asset to attack. His goal is to shake the Cabal until they hear his message to exonerate Lizzie and turn over the Director to him. Reddington learns that a small group have attacked a Cabal facility - a massive GMO crop producer - and stolen extremely valuable trade secrets from them. He plans to liberate these secrets from this small group and begin his attempts to leverage the Cabal with them.

However, all plans turn sour after Reddington suspects Dembe is missing, the group he intends to chase have split up, their leader is in the wind and leaving a trail of corpses to follow, and Ressler is less than one step behind him the whole time, missing them by seconds at first and eventually forcing them to flee before they can recover the complete file with which to leverage the Cabal.

Red’s fears that Dembe has been taken are confirmed and Harold Cooper turns a new page, approaching Tom Keen for some off-the-books Cabal hunting.

Lizzie Vs. Ressler

The similarities between Liz and Ressler continue to grow, with both seeking help from mentors of sorts this week.
In the premiere episode we were shown the lows to which Ressler could slip if pushed. There has been a significant strides in his tenaciousness each week, moving from being two steps behind Reddington to being on his heels over the course of this entire episode. Many shows begin with a shocking premiere and quickly move back to the norm an episode or two later, but with Ressler we now know that it is his confiding in someone which has brought him back to sanity. This was a great way to showcase how damaged a character he is, allowing him develop but keeping the door open to seeing Dark Ressler reassert himself if something were to happen to his now-confidant, Harold Cooper.

Comparably, Liz frets about her transition from federal agent to wanted fugitive. Instead of Ressler’s sudden realization that she is struggling, Lizzie is watching herself commit misdeed after misdeed seemingly by accident or misfortune, but falling further from grace regardless. As Ressler becomes more sound of mind, finding it easier to track she and Red, Lizzie’s increasingly turbulent state of mind interrupts her ability to focus and sees her relying on Red more and more. When Red calms Lizzie in the stopped car and together they piece together the villain’s real plan, it revealed that the potential for Liz to transform back to the focused agent we know is still there.

The Blacklist continues Thursdays on NBC.

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