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The BlackList Review: The Winter Premiere Sees Ressler Finally Bringing Liz In

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

The BlackList Review: The Winter Premiere Sees Ressler Finally Bringing Liz In

By Kai Greenwell

Ressler finally brings Liz in and has to deal with the full force of the Cabal acting in unison to eliminate her in The Blacklist’s Winter Premiere “The Director.”

The Director and newly outed Cabal Agent/Ressler’s superior Laurel Hitchins work to have Liz removed from the safety of Ressler’s incarceration. Ressler leaves Aram in charge whilst he helps Tom keep Karakurt secure from a kill team led by Solomon.

Meanwhile, Reddington resumes his original plan, reacquiring the care package with the help of an newly unemployed Navabi en route. He hand delivers the package, revealed to be perfect printing plates of the $100 bill, to the Venezuelan Foreign Minister as payment for services to be rendered in the future

Damage control

Reddington doesn’t skip a beat and is on damage control so fast his plan had barely even had time to fall to pieces. His story takes a backseat though to allow other characters to share centre stage, with Aram’s Amir Arison delivering a particularly attention grasping performance.

Solomon’s bored joviality continues to reflect Reddington’s and his self-assuredness that he will legally escape any custody cleverly mirrored Reddington’s speedy recovery of a plan that looked ruined. Stereotypically, this calmness leads to a tipping point in the story where they become erratic and thus easy to defeat, most recently seen with The Following’s final villain Theo. Alternatively, while Solomon is most definitely loyal, his actions indicate it is more likely that his ultimate loyalty is to himself, and if he at some point recognises the Cabal as a truly sinking ship his allegiances may shift.

The surprise reveal that Ressler’s superior, Laurel Hitchins, was another Cabal agent during the midseason finale strayed into 24 territory – oh joy, another mole in the department. However the fallout of that reveal this week worked well to undo any damage, as Hitchins is no lifelong deceiver like Solomon or the Director and quickly blunders, revealing to Ressler she isn’t to be trusted. As more Cabal sleeper agents are activated the organisation becomes a larger and more identifiable target, the antithesis of their operation. As the Hydra reveals another head and the exposing light of the truth becomes brighter, it becomes harder to hide in the ever shrinking shadows.

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