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THE FLASH Review: “So Long and Goodnight”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 2 years ago


The Flash — “So Long and Goodnight” Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Jesse L. Martin as Captain Joe West — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW


The Flash Review: “So Long and Goodnight”


By Justin Carter


As a midseason premiere, “So Long and Goodnight” feels like it could have been a March midseason finale. The episode gives us some interesting developments in addition to ramping up a sense of momentum that will no doubt permeate episodes to come. (However many we’re meant to be getting.)

Joseph Carver and Black Hole incite the plot this week, having hired Ragdoll to take Joe off the board, either by scaring him away or outright killing him. The contortionist’s first attempt by cutting Joe’s car brakes doesn’t succeed, so when he tries to finish the job in CCPD, Joe catches a bullet in the arm and decides to go on the offensive. 

The episode feels like it’s making up for Jesse L. Martin’s absence for part of last season; he’s on his feet for nearly the entire episode. Seeing him do the “rogue, vengeful cop” routine is fun, and there’s been enough danger in his life over the years that his lashing out feels well earned. Negating Barry’s speed powers, plus having a still-very creepy Ragdoll on hand, allows for tension during the show’s final act wherein Joe has to rescue Cecile from a pressure-sensitive bomb. Considering both Supergirl and Legends both lost longtime cast members in their current seasons, it wouldn’t have been that surprising if Joe had gone out heroically. 

Our other adventure comes courtesy of a returning Ralph, who takes Cisco to team up on hunting down Sue again. The pair sneak into a fancy brunch and come across Sue hacking into a bank that just so happens to be connected to Carver, who’s gone about blackmailing her (supposedly) good and pure parents. In exchange for his help, she gives him the diamond he helped her steal, which supposedly has some interesting secrets to be gleaned. 

Technically, there’s nothing wrong with “Goodnight.” However, it feels like it’s missing a stronger anchor. Carver seems to be waiting on a plot twist or two before he comes into his own as a threatening presence. Towards the end when he and Eva have a face-to-mirror inside his home, I was half expecting him to turn out to be another Mirror Master. Maybe that’s still coming.

Finally, there’s Mirror Iris, who sits out most of the episode as she waits for Barry to use up the last of his speed. When she finally lays into him out of faux concern for Joe at the episode’s end and kicks him out of the apartment, it suddenly dawns on Barry that his wife is acting off. Next week is promising a resolution to the subterfuge, which should help liven some of this up. 

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Additional Notes

  • Like pretty much everything else, The Flash halted production to avoid Corona outbreak. So we’re gonna be getting at least a month’s worth of episodes, but after that, it’ll be up in the air as to when the rest of the season will drop. 

  • “I know about hacking, I’ve seen You’ve Got Mail several times.” 

  • Eva’s added another Mirror Minion to her collection, as we learn Singh is under her command as well. 

  • Near the start of the episode, Eva mentions Iris is adapting to the Mirror World, meaning…Iris becomes Mirror Master too? Maybe?

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