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The Haunting of Bly Manor Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – The Jolly Corner


Published 2 years ago

The Haunting of Bly Manor Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - The Jolly Corner

[00:01:00] The storyteller continued her narration of the story. We head over to Henry’s office. His receptionist gave Henry his mail and told him about Dani’s call later. She wanted to speak with Henry, but he refused. Henry didn’t want to talk to Dani about how the children were doing. As long as they were doing fine, that’s enough for him. The receptionist left for the weekend. Henry was alone in his office—it seems Henry is also seeing shadowy figures in his office. He offers the shadow scotch or bourbon. The shadow didn’t respond, but somehow Henry knew to choose scotch. He went into the other room to pour a glass of scotch. Henry took a letter with him addressed to Dominic Wingrave.

[00:04:30] Henry poured the scotch as the figure revealed—it’s himself. He has his own demons to worry about as we go back to the birth of Flora. Dominic came to Bly as fast as he could. He rushed inside the manor and went up the stairs. Henry greeted his brother and updated him on Charlotte’s condition. Dominic didn’t understand why Charlotte’s giving birth to Flora earlier than scheduled. Dominic asked Henry why he didn’t bring Charlotte to the hospital. Henry responded that the hospital is two hours away, while the family doctor is just 40 minutes. Still, Dominic went inside the room to be with Charlotte as she gave birth. Henry closed the door as he exited, worried for Charlotte’s safety.

[00:08:00] Meanwhile, Flora woke up in the middle of the forest. She doesn’t seem to remember what happened to her or how she got there in the first place. Dani went to the greenhouse to bring Jamie a cup of coffee. She took a sip and immediately spat the coffee back into the mug. Dani compared Jamie’s coffee-making skills to her tea-making skills. Jamie asked Dani how her week had been. The children were acting weirder and weirder each day, Dani answered. She also didn’t see anyone else in the manor since Jamie didn’t visit, nor did Owen, while Hannah just disappeared out of thin air. Sometimes people just want to be alone, Jamie pointed out.

[00:10:00] Jamie asked if Dani specifically woke up early in the morning just to speak with her. She came to the greenhouse for no particular reason, Dani responded. Jamie didn’t believe her; she wouldn’t just wake up as the sun rose and make awful coffee just to go to the greenhouse and talk to her. Cornered, Dani told Jamie the truth. She didn’t like how they left things the last time they were at the greenhouse. Dani confessed she liked her and invited Jamie to drink at the local pub, away from the manor. Jamie agreed—she lived just above the pub. Dani suddenly saw Flora walking outside the greenhouse. They rushed towards her. Dani asked Flora how long she’s been outside. She looked over Dani’s shoulder and saw Rebecca.

[00:12:00] Flora didn’t know how long she was out. Rebecca touched her forehead, and the next thing Flora saw was the comfort of her own bed. Flora got up and saw someone at the foot of her bed. She scoots over to check, but no one is there. She looked behind her and saw a kid entering her closet. Flora asked the kid who he was, but he didn’t respond. Flora approached the kid and turned him around—the kid didn’t have a face, scaring Flora. She ran down the hall into her parent’s room. Charlotte opened the door and thought Flora was talking about Miles. She told her mother it wasn’t Miles. Flora noticed her Uncle Henry getting dressed inside the room. Flora called her uncle, who made an excuse to sleep over in one of the guest bedrooms.

[00:14:00] Henry told Flora that he had just come over to greet Charlotte. Flora pulled Charlotte out of the room to check her room. Henry tagged along, but they didn’t find anyone inside the room. Charlotte showed Flora there wasn’t anyone inside her closet. There was no one now, but the boy was there earlier, Flora replied. Then, she asked her mother to stop saying there wasn’t a boy in the closet, for she wasn’t lying. Henry and Charlotte agreed that Flora was the only one who could see the boy. Charlotte suggested that the boy may want to become her friend, but Flora disagreed. The boy didn’t have a face, she told them. Henry managed to squeeze something positive out of it, telling Flora that the boy would be a good listener instead of a talker.

[00:16:00] Flora asked them how the boy could become her friend if she didn’t know his name. She could give him a name and his own story, he answered. Henry recalled that he used to have a friend in the manor: a soldier, and he was very much afraid of him until he gave him a name and a proper story. Flora agreed and got in bed. She then realized that everything had already happened in the past. Charlotte and Henry began talking to Flora differently. She knew she had been tucked away in another memory. Charlotte and Henry agreed. She was five years old when the particular memory happened, and she’s already eight years old. Flora wondered why she was being tucked into her memories more often than ever. She told Charlotte she would suddenly wake up upon realizing she was in her memory.

[00:17:00] Flora woke up and was lying in bed. Dani and Jamie brought Flora back to her room. They asked her what had happened, but she didn’t remember anything. Flora fainted as soon as Rebecca touched her forehead. She told Dani she’s tired and would like to go back to sleep. Flora added she wants to dream, not a memory. After the incident, Dani called Henry to inform him about Flora’s sleepwalking. He still didn’t want to talk to Dani, so the receptionist didn’t push the talk any further. Henry reminisced the time he called the manor and spoke with Flora. He asked Flora about the little boy in her room. She hadn’t seen the boy yet, Flora answered. She also hasn’t made up a story about him because Dominic told her the boy is a figment of her imagination.

[00:20:00] Henry wants to continue talking with Flora, but she hands the phone to Dominic. He was wondering why Henry was calling. He made up an excuse for his call. While they were talking, Charlotte was looking at Dominic to see his reaction. Henry continued sulking in his office. He was drinking scotch and bourbon when his alter ego decided to drop in. They talked about his drinking habits and the letter addressed to Dominic. The alter ego wants Henry to instruct his receptionist to handle all the letters in Dominic’s name. Henry didn’t want to. He told his alter ego he would take care of it by himself. He didn’t want to send out a notice of death to the letters he was receiving for Dominic. Henry shoved the letter in his bottom drawer along with all the other letters in Dominic’s name.

[00:23:30] Dani and Hannah checked on Flora. She slept all day. Dani had called Henry, she told Hannah, but he didn’t call back. Henry was no longer himself after the trip, Hannah explained. Dominic, Charlotte, and Henry were never the same when they returned from their trip abroad. Dani checked on Flora one last time as Hannah went downstairs. Dani thought she saw a boy playing by Flora’s dollhouse. She looked back but didn’t see anyone. Dani exited the room and closed the door. She went to the kitchen and saw Owen speaking with Hannah. She thought Owen had already gone home, but Hannah requested he stay for the night. Dani was about to make tea when Jamie arrived. She told Dani not to touch the teapot because she would ruin it. Jamie invited Dani for a little excursion within the manor grounds.

[00:26:00] Dani didn’t want to leave the kids alone, but Hannah and Owen told her they could hold the fort while she was gone. Dani went with Jamie. They roamed the manor grounds with a flashlight. She brought Dani to her secret spot, where she planted a moonflower. Jamie explained moonflowers only bloom twice a year, at night, then die by morning. A new flower would bloom every night for the next three weeks, then it dies. Jamie would have to plant a new moonflower plant next spring. Jamie compared plants to people; she didn’t think people were worth the time and effort. Then, Jamie finally told Dani about her past and why she’s not keen on having relationships.

[00:28:00] Jamie didn’t grow up in a happy family. Her father was a coal miner, and her mother became a whore. While her father was busy mining coal, her mother didn’t know what to do with her time, so she spent it playing with other men. Eventually, she got pregnant, and her father became the laughing stock of the town. Everyone knew that the new baby didn’t belong to her father, but he stayed faithful to his wife. In 1967, Jamie’s mother decided to leave them for good. Jamie came home to find his baby brother alone, crying. She tried taking care of her siblings independently, but she couldn’t do it properly. Jamie forgot the boiling pot of water and an accident occurred. Social services separated them, and there was nothing their father could do. Jamie bounced from one foster home to another.

[00:32:00] Jamie eventually joined the army. It was around this time she found her true calling: gardening. She loved gardening because she could see where all her sacrifices and efforts went. Jamie told her all the love, effort, and attention she put into gardening yielded results, unlike building relationships with people. Then, she said Dani’s worth the time and effort to build a relationship, just like her moonflower. After Jamie’s story, Dani approached and kissed her through the night.

[00:35:00] It was Flora’s sixth birthday. Henry and Peter brought Flora her birthday present—it was the dollhouse. Charlotte saw the dollhouse. She knew Flora would love it. Dominic was upstairs and saw how Henry flirted with Charlotte. They didn’t know Dominic was watching—it was too late when they noticed. Dominic started to suspect that something was going on between them. After the party, Charlotte went to the kitchen to get a snack. She opened the lights and saw Dominic sitting alone in the dark. He opened up to Charlotte about Flora. He knew that Flora had come too early, but something was off. She wasn’t as small as she’s supposed to be. Charlotte sat down in front of Dominic to talk about it. He finally figured things out.

[00:40:00] Dominic told Charlotte he had taken six years to do the math, but he just couldn’t accept it. The math didn’t fit. If Flora is his child, then she was born too early. Flora wasn’t born early; she got out on time, but Dominic knew Flora was not his daughter. There was no point in denying it as tears fell down Charlotte’s face. Dominic asked Charlotte if she loved Flora’s father. The look in her eyes confirmed it. Dominic could no longer hold back his tears. They both cried in the kitchen for the remainder of the conversation. Meanwhile, Dani woke up with Jamie beside her. As the storyteller narrated, she never slept so well in her entire life. Dani saw burn marks on Jamie’s back. She stared at herself in the mirror before getting dressed.

[00:42:00] Dani looked out the window and saw Flora standing in the middle of the grounds. She ran outside and asked Flora what she was doing. Flora didn’t know where she was. She thinks she was tucked away in another memory, so she asked Dani why these things kept happening to her. Dani was unable to answer her question. Flora saw Rebecca again, and she touched her forehead again. Flora returned to normal and asked Dani for breakfast—she’s positively famished. Flora always uttered the word “positively” before her statements. Meanwhile, Henry receives another call from Dani. His receptionist found him asleep inside his office. She didn’t want to wake him up, but Dani’s call seemed urgent. Still, Henry didn’t want to speak to Dani. Unless it was a matter of life and death, he didn’t want to involve him with Bly.

[00:44:00] The receptionist left, but Henry finally called Dani back. He staggered to make it out of his office. He opened the door but saw a different memory: when Dominic found out about Henry and Charlotte’s affair. Dominic confronted Henry. He told Henry he could keep the office. He knew about the affair and banished Henry from Bly. From that point onward, Dominic no longer considered Henry as his brother. He told Henry that he needed to live by himself with his demonic alter ego. After that, Charlotte prepared for their trip to India. Flora asked her how far India was; she wanted to come to India because she didn’t want to be stuck with Miles and Mrs. Grose. Charlotte took out a talisman and showed it to her. But she knew it was just another memory.

[00:48:00] Flora missed Charlotte. Charlotte answered she needed to wake up now. Flora woke up; it was already nighttime. She got out of bed and went down to the kitchen. Everyone was laughing as they ate dinner. Flora thought they ate without her. Dani said she had already eaten dinner in her room; Owen made her soup. But she couldn’t remember anything. Jamie told Dani she knew Flora wasn’t herself. Flora started crying. She told them she didn’t like being left out. The phone rang, Dani answered it. Henry called the manor, but he didn’t speak another word. His alter ego thought he was pathetic for not saying anything. Henry kept on waiting for Flora to answer the phone to talk to her, then heard a knock on his office door.

[00:50:00] Henry opened the door and found himself in another memory: the night Dominic and Charlotte left for India. She visited Henry’s office one last time. She said goodbye, but Henry didn’t know it was for good. Charlotte wants to fix her marriage, and her family—the trip to India is to save their relationship. After speaking with Charlotte, at present, Henry receives a call. His alter ego knew what was coming up, but he didn’t want to answer it. Henry didn’t have a choice, so he picked up the phone. His younger self answered it—Dominic and Charlotte had died in an accident, the British Consulate in India informed on the phone. After the call, Henry came face-to-face with his alter ego. He offered Henry his hand and pulled him up.

[00:55:00] The present Henry stood up from the floor after reliving Charlotte’s agony and horror. His alter ego told him that the fun was just starting. Henry still needs to call Bly to inform them about what happened to Dominic and Charlotte. It’s the most painful event as he will speak to Flora to tell her that her parents are dead. Back at Bly, Dani managed to put Flora to sleep. She didn’t know what else to do. Calling Henry didn’t work, so she planned to take Flora to the doctor the next day. Jamie suggested she bring Flora to a psychologist instead. Jamie and Dani bid each other good night as Jamie left Bly.

[00:58:00] Back in his office, Henry decided to call Bly. The phone lines were down, so he could no longer reach Bly. He decided to drive to Bly himself. His alter ego tried to stop him, but he made up his mind. His alter ego suggested Henry told the kids how their parents died and why they needed to go to India that fateful day. That night, Flora woke up and saw a child playing by her dollhouse. The child ran out of the room as soon as Flora said hello. She chased the child to the attic. The child hid with the dolls, but Flora found him. She apologized for being rude last time. Flora found a broken doll face then gave it to him. Then, she realized she’s inside her memories again.

[01:02:00] Flora woke up and called out to Ms. Jessel. Flora asked why she kept on tucking her away. She no longer wants to act strange and added that she no longer wants to see Miles acting weird. Rebecca didn’t know Miles was acting strange; she asked Flora what had happened. Flora told her that nothing is wrong with Miles— except when he’s not Miles. Rebecca realized something and disappeared. Flora called Rebecca back to ask what she’s doing to her. Before Rebecca could answer, Dani entered the room. She saw Rebecca. She called Flora to her side, and they both left the room. Dani called for Miles, but they saw Peter. Rebecca took over Flora’s body then ran towards the attic. Dani chased and looked for Flora.

[01:04:00] Dani found Flora standing in the middle of the room. She told Flora it’s time to leave. Flora apologized as Miles hits Dani in the head with something hard.

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