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The Haunting of Bly Manor Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – The Two Faces, Part Two


Published 2 years ago

The Haunting of Bly Manor Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - The Two Faces, Part Two

[00:01:00] Dani woke up and saw Flora and Miles talking to someone, yet she couldn’t see anyone in the attic with them. She’s gagged and tied up on the floor. Flora called out to the persons she’s talking to. The siblings told them they needed to tell Dani about what happened. Peter and Rebecca came out of the corner. Dani saw them and was scared to death. She couldn’t scream because of the gag in her mouth, but without it, she would’ve screamed for her life.

[00:04:00] The siblings worried for Dani’s safety. They thought she’s hurt, but she’s not. Peter told them she’s just scared. Flora wants them to just tuck Dani away, but it wasn’t that simple—Rebecca explained Dani hadn’t gone dream-hopping, which is why she couldn’t be tucked away. Rebecca suddenly heard Hannah talking; she followed her voice. Peter tried to stop her, but she disappeared. After a few moments, the same thing happened to Peter. He tried asking Miles for help, but he also disappeared into one of his memories.

[00:06:30] Peter opened the door and found his mother standing outside his apartment—she entered, asking for help. She just got out of a mental institute. Peter asked how long she had before she needed to return, but his mother responded she’s out permanently. She’s cured, the doctors told her, and she’s asking Peter for help to have a fresh start, but he doesn’t believe her. They argued as Peter’s mother mentioned his father and started blackmailing Peter. She knew Lord Henry didn’t know about his past, and she wanted to tell Henry unless Peter helped her. Meanwhile, Rebecca is dealing with her own memories. The police were interviewing her and Hannah about Peter. Hannah told the police Peter had taken some family heirlooms from the manor.

[00:09:30] The police told Hannah that Peter was also embezzling money out of Henry’s account on top of the burglary. Rebecca told the police about what Peter said to her. She got into an argument with the police as they were trying to get the truth out of her. They asked Rebecca if Peter had mentioned the money he stole from Henry. Rebecca answered that all Peter said to her was to pack a bag and that they’d be moving to America. After the argument, the memory changed—she’s with Miles. He told Rebecca what had happened to Peter and that the police didn’t believe them. Rebecca tried to follow Miles after he told her Peter was still with them. The memory changed again as soon as she left the room.

[00:12:00] Rebecca heard people in the kitchen, so she went over to check. Hannah and Owen were arguing about the meal he’s preparing—it’s causing a delay for lunch. Jamie entered the kitchen and joined the conversation. She greeted Rebecca. Then, Hannah told Rebecca that lunch would be delayed. She offered to tell the children about lunch, but they wanted Rebecca to stay in the kitchen with them. She refused and went outside for some air. Staring at the lake, Rebecca held her butterfly hairpin. Jamie went over to smoke a cigarette and talked to her. Rebecca thought Jamie went over to gloat about being right—that Peter is a sham and a shitty person. Jamie replied that she went over to tell her the opportunity was upon her. With Peter gone, she can finally continue on her barrister track.

[00:14:30] Jamie told Rebecca to get up on her feet and chase her dreams. She can finally approach Henry and ask him to make her his pupil. Jamie apologized for the pain that Peter caused her. She offered to help her in any way she could. Jamie assured her that Rebecca could approach her for help if she needed it. Jamie left Rebecca to her own thoughts. That evening, Rebecca was preparing for bed when Peter appeared. She argued with Peter for leaving her and for not telling the truth. He told Rebecca to just listen to him for a minute. Rebecca holds out her hand, and Peter shows her the real reason he couldn’t show up—he just passed through her when he tried to touch Rebecca’s hand. She took a step back in disbelief. She didn’t know what to say.

[00:18:30] Rebecca spent all day inside the classroom. At first, she was with Miles and Flora, but the day went on without her. Hannah managed to put them to sleep then went to see Rebecca, who was still sitting inside the classroom. Hannah told her about a joke involving fractions: that the length of a relationship, halved, is the time you need to get over it. Rebecca didn’t know Peter that long; hence she won’t take long to forget him. But not everything could be forgotten in half the time, Rebecca responded. Hannah agreed then left Rebecca to herself. She went up to the old wing to look for Peter that night. He showed herself to her. She told Peter they could still go to America. She didn’t mind looking crazy while talking to him as long as they could be together.

[00:22:00] He couldn’t leave Bly, Peter told Rebecca. He already tried, but he would be teleported back inside the manor every time he reached the end of the estate. She asked him to tell her what had happened to him, but he refused. Rebecca started arguing with Peter. She wanted to hold him and feel him, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She thought it was unfair. Peter tried his best to calm Rebecca down, but he couldn’t. He ended up possessing Rebecca instead. Peter pulled the sheets of the mirror to look at himself. He couldn’t believe that he’s inside Rebecca’s body. After a few seconds, he got out. Rebecca didn’t know what had happened. Suddenly, she was somewhere else. On the other hand, Peter could hear a knocking from the door. He decided to open it, and he transported to his memory.

[00:24:00] Peter knew he was just reliving a memory. He wanted it to stop and wanted to go back to Bly. Rebecca planned to go out of the manor. Jamie was fixing a flower arrangement near the door, so she saw Rebecca about to leave. Jamie asked her if she had called Henry about becoming his pupil. She said she called, and Henry would consider it. Jamie couldn’t believe Henry disagreed. She felt that Henry owed it to Rebecca. After their conversation, Rebecca left the manor and headed towards the end of the estate. She ran as fast as she could, but she tripped and fell. Rebecca woke up, and Peter was sitting by the side of the road. She realized their plan didn’t work. Peter tried to use Rebecca’s body to leave Bly, but still, it didn’t work.

[00:26:00] After their failed attempt, Peter no longer showed himself to Rebecca. The loss disheartened her, so she kept on looking for Peter. One night, Peter showed himself again to Rebecca. It had been a week since they saw each other. He told Rebecca he was exploring Bly and saw things. He came up with a plan for them to be together again. Peter explained that Rebecca just needed to let him in. He told Rebecca she didn’t fully accept him, which is why they couldn’t last forever. But they could be together if she allowed him inside her. So she let Peter inside, and she was tucked into their memories. Peter used Rebecca’s body, went to the lake, and drowned her body.

[00:33:00] Back in their memory, Rebecca lost Peter, and all she could see was she was underwater. She didn’t fully understand what was happening until she saw her own body floating in the lake. Rebecca screamed at the top of her lungs; she couldn’t accept what had happened to her. Flora was staring at Rebecca’s body when Jamie saw her. She wondered what Flora was looking at, so she looked at the lake and saw Rebecca’s body. She ran towards Flora then took her back to the manor. Rebecca spoke to Peter in their memory—she didn’t agree to die for him. Rebecca realized Peter left her to die alone. He needed to leave so that she would die, Peter explained. He lied to Rebecca. He didn’t tell her his plan completely. Peter tried to explain things to Rebecca, but once again, the knocking on his door interfered.

[00:38:00] Peter opened the door. He asked his mother if they needed to go through their memory again. Peter pointed out he was doing something important, but his mother didn’t care. Peter blamed his mother for what happened to him during his childhood and how it killed him. Peter wasn’t finished confronting his mother when he got back to reality. Miles and Flora were untying Dani. Peter possessed Miles’ body to take control of the situation. He immediately left Miles after tying her up again. Rebecca also returned. Peter knew they needed to continue with their plan before time ran out.

[00:44:00] Peter talked to the siblings about their plan. Flora called the plan the “Forever House.” Rebecca didn’t want to continue with the plan just yet, but Peter knew if they let Dani go, she would take the children and leave. Peter managed to convince Miles and Flora to go with the plan. Rebecca tried to convince Peter to wait for a bit longer, but he didn’t want to. He showed a random woman from the attic to them. The woman didn’t have a face. Peter reminded Rebecca they would look like her if they spent more time in Bly. They will fade away. Dani was terrified at the woman with no face. She screamed under her gag as Miles and Flora looked away.

[00:46:00] Peter asked Miles and Flora for their help. They need to use their bodies to set their plans in motion. Peter told both of them to think their hardest about being “us.” He promised nothing terrible would happen to them—they would be tucked away in a safe memory with their parents. Flora asked Peter if their parents would fade away like the other people who died in Bly. He told Flora their parents wouldn’t fade because they died in another place. After convincing them to think about “us,” Peter and Rebecca could possess the siblings.

[00:49:00] Hannah was looking for them in the manor. Peter heard Hannah and told her he’s coming. He instructed Rebecca to take care of Dani while he sorted Hannah out. She asked why they needed to kill Dani, so he told her that Dani knew too much and would ruin their plan. Peter went down the attic and greeted Hannah. He told her about a surprise and led her to the grounds then to the well. Peter told Hannah to look down the well. She didn’t want to at first, but somehow, her curiosity got the best of her. She needed confirmation that her body wasn’t down the well, so she went to the edge of the well and looked down.

[00:53:30] Hannah saw her body rotting in the well. It took her a moment to come to her realization, but when she did, she managed to come back to her memory of Owen and his interview. Hannah told him about Miles and Flora. She couldn’t do anything about it because she’s dead. Owen disappeared, leaving Hannah all alone in the kitchen. Back at the attic, Dani came face-to-face with Flora and Rebecca. They pretended to merge, but Rebecca didn’t become one with Flora. Dani thought of Miles, but Rebecca told her it’s too late. She told Dani to save Flora—it’s not too late for her. She ordered Dani to take Flora away from Bly. Dani thanked Rebecca, and they made their way out of the manor.

[00:56:00] Dani and Flora ran outside. Flora asked Dani where they were going, but she didn’t have a clue. Flora called out to Miles. She didn’t want to leave her brother. Dani did her best and tried to drag Flora out of the manor, but it was too late. As Dani turned around, the lady of the lake grabbed her throat. She was choking her out while dragging her back inside the manor. Flora screamed at the top of her lungs at the sight of the lady.

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