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The Last Kingdom Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Episode 6

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

The Last Kingdom Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Episode 6

Uhtred and Leofric have decided that they will dress up as Danes and raid Cornwalum. Leofric says that Young Odda is building Alfred a church at Cynuit. And he won’t be looking for Leofric. Uhtred tells Mildrith that if people come looking for him, she will tell them that Uhtred is busy keeping King Alfred’s kingdom safe. Mildrith doesn’t want him to leave and says she will take their child to the church to be baptized if he does. So, Uhtred says the child won’t be his child if that happens. Mildrith is still angry with him for killing the farmstead master, Oswald. Mildrith knew him all her life. So, now the people of the village call Uhtred “Uhtred the Godless” for what he did.

Before Uhtred leaves with Leofric, he tells Mildrith that he will find wealth to settle their debts. While preparing for the first raid, they find that the king’s nephew, Aethelwold, has joined them. Leofric thinks that Aethelwold can’t be trusted so he suggests they kill him. But Aethelwold reminds Uhtred he owes him, so Uhtred saves his life and lets him join. Aethelwold reminds them that he is an educated man and he is simply just hiding that fact. He helps Uhtred and Leofric understand the land that surrounds them, making him useful for the raid. They change their clothes to look like Danes and even put marks on their faces. 

Meanwhile, Young Odda and Bishop Alewold arrive at Mildrith’s estate. Young Odda presents her with a letter. He says that Uhtred must settle the wergild for Oswald’s death or face confiscation of his property. After five days of attacking villages and Uhtred and his men still haven’t found any wealth. He says they must not be the first Danes to attack the villages. They continue to look for wealth as Leofric suggested. On their way to their next raid, they are approached by some people.

Brother Asser tells Uhtred that King Peredur has heard of the attacks on the villages in Cornwalum. So, he wants Uhtred to work for him in exchange for some silver. Their fort was seized by fellow Britons so they want Uhtred’s help in taking it back. When Uhtred goes to meet King Peredur, he is surprised to see the condition of his place. It is no palace or fort but just a simple place made out of woods.

The King says he will pay Uhtred and his men 100 pieces of silver if they fight for him. They have 30 men, and Uhtred has 20. Their enemies are no more than 50 men. Uhtred asks for 400 pieces of silver in exchange for their services to the king. The King calls his shadow queen, Queen Iseult. When Uhtred sees the queen for the first time, he is mesmerized. The queen comes real close to Uhtred and asks his name. Uhtred tells her his real name and says he will work for the king if he is paid what he is worth.

Queen Iseult says Uhtred is the one before going back to her room. The King tells Uhtred that he will pay him 400 pieces of silver after the battle because the silver is inside the fort. He also reminds Uhtred not to do anything to Queen Iseult. Leofric tells Uhtred he shouldn’t have told his real name to the queen because word travels fast. Brother Asser tells Uhtred that Queen Iseult is a sorceress. And the king believes that Iseult can see the future as long as she stays a virgin. 

Together with King Peredur’s men, Uhtred and his men march to the fort. When he sees some men advancing, he sends Aethelwold to check why their enemies chose to leave the fort. After checking, Aethelwold rushes back and tells them that their enemies are real Danes. Uhtred confronts the king for lying to him. But King Peredur says Queen Iseult has seen Uhtred’s victory so it doesn’t matter if their enemies are real Danes.

When the leader of their enemy approach, Uhtred realizes that he is a Sword Dane, a lord of war. The warlord introduces himself as Skorpa, of the white horse. When he finds out Uhtred’s identity, he says he knows that Uhtred was in Cynuit and that he is the son of Earl Ragnar. King Peredur stays where he is, far from Uhtred so he fails to hear the conversation.

Uhtred says the king promised him silver which they can find inside the fortress. However, Skorpa just laughs at him and says they didn’t find any silver inside. He tells Uhtred to attack the king’s army and let the king live. Then they can share the silver that they will find. Leofric agrees with this. So, Uhtred pretends as if he’s going to attack the Danes, but then he and his men turn back and attack the King and his army.

Skorpa spares the king and asks for the silver. He says that as a warlord he promises not to kill the king. However, after the king tells them where he hides all the silver, Skorpa kills him. Uhtred is surprised by this, but the king is already dead. They find the silver under the throne just like the king said. Skorpa wants to share Queen Iseult as well, but Uhtred says the queen belongs to him.

The chest is filled with silver, but Skorpa refuses to share. He threatens to kill Queen Iseult if Uhtred fights back. So, Skorpa takes all the silver with his men and leave. Leofric and Uhtred are left with nothing. Queen Iseult shows them where the other chest of silver is hidden. Outside, under the dirt, they find the chest filled with all kinds of silver. They share with their men and then they go back to Wessex and their separate ways. They don’t know that Brother Asser saw what happened in front of the fortress and that they took the king’s silver. 

Uhtred goes to Bishop Alewold to pay his debts. He shows the Bishop the silver cross that he got. Bishop Alewold is in awe. The cross looks like an Irish work. The weight and beauty of it are enough to settle Uhtred’s debts. So, Uhtred further asks the priest to handle the matter in regards to Oswald’s wergild.

Mildrith is surprised to see Uhtred come home with another woman. Uhtred reminds her that he has loved her, but he only came to tell her that the debt is settled. His child has been baptized against his wishes and that’s another thing they argue about. Mildrith gets angry that Uhtred took home another woman so he makes him choose. Uhtred chose to sleep outside and stay with Queen Iseult. He tells her that Mildrith is a good woman. And because Mildrith loves her god, it’s difficult for her to be with Uhtred. When Mildrith sees how Uhtred treats Iseult, she decides that she and the child will leave and go to Young Odda’s estate.

Following the advice of Iseult, Uhtred goes to King Alfred. When they get there, Young Odda reads him his sentence. He says that Uhtred is charged with taking a troop of the king’s men into Cornwalum and there making war against the Britons without the king’s consent. Uhtred is also charged with joining forces with Skorpa and killing the king and his people, despite the people living in peace with Alfred and with Wessex. 

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