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The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Episode 4

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - Episode 4

Ragnar is not happy that Uhtred is once again sworn to Alfred. He asks Uhtred why he keeps on doing that. But, Uhtred’s answer is always been the same, that he’s going to join Ragnar in avenging their father. King Alfred wants Uhtred to kill the two brothers, Sigefrid and Erik for Guthred.

In Uhtred’s mind, however, he can use this chance to gather an army himself. He thinks that once he killed the brothers, King Guthred owes him. He will take that opportunity to ask for an army that he can use to kill Kjartan and his men. Along with Uhtred are his men and Alfred’s men, Steapa and Aethelwold.

Odda is worried that Uhtred’s interest might shift after he defeats the two brothers. Odda tells Alfred that Uhtred might want to have more power. But, Alfred doesn’t share the same worry because Steapa is with Uhtred. He has tasked Steapa to kill Uhtred if ever Uhtred tries to take the whole of Northumbria for himself. Before they leave, Uhtred marries Gisela. 

They first go to Loidis where Brida is waiting with the men she gathered. She has promised these men silver and the glory of avenging Earl Ragnar the Fearless. When she finds out that the men will be used to fight for Guthred, she protests. She says she cannot let those men die for Guthred, and Ragnar agrees. Instead, they just come up with the idea of not facing the army of the brothers but attacking when they are not yet ready. So Uhtred and the others go to the brothers’ camp to kill them in their sleep.

By following Aethelwold’s advice, they found Sigefrid’s tent. Uhtred is the only one who gets in the tent. But before he can strike, Sigefrid turns and fights back. Uhtred fails to kill Sigefrid but he cuts his hand. Then he takes Sigefrid outside the tent for everyone to see. Erik comes to rescue his brother. Sigefrid wants Erik to let him die as long as Uhtred dies with him. But, Erik doesn’t want his brother to die so he asks Uhtred what he wants from him. Uhtred asks Erik to board their ships, leave and never return. Erik gives his word that they will leave if Uhtred lets go of his brother. 

Uhtred takes Sigefrid’s hand to King Guthred and demands an army. He tells Guthred that he will never forgive and forget what the king did to him and Halig. The men talk about who will own Dunholm once they kill Kjartan. Uhtred wants the fortress to be Ragnar’s since the fortress was built on the blood of their father. Father Beocca reminds them that naturally, Dunholm will go to King Guthred. Aethelwold says that Alfred wants Guthred to be the one true king of the north and Uhtred should make it happen. He adds that Uhtred will be the key to building the England that Alfred wants. King Guthred carries the guilt of sending his friend away, so he approaches Uhtred. He says that he hopes Uhtred will one day find it in his heart to forgive him. He adds that Uhtred will always be his greatest friend. Uhtred slaps the king when the king said he spared Uhtred from death. Everyone laughs at them, but Guthred tries to be sincere with his words. He tells Uhtred that he will write a letter to Alfred saying it was his instruction that Uhtred will go to Dunholm. 

Kjartan’s man who he sent to spy on Ragnar comes back to tell him about the army. Sven wants them to attack but Kjartan insists that their fortress is enough to keep them safe. He says their men could get killed in an open field, but if they stay in the fortress Uhtred and his men can never get inside. But Uhtred has already found a weakness in the fortress the last time he was there.

It was at the east gate where there is a water spring. So when the night comes, he and his men wait near the east gate until dawn. They give the signal to Ragnar and his men who are waiting. When the servants come out from the gate, Uhtred, and his men attack. All the while, Ragnar takes his men to attack the main gate. When Kjartan hears this, he calls all his men to guard the main gate and attack their enemies. Some of Ragnar’s men fall after being shot by arrows. While others have died running away.

Because all of the guards are attacking Ragnar and his army, Uhtred and the others have an easier time getting inside the fortress. Hild and Father Beocca are still beside Uhtred and fighting. Kjartan realizes that there are enemies inside but it’s already too late because the main gate is now open. Thyra is in her cell with her hounds, crying. When Sven told her before that Ragnar was about to attack them, she said she doesn’t have a brother. Now, she comes out of her cell and finds Sven hiding. Thyra commands her hounds to attack Sven and kill him. From where he stands, Kjartan sees that Sven is dead. He challenges Ragnar to a duel. He angers him more by telling him all the things they did to Thyra. Ragnar wins the fight.

When Kjartan asks for his sword, Ragnar refuses to hand it to him. He hacks Kjartan to death while everyone watches. Even when Kjartan is dead, Ragnar still keeps on attacking him. Uhtred stops his brother and holds him as he cries. When Thyra comes out, she shows how angry she is at her brothers. She thinks they left her. But, Uhtred tells her that they didn’t know she was still alive. Thyra wants her two brothers’ death as a price for her own life, but Beocca stops her. She retreats back to her cell and cries. When Father Beocca comes to comfort her, she asks him to stay. He says that Uhtred and Ragnar have always looked for Thyra. Uhtred decides to go back to Wessex because he thinks that Steapa has orders to kill him if he doesn’t. So, Uhtred and his men go back, while Ragnar and his men stay in the fortress.

Our Thoughts:

Why does Alfred give orders like that? He really asked Steapa to kill Uhtred if Uhtred wants to take more of the land. If he kills his best warrior, then who will fight his battles? He has always threatened Uhtred, but somehow Uhtred always survives and continues to serve him. How long will this go? He’s been relying on Uhtred for some time now and still, he can’t trust him. As for Guthred, he seemed sincere when he said that Uhtred was his greatest friend. However, Uhtred also seemed sincere when he said he could never forgive Guthred or forget what he did. 

Father Beocca and sister Hild continue to fight alongside Uhtred. And again, it still is surprising that they manage to survive in battles where they are against skilled warriors. And Aethelwold, though not as good as Uhtred, is now a good warrior. Spending time on the battlefield made his fighting skills better. What we are looking forward to is for Uhtred to finally lose his patience with the king and just start doing what he wants.

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