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The Last Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – Episode 2

BY Kean

Published 4 weeks ago

The Last Kingdom Season 3 Episode 2 Recap - Episode 2

Uhtred and Finan dig Gisela’s grave to take her body, and sister Hild accompanies them to say a prayer. Afterward, Uhtred gives her wife a pyre. They don’t know that Aethelwold is watching them. Aethelwold approaches a monk, Brother Godwin, and tells him that a woman wants to sleep with him. He then tells the monk that Uhtred shouldn’t be the one to guide the prince, Edward. Brother Godwin asks the monk that the message should reach the bishop.

Just before they leave to go back to Coccham, Uhtred is called to the palace. Alfred tells him that he knows Uhtred is hurting after losing his wife. He says that Gisela was a good woman. However, the king’s wife, Aelswith, doesn’t think the same. Aelswith tells Uhtred that someone saw him desecrating the blessed holy ground in the cemetery. Uhtred says he disturbed no one but his wife. He even apologizes and says he doesn’t mean to insult anyone.

King Alfred admits he doesn’t know what to do with Uhtred’s actions. Edward says that Uhtred’s actions are understandable. The monk, Brother Godwin, says that Uhtred was already undoing what shouldn’t have been done in the first place. He says that Gisela was a pagan and a whore, and her presence would’ve poisoned the soil. He says that Gisela was still married to Aelfric when she married Uhtred, making her children bastards. Father Beocca, the bishop, and even the king try to stop Brother Godwin, but the monk keeps talking.

He says that the souls in heaven are rejoicing because Gisela was taken from the earth and burnt. Uhtred tries to hold his temper for as long as he can. But when Brother Godwin says Gisela is no better than Skade, Uhtred slaps him.

When they check on the monk, they find he’s dead. Uhtred reasons out that it was just a slap. Alfred asks his guards to seize Uhtred, and Uhtred fights back and runs out of the palace. Alfred tells Steapa to secure the city walls and ensure no one leaves.

While Uhtred and his children are inside the house, his men guard him. Steapa, on the other hand, is outside and asking Uhtred to come out. 

When he’s ready, Uhtred tells sister Hild to get Father Beocca and the king’s demand. Father Beocca says the king and Edward decided there would be no trial and punishment. But, Uhtred will have to pay the church 100 pieces of silver of wergild. The king also wants him to swear an oath to his son, Edward. Uhtred doesn’t want to do that. He knows that Edward is still a boy, and if he swears an oath to h,h, he will have to serve him for the rest of his life. Father Beocca reminds Uhtred that he lives a good life because of Alfred. And if he doesn’t make a choice, his friends, with whom he fought alongside, will be killing each other.

Uhtred goes to the palace and asks that the king remember his service to him. He asks that Alfred remember the battles he has fought for him. Alfred says that good service is no excuse for breaking the law. Uhtred says he will pay the wergild but cannot swear an oath to Edward. Alfred says there will be negotiation, and Uhtred will do as he says. Uhtred grabs the king and points a knife at his neck. No one can attack him because he holds the king.

Once they are out of the hall, Uhtred tells the king that after all the glory he gave him, he still treats him no better than a hound. The king tells Uhtred he’s not afraid to die because heaven awaits him. Then he adds that Uhtred’s beliefs are lies, and he will go to hell. Uhtred kicks the king and tells him that with luck, Wessex will now burn.

Alfred returns to the hall and gives the order to find and kill Uhtred. Steapa chases Uhtred and manages to cut him with a spear. But, Uhtred and his men still successfully leave the city walls. 

The news of Uhtred’s betrayal spread quickly throughout the land. Along with that is the news that Alfred is growing weaker. Father Beocca urges the king to end the gossip. Aethelwold takes his chance and starts forming alliances. He first travels to Mercia and indirectly suggests to Aethelred to kill his wife. He says that if the lady dies, it will weaken the king further. Then he meets up with Haesten and Bloodhair and tells them that Uhtred left. He tells them to grow their alliance and grab the gift of opportunity. 

Skade tells Uhtred that she saw the death of his wife, but she was not the one who caused it. She tells Uhtred that if he wishes to claim her, he can, and she must choose. She adds that Bloodhair will never be the warrior that Uhtred is. Skade continues to say that she and Uhtred can be enemies or lovers. The wound that he got from the spear has weakened Uhtred. He starts seeing the image of his dead friend Leofric telling him he made his men traitors to their land. Uhtred’s men notice that their lord is sick, yet they don’t know how to make him feel better. Uhtred blames Skade for what is happening to him. He thinks that it’s because of the curse that Skade gave him. He tells his men that they will go to Brida because she will know what to do.

Brida finds them even before they start looking for her. And then they take Uhtred to Ragnar. Brida locks up Skade and puts a Nithstong in front of her. The Nithstong is a pole that they use to curse their enemy. Brida says it will stay there to block Skade’s power. Uhtred finally starts feeling better. He meets Ragnar’s cousin, Cnut, for the first time. Cnut says he might consider going south since Uhtred is no longer fighting for Alfred. Ragnar thinks the same thing and says Wessex is still the jewel. Brida reveals to Uhtred that she has no children because she is cursed. She tells Uhtred that if he’s not using Skade, he should kill her. 

Our Thoughts:

Finally! Uhtred broke his oath and left the king. The king asked too much of him, and Uhtred had already served him and fought many of his battles. Now, the king still wants Uhtred to serve his son. It’s evident that Edward and Aethelflaed both look up to Uhtred and respect him. That’s why even if their parents don’t like Uhtred, they still go to him when they need help.

Aethelwold always talks about how he was supposed to be king, not Alfred. He’s been like that for years, but he never really did anything to get the throne from Alfred. This would be the first time. He tells Gisela that he wants the king to die, though he doesn’t wish to harm him. Aethelwold going to the enemies and taking their side confirms that he is a traitor. If Alfred gets to live until the battle is fought, then we are sure he won’t be able to turn a blind eye to Aethelwold’s actions. 

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