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The Mandalorian Review: Chapter 16 “The Rescue”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 2 years ago

The Mandalorian Review: Chapter 16 “The Rescue”

The Mandalorian: Chapter 15 “The Rescue”
Pictured: Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon. Photo Credit LucasFilm LTD.

By Michelle Gonzaba

The season finale gets off to a quick start: Mando and his crew are chasing after an Imperial ship carrying clone engineer Dr. Pershing. After a quick standoff with the ship and its crew, Mando and friends take both the doctor and ship hostage. With both in hand, they head off to find more reinforcements for their battle against Moff Gideon.

Mando and Boba Fett find Mandalorians Bo Katan and Koska Reeves on a nearby planet. It takes some conversation, negotiation, and squabbling, but the four warriors decide to work together. Katan, however, won’t help Mando without a reward. In return for her assistance, she wants Gideon’s Imperial light cruiser and darksaber. At this point, Mando would give anything to get Grogu back, so he easily agrees. The four beskar-suited fighters join the rest of the group, where they interrogate Dr. Pershing for information regarding Gideon’s ship. He tells them exactly where they can find Grogu, but he also warns them of the powerful dark troopers onboard the same ship.

Their plan to board Gideon’s ship works flawlessly. Fett “attacks” the Imperial ship that holds Mando, Cara Dune, Katan, Reeves, and Fennec Shand so they are able to land in the light cruiser. Once Fett leaves the area and they dock on the cruiser, the group immediately starts to attack. Most of the group heads one way while Mando goes another in search of the Child.

Gideon quickly sees he has been tricked, so he wastes no time in activating his reinforcements, the dark troopers. Mando rushes to shut their doors but one manages to escape. This dark trooper is like nothing seen before in Star Wars; they are almost indestructible. Luckily, Mando’s beskar armor holds up to the many beat downs given by the dark trooper and he is eventually able to destroy it by using his beskar spear (which was given to him a few episodes ago). Before moving on, Mando opens the hatch inside of the dark troopers’ room and sends them flying into space. He thinks their threat is over, but we know they have the ability to fly. It won’t be long until they come flying back into the fight.

While the four women fighters successfully make it to the control room, Mando finally finds Grogu. However, he isn’t alone. Gideon stands over him holding the darksaber. Gideon explains that he knows Katan is onboard and itching to take the darksaber from him. And like most villains who are backed into a corner, he offers a deal: Mando can take Grogu if he allows Gideon to leave with his ship and darksaber. Mando, instantly forgetting the deal he made with Katan, agrees and makes his way towards Grogu. Unsurprisingly, Gideon was never going to make a deal and attempts an attack on Mando when his back is turned. The two quickly face-off, but Gideon’s darksaber is no match for the beskar armor. Mando defeats him but shows mercy; he throws shackles on him and drags the villain to Katan.

It seems like Mando has kept his part of the deal — he has brought both Gideon and the darksaber back to Katan. Although defeated, Gideon is tickled to see the gang’s new problem. He explains that when the owner of the darksaber is defeated, the victor becomes the new possessor of the blade. It can only be won through battle. Mando is in no mood to fight his ally, so he attempts to just give it to Katan. She declines and says the only way she can wield it is to defeat him. Before anyone can speak or make a decision, the ship is being boarded by mysterious non-living forms. The dark troopers are back!

The group arms themselves while the dark troopers make their way to the control room. Using their brute strength, they attempt to breach the doors by straight-up punching them over and over again. Mando and the crew wait in silence, guns pointed at the door while Gideon discreetly slides a discarded gun underneath his cape. Before the troopers can break through, an x-wing boards the cruiser. The troopers focus their attention on their new enemy, who quickly unsheathes a lightsaber and fights back. While Mando and the crew watch the security camera feed in shock, Gideon uses their distraction to shoot at Katan and Grogu. When his attack isn’t successful, he turns the gun on himself but Dune knocks him out before he can pull the trigger.

The mysterious Jedi mows down every dark trooper and makes towards the control room. Against his allies’ wishes, Mando opens the door and lets the Jedi enter. The mysterious figure reveals himself to be…Luke Skywalker! He must have heard Grogu’s call through the Force and followed it to Gideon’s cruiser. Skywalker gently tells Grogu to come with him, but the Child hesitates. Mando thinks he doesn’t want to go, but Skywalker reveals that Grogu wants Mando’s permission to leave. In an emotional scene, a helmetless Mando and Grogu bid farewell to each other. Before allowing him to leave, Mando promises Grogu this won’t be the last time they meet. Grogu finds it difficult to leave, but is easily distracted by the surprise appearance of R2-D2. Skywalker carries Grogu to the elevator, and with tears in his eyes, Mando says goodbye and finally completes his quest.

Highlights and Observations:

  • Even though Mando’s quest is done, there is still plenty of unfinished business. What will they do with Moff Gideon? Will Bo Katan challenge Mando for the darksaber? Will we see Luke Skywalker again? When will Grogu and Mando reunite?
  • There is a very cool post-credits scene that includes Boba Fett and Fennec Shand which sets up the upcoming spin off titled The Book of Boba Fett. Fett and Shand have shown they’re an interesting team, so the new series should be exciting.
  • That’s it for season two! Season three will premiere December 2021. It will be a very awesome Christmas present.

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