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The OA: Questions We’ll Never Have Answered

BY Shannon Entin

Published 3 years ago

The OA: Questions We'll Never Have Answered

The OA has been canceled and we are not OK. This Netflix original show about near-death experiences, dimension-hopping, and finding your soulmate left us with a huge cliffhanger after season two. And we have so many questions that will never be answered.

Listen to the podcast for our full discussion of The OA, and read our top questions we’ll never have answered below.

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4:50 What we’re watching: BH90210, Otherhood, Bad Times at the El Royale, The Boys, Breaking Bad, Going Clear, Star Trek, Arrested Development, The Family, Secret Obsession

The OA on Netflix

Stinger Topic of the Week: The OA Questions We’ll Never Have Answered

16:50 Here are the top OA questions we wanted answered!

  • Was Prairie really “The Original Angel” or any sort of angel?
  • What did “original angel” even mean?
  • Were they really just time travelers jumping across dimensions?
  • Why was BBA special?
  • Who actually traveled with the movements at the end of season 2? Is Homer in the new dimension?
  • What exactly do the movements do? Help a person travel to another dimension? Bring a person back to life? And don’t you need to have a NDE to travel?
  • Why were Prairie and Hap their real-life counterparts (Brit and Jason) but it seemed Steve wasn’t? Does each person have a different dimension-tranferring experience?
  • Is this a universe-within-a-universe type of situation? At the end of S2, we see the real-life Brit and Jason acting in a show. Are the dimensions an ever-widening circle?
  • The show hints at a ripple effect between the universes. S1 ending was similar to S2 – with Prairie in an ambulance and Steve running behind it. Some have theorized that Homer is in Steve’s body.
  • What is up with the all-knowing Internet tree? And the psychic octopus? Is this a way to show that all living things are connected?
  • What about the friends lying in the pool in Hap’s locked room? With flowers growing out of their ears? Hap said: “Every human mind contains the multiverse. An actual garden of 14 paths within a soul, just waiting to be fertilised.” What?
  • The octopus was named Azrael (Angel of Death). He warned Prairie that in the future, she forgets her true nature. He says, “I want to send you there to the moment you can show yourself your true face and reawaken to your mission.” He strangles her and sends her to an airplane where she approaches a woman with short blonde hair. In the finale, we see her in the ambulance with short blonde hair. So is this next dimension the one where she doesn’t know who she is? Is “Brit” an actress playing the part of OA – but she doesn’t remember she really IS the OA?
  • Is Karim really the OA’s brother? Or is that a figure of speech the octopus uses to mean that he is her protector?

Listen to the podcast for our thoughts on why the show was canceled, reactions from the actors and fans, and theories about what The OA was really all about.

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