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‘The Rookie’ Winter Premiere ‘Day of Death’ Review: Saving Lucy

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 2 years ago

'The Rookie' Winter Premiere 'Day of Death' Review: Saving Lucy

The Rookie left us hanging during the Fall Finale. The strange encounter with a convicted serial killer opens old wounds for some while disturbing others. Now, with one of their own’s life on the line, the entire precinct pools its resources in an attempt to save their colleague and stop another series of killings.

On Sunday’s Winter Premiere of The Rookie, LAPD officers fan out to rescue Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil). Officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and Detective Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox) interrogate Rosalind Dyer (Annie Wersching) and work on other leads. Meanwhile, Officers Jackson West (Titus Makin Jr.) and Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) head out to the streets after Lucy’s trail. In the middle of nowhere, Lucy tries her best to stay alive, hoping that someone will find her.


Melissa O'Neil in The Rookie Season 2 Episode 11

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Lucy is one of the precinct’s best cops. During her first day, she makes her first arrest before her shift starts. Also, she is one of the best to graduate in the academy, alongside Jackson and John. With that said, the episode does a great job of realistically having her character reach her lowest point. It was not simply just the drugs that dulled her senses. Lucy makes it as far as leaving the house but she finds herself trapped still. Her captor, Caleb Wright (Michael Cassidy) is successful in weakening Lucy’s body. Still, her incredible willpower is what keeps her alive (not without keeping us tense while Tim resuscitated her).

The Apprentice Falls

Michael Cassidy in The Rookie Season 2 Episode 11

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Caleb made everyone look vulnerable in this episode. Much like his predecessor, Caleb remains two steps ahead of the LAPD up until John and Nyla manage to get the jump on him. He perfectly embodies those creepy serial killers who enjoy every bit of their kill. Also, his plan works almost flawlessly as he manages to track and capture Detective Nick Armstrong (Harold Perrineau). The paper trail Caleb left through his stolen identity is the game changer; finding him, Nick, and Lucy remained unlikely if the LAPD did not have information.

Too Personal

Harold Perrineau in The Rookie Season 2 Episode 11

Richard Cartwright/ABC

One of the series’ most interesting new characters is Nick. Nick has a history with Rosalind’s case and it becomes personal since Rosalind kept him from being at his wife’s bedside when she died. Nick and Rosalind’s story does not over-dramatize the personal vendetta vibe, which makes it more compelling. For a brief few minutes, it seemed that Nick would be the first to go. His character has a long way to go in the series especially given his short introduction. Thankfully, Nick does not die in this episode. However, one last secret about him that Rosalind probably knows ensures that their encounters are far from over.

Keeping a Cool Head

Nathan Fillion in The Rookie Season 2 Episode 11

Richard Cartwright/ABC

This episode shows how efficient, calculating, and disciplined our Rookies are despite having personal connections to the target. Generally, the officers handled the case without putting their feelings in the way. When they did, however, the actions they do remain controlled and they do not fully lose hold of themselves. Also, the narrative made everything happen to seem fast while simultaneously keeping the urgency element of the situation.

Besides the main plot, each character had something else to deal with, too. For instance, we have the worried Officer Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) who had to bring her PTSD-stricken boyfriend, lawyer Wesley Evers (Shawn Ashmore). Despite his inner conflict, Wesley manages to help Tim and Jackson track Caleb’s stolen identity. Tim himself was not his in his normal element but is surprisingly effective on the field. Intimidation under pressure pushed him to the limits but he never broke. All in all, the LAPD officers do an excellent job of keeping Los Angeles (and themselves) safe.

‘The Rookie’ Winter Premiere ‘Day of Death’ Final Verdict

The Rookie takes on an interesting, high-stakes route as it risks yet another main character’s life. The first time the show did such a move proved effective. Episodes such as these bring the realism element full-force to the viewers. Also, it plays with the viewers’ minds as it is not merely action alone. A little detective work and snippets of medical drama brings the show the diversity element in terms of a police officer’s profession. After all, it is not always guns blazing in the actual field. Lastly, The Rookie keeps its humanizing police officers’ character quite strong. In brief moments, we see how despite their experience, the Rookies still are rookies; having much to learn in the ever-complicated life of a Los Angeles Police Officer.

The Rookie continues Sunday, March 1st with ‘Now and Then’ at 10/9c on ABC.

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