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The Secret Circle Episode 2 ‘Bound’ In Review

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

The Secret Circle Episode 2 'Bound' In Review

If last week’s episode of The Secret Circle was all about the characters, then this week was surely all about the magic. Crystals, herbs, out of control magic and a binding ritual all featured this week, giving further insight into the magical world of Chance Harbor.

‘Bound’ sees Diana making a bold push to bind the Circle.  However the Meades are proving that subtlety is not their strong point and Diana’s insistence pushes both Cassie and Faye further away.

Faye puts up a compelling argument for not wanting to bind the six would-be witches, countering Diana’s persistent but rather limp ‘We have to!” with a smart “For what? World peace? Are we going to save the turtles? Why can’t we just enjoy it?

While Diana resolves to work on Faye, Adam is sent to persuade Cassie, but this move only serves to draw the pair even closer together (how cute was that prematurely popping light-bulb scene?) and Diana is left feeling insecure and tearful.

Ethan Conant meanwhile, recovered from last week’s dry land drowning and looking even more handsome this episode, takes matters to Dawn’s father-in-law Henry. Henry is apparently a man who is not to be trifled with, and proves it by calling Ethan a drunk, tossing Dawn’s ‘you’re welcome to stay as long as you like’ remark back in her face and spying on the teens, particularly careless Faye and Melissa. On any other TV show this last act might be construed as a tad creepy, but this is Chance Harbor and an old man spying on two teenage girls is probably the least weird thing that’s going to happen in the episode’s 42 minute run.

We learn that it was Henry who stripped the last Circle of their powers, and that he is not impressed to discover the kids are practicing. We also discover that Charles was able to almost drown Handsome Ethan by means of a crystal.  Apparently these things are hard to come by and can be drained by use.  Sort of like a battery then. Dawn forces a sulky Charles to give her back the crystal before Henry discovers it, but she is forced to use it when out-of-control Faye accidentally on purpose pushes Cassie’s new friend Sally off the edge of a pier and onto some pointy rocks.

Overall, this week was one which saw a lot of insults flung in Charles’ direction. Punk, Not Too Clever and Lawyer being among the worst offenders.  But apart from having a distracting little fringe of hair I’d like to take a scissors to (you know the one I mean), is Charles Meade actually that dumb?  I don’t think so. Is anyone else with me in thinking that he might very well be behind Diana’s drive to control the Circle?  Why was it so easy for Diana to unearth her family’s book of shadows while none of the others (with the exception of Cassie) has managed to do likewise? Time, and future episodes will tell.

The episode ends with principal Dawn showing her true colors by offing her meddling father-in-law.  If I were Ethan, I’d be hiding behind the bar right about now. Diana, Adam and Cassie manage to convince Melissa, Nick and most importantly out-of-control Faye that the pier pushing incident means that all the delicious out-of-control stuff must come to and end before someone gets hurt.  Not someone like Sally, who is only in the show for one episode, but someone important, like one of them.  Everyone reluctantly agrees and the gang gets together for a beach barbeque and binding ceremony.

Highlights this week include Melissa’s regrets about sleeping with Nick, the repercussions of which resonate throughout the rest of the episode, Dawn’s steely resolve in the face of exposure and Diana’s burgeoning insecurities over Cassie and Adam. The show continues to shine, staying firmly on track with plot, character and pacing.

If you really can’t wait for next week’s episode Loner, take a look at the promo trailer below.

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