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The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – The White Violin


Published 1 year ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 10 Recap - The White Violin

Reginald didn’t start as a billionaire. He was a simple man who lost the love of his life. Reginald refuses to leave the lady on her death bed, but she insists as rockets are flying from the world. Reginald left to start his life over, where he found an umbrella shop for sale. He puts on his monocle and proceeds to buy the umbrella shop. Fast forward to the present, Vanya’s alter ego has taken over her body. She broke free from the metal room and threatened to destroy the academy. Multiple explosions could be heard throughout the house. Everyone exited their rooms as Pogo told them they must leave the house immediately.

Vanya makes her way up to the house. She went from room to room, remembering how her siblings looked down on her for not having any power. Diego and Klaus tried to save Grace, but she wasn’t sitting on her couch. Diego and Klaus eventually succumb to the falling debris, but Ben saves them before the roof falls on them. Klaus doesn’t understand how Ben pulled them to safety, but he doesn’t have time to ponder. He helps Diego up, and they make it out of the house. Vanya couldn’t control her emotions as she remembers being discarded by her family.

Vanya is about to destroy the house when Pogo stops her. Pogo tells Vanya that her siblings didn’t know anything about her past. He explains that Reginald discovered her power, but he couldn’t teach her control, so he controlled her instead. Vanya didn’t care about Pogo’s explanation, and all she cared about from that point forward was getting revenge. Pogo admits that he knew about her powers, so Vanya kills him. Luther saw Pogo in his final moments, but even he couldn’t do anything to save him. Diego thanks Klaus for saving his life as they finally leave the house.

Diego and Klaus see Grace looking down from the window. They told her to leave the house, but she chose to stay. Diego tries to return for her, but the place has already started crumbling down, taking Grace with it. After the dust settles, Diego tries to search for Grace, but Klaus tells him to stop. Diego doesn’t want to walk away from their home. He wants to search for Grace and Pogo. Luther and Allison appear, and he tells Diego that Pogo is dead. Diego couldn’t believe that Vanya killed Pogo, but Luther saw it with his own eyes. Diego didn’t know what to do next. Five appear to tell them that the apocalypse is still on. He tells them that Harold was just the fuse and that Vanya is the bomb. Vanya is the reason there would be an apocalypse.

The police turned up at the academy, so everyone left. Luther tells them to regroup at the Super Star. Meanwhile, The Handler eats dinner in front of Hazel and Cha-cha while asking for an explanation as to why they couldn’t accomplish their mission. Hazel and Cha-cha explain that Five isn’t working alone and that they couldn’t go up against the academy. The Handler discovers that Five sent Hazel and Cha-cha fake messages to kill each other. She acknowledges that Five is very good; however, she gives Hazel and Cha-cha a new mission. She wants them to protect Vanya at all costs. The Handler promises that Hazel could resign if they fulfill the mission while Cha-cha gets a new partner and a clean record. Failure to comply will result in permanent termination.

Vanya leaves her apartment and nearly gets run over by a car. The driver tells her to get out of the way, so she sends the car flying, instantly killing the driver. Meanwhile, everyone met at the bowling alley. They were planning their next step to stop Vanya. They don’t know where to find Vanya, but Klaus sees her picture in the paper. Vanya’s concert was happening that night. Klaus tries to offer help, but he makes things worse. First, he’s unable to prove that Ben saved Diego’s life. Second, he exposes that Luther got laid, which upsets Allison. Luther chases after Allison as Five receives a transmission from The Handler. He couldn’t understand how she found him, but Five remembered that he had taken some candy from her office a few days ago.

Five opens the canister and sees a fortune cookie. The Handler is asking Five to visit someone named Rain Quail in Room 12. He leaves immediately while Cha-cha and Hazel settle their differences for the mission. Cha-cha apologizes to Hazel, but he responds that what happened between them doesn’t matter. Hazel tells Cha-cha that The Handler’s promise isn’t true. Cha-cha begs to differ, but Hazel points out that they don’t even have a briefcase. He knew that The Handler was going to leave them to die.

Nonetheless, Cha-cha wants to proceed with their mission. They spot Vanya as she boards the bus on her way to the theater. Vanya takes a seat on the bus and remembers how she got her violin.

Everyone was on a mission, so Vanya was on her own at the academy. Her following lessons involve music, so she asks Reginald if she could borrow his violin. The violin belonged to Reginald’s love, and she gave it to him on her death bed and asked him to find someone who would play it with all their heart. Vanya didn’t know she was special, so she vowed to become an extraordinary violinist to please Reginald. Grace told Vanya that if she put her heart into it, she would become extraordinary. Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha followed the bus to protect Vanya.

[00:21:30] Luther tries to explain things to Allison. He tells Allison that he just found out that Reginald sent him to the moon for nothing. Allison was shocked to hear the revelation, so she accepted Luther’s explanation. He didn’t know anything about partying or raving, so he lost control of himself after taking drugs and booze. Allison asks Luther for a favor. She couldn’t speak, but she wanted to say things to Claire, so she called Claire and told Luther to talk to her. Luther introduces himself to Claire, who remembers him as a space boy from her mother’s stories. He tells Claire that Allison has a sore throat, so he called on her behalf. Allison accidentally drops her notebook, so Luther has to improvise.

[00:23:30] Allison couldn’t help but cry inside the phone booth. Luther didn’t know what to say to Claire, so he told Claire what he wanted to tell Allison since they were kids. He said to her that she was the most critical person in the world and that he would do anything for her. In the end, Luther promises Claire that Allison will be home soon. Meanwhile, Vanya arrives at the theater. Cha-cha was about to get off, but Hazel suddenly sped off. Cha-cha tried to put her seatbelt on again, but it was too late. Hazel crashes the car on a concrete barrier and sends Cha-cha flying out of the windshield. Hazel slowly backs up and leaves, thinking that Cha-cha is dead.

Allison and Luther return to the bowling alley to pick up Diego and Klaus. Luther wants everyone to go to the theater, but he doesn’t have a concrete plan on how to stop Vanya. Diego tells Luther he could be the leader, but he needs to think of a plan they could act upon. Luther was still thinking of a plan when armed men stormed the bowling alley and opened fire on them. The civilians ran for their lives while everyone took cover from the gunfire. They don’t have any choice but to start fighting back before they get killed.

The group managed to take down a few soldiers, but they were still outnumbered. The soldiers were blocking the exits, so they ran towards the bowling lanes to escape. Meanwhile, Five goes to room 12 to find The Handler. He enters the room and finds Agnes strapped to a chair. The Handler wants to do her job, but Five is making things difficult for her. Five tells The Handler that billions of people are about to die tonight, but she doesn’t care. She offers Five a choice, he could fast forward again to the apocalypse and wander the post-apocalyptic timeline to wait for her offer again, or he could stick by his family and die a horrible death.

The Handler planned to pull Five away from the fight. Five doesn’t hesitate and teleports to the theater. The Handler knows that he made his choice and would die with the rest of the academy. Meanwhile, Vanya took her place as the first chair and began playing with the orchestra. Luther, Allison, Klaus, and Diego arrive at the theater just in time for the concert. Allison wants to confront Vanya alone, but Luther disagrees. He knows that Vanya is beyond reasoning, but Allison insists. Luther gives Allison a chance, but that wasn’t his plan. He would use Allison as a distraction so they could take Vanya out before she used her powers.

Hazel goes to room 12 to kill The Handler. The Handler just got out of the bathroom, and she felt disappointed seeing Hazel return without Cha-cha. She thought Hazel was brilliant, but that would be her last words. Hazel shoots The Handler in the head to save Agnes. He asks Agnes if she will change her mind about staying with him. Agnes responds that everyone has a past, and she’s willing to look past Hazel’s for their relationship.

Vanya played with all her heart. Allison was amazed to see her sister play so beautifully. Luther and Diego were taking their places backstage, waiting for Allison to distract Vanya. Allison smiles as Vanya sees her in the audience. Vanya felt happy that Allison went to see her concert, but her happiness turned into anger as Luther and Diego rushed toward her. Allison uses her fiddle stick and unleashes her power on everyone. The audience leaves the theater in fear. The orchestra tries to go, but Vanya wouldn’t allow them to leave. She uses her powers on them so that they would continue playing. Armed men enter the theater as Vanya continues to use her powers on everyone.

The team underestimated Vanya and her powers. Allison suggests that they try and take the violin away from Vanya so that they could have a fighting chance. Luther was thinking about how to take the violin, but they ran out of time. The armed men enter the theater and start firing at them. Five suddenly appeared, but he needed to take cover to save himself.

Meanwhile, when Ben hears gunfire, Klaus is having a break outside the theater. They saw the flashing lights coming from inside the theater. At the same time, Klaus sees Cha-cha approaching the theater. Klaus runs into the theater to tell everyone about Cha-cha, and he ducks to avoid gunfire as everyone starts shooting at him.

Five uses the distraction to start fighting back. Suddenly, Klaus gathers his power to conjure Ben. Ben materializes in the middle of the theater and uses his powers to take out all the remaining gunmen. Diego sees Cha-cha and takes her head-on. He charges toward her and tackles her to the floor. Luther, Five, and Allison were stunned to see Ben. They now believe that Klaus was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Diego continues fighting Cha-cha backstage. Diego is about to kill Cha-cha when he remembers what Five told him. Diego refrains from killing Cha-cha and leaves her to help out with Vanya.

Vanya continues playing on stage as her power grows stronger with every note. They no longer have a choice but to stop Vanya. Luther plans to attack her from all angles and hope for the best. Allison tells Luther there must be another way, but they don’t have time. Luther and Diego attack from behind, while Klaus and Five attacks from the front. The plan fails, and Vanya takes hold of all four of them. It seems Vanya is sucking the life of her siblings.

Allison manages to sneak up on Vanya and holds a gun to her head. The guys were slowly dying, so Allison fired the gun beside Vanya’s ear. The sound threw her off, which stopped her from killing the guys; however, Vanya accidentally fires a beam of light toward the moon. The shaft punctures a hole on the moon, slowly destroying it. The moon breaks off a huge chunk that slowly approaches the earth. Everyone thinks that they saved the earth from an apocalypse, but Klaus sees the rock coming to earth. The group loses hope and sees themselves as failures.

Five doesn’t want to give up and tells the group they could use his time travel powers and see where that takes them. The group agrees with Five’s plan because they don’t have any other option. Luther doesn’t think they should take Vanya, but Five tells him that they need to fix Vanya or she’ll always be the cause of the apocalypse. Five uses his powers to escape certain doom as the huge rock hits the earth. Meanwhile, Hazel takes Agnes and uses The Handler’s briefcase to escape the apocalypse. Everything vaporizes as the planet explodes from the rock’s impact.

Five’s plan was slowly working. Everyone turned into their younger selves as Beeman and Hazel were killed by the raging flames. The group escapes just before the fire hit the theater. They disappear, but it’s not entirely sure where they end up.

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