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The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Man on the Moon


Published 3 weeks ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Man on the Moon

Seven years ago, Luther was the only one who decided to stay with Reginald and continue helping do missions for him. He was enjoying a quiet day to himself when Reginald sent him on a mission. Luther was still looking normal, but it seemed something didn’t go his way during the mission. He returned to the academy with severe burns all over his body. Reginald opted to inject him with a serum to save his life. Luther survived, but his body became grotesque and hairy.

Fast forward to the present, Allison woke Luther up to show him something. Allison found Grace in her chair. Her control panel was open, and someone clipped her wirings. Allison thinks it was Hazel and Cha-cha because they didn’t see Diego turn Grace off. Allison knew that Diego would feel devastated once he found out what happened to Grace. She changes the topic and asks Luther what happened to him. He told Allison about the bad mission and that Reginald saved his life. Allison tries to extend herself to Luther so that he would open up to her, but he doesn’t want to. He told Allison to leave him alone.

Vanya woke up on Leonard’s couch. She remembered her rehearsal and needed to leave quickly; however, she no longer had any of her pills left. She wanted to get a refill from her house, but she didn’t have time. Leonard tells Vanya that she will make it through one day without her pills. Leonard offers to walk Vanya over to rehearsals and asks her out for dinner again. Vanya couldn’t say no as she had already turned down his first invitation.

Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha began torturing Klaus for information on the academy. Things didn’t go as planned because Klaus enjoyed what they were doing to him. He told them they kidnapped the wrong guy because no one would notice that he was gone.

Hazel and Cha-cha didn’t understand what was going on with Klaus. None of their torture methods were working on him. Cha-cha felt like they should be getting hazard pay for their efforts. Hazel reminded Cha-cha of one of their missions so that he wouldn’t lose hope. Cha-cha felt motivated as he remembered how they tortured another guy for two days straight. He wore his mask and followed Hazel to continue what they had started.

Diego went over to Detective Patch. He previously had a relationship with her, and he didn’t have anywhere else to go. He told Patch that his mother died last night. Patch felt sorry for Diego; however, he didn’t know how to process his feelings. Diego tells Patch that the two murderers she was looking for went to their house, and they were looking for Five. He tells Patch that Five has been missing since yesterday, and he needs to find him. Diego went to Patch to find some support, but she couldn’t do things his way. Patch apologizes for what happened to Diego’s mother and leaves for work.

Allison went over to Vanya’s apartment and saw someone was rummaging through her stuff. She attacks the man, but it is just Leonard. He tells Allison that Vanya left her keys and that he just went over to return them. Leonard knew that Vanya was at rehearsal, so Allison found it weird that he was inside her apartment. He tells Allison that he needs to use the bathroom, so he opts to go inside. Leonard wants to return the keys to Vanya personally, but Allison takes them from him. Allison grew suspicious of Leonard and his intentions.

Five continues to follow Lance around. Five knew that going the superhero route wasn’t the most viable option, so he threatened the truth out of Lance. He immediately confesses to what he’s doing in Meritech since Five places a knife to his throat. Lance sells prosthetics to fake patients and bills the insurance company for it. Lance has a list of all his buyers in his safe at the facility. Five didn’t have time to waste, so he tells Lance to drive him back to the facility. Luther rummages through Five’s room at the academy, looking for clues to his whereabouts. Diego goes over to do the same thing, and he runs into Luther. The two end up arguing, and Pogo feels that they should stop acting like children.

Hazel and Cha-cha went on a different approach to torture Klaus. They looked into his jacket and found other drugs. Cha-cha destroyed all the drugs, leading Klaus to tell them everything he knew. Klaus left one tiny detail; he didn’t tell them that the chocolate they found in his jacket was rigged with marijuana. Klaus kept that information to himself as he told Cha-cha and Hazel about Five’s plan and his search for the fake eye.

Hazel and Cha-cha went to Meritech and found the fake eyes that Five was looking for. They were high as fuck as they started dancing and playing around with the fake eyeballs. Luther and Diego found Five’s truck and went through his things. They found a copy of Vanya’s book, and they think Five is hiding in Vanya’s apartment. Hazel and Cha-cha doused the whole facility with gasoline and lit it up. Five arrived at Meritech, but he was too late. Everything was already in flames. He tried to enter the facility, but the whole place exploded. Five got up to look at the facility; he was now back to square one.

After rehearsals, Vanya sees Allison outside the theater. Allison tells Vanya about what happened to Grace. They still think that Hazel and Cha-cha killed her because Diego didn’t tell them he turned her off. Allison gave Vanya her keys and offered to get a drink so that they could talk about Leonard. Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha went back to the doughnut shop to get something to eat. Cha-cha is having a moment since he just found out that the world is ending. He felt sorry for all the ordinary people in the world who didn’t know what was going to happen. Hazel realizes that Five is trying to change the timeline so that the world won’t end. It seems that killing Five would result in the world ending. Hazel invites Cha-cha to get back to Klaus.

Klaus couldn’t keep the spirits out of his head. He kept hearing their voices, and he couldn’t shut them out without the drugs. Ben tries to help by keeping Klaus calm, but he can’t do anything except talk to him. Hazel and Cha-cha kept Klaus inside their closet. He tried to call for help as someone came over to clean the room, but the cleaning lady couldn’t hear Klaus.

Meanwhile, Detective Patch arrives at Meritech and finds a clue on Five’s van. She was going to the motel thinking that Diego had left the clue. Diego and Luther went to the library to find Five. While they are searching, Diego tells Luther that he left because he turned 17, and that’s what men do when they reach a certain age, they go and try to make a name for themselves.

Diego knew that Luther couldn’t accept that their glory days were behind them. He told Luther that everyone had their reason for leaving and that he needed to ask himself the right question, why did he choose to stay. Diego explains that they’re orphans again since Reginald and Grace were dead; it’s time he decides whether or not he wants to make a name for himself. They finally found Five as they heard someone complaining about a lost child. They went over and found Five sleeping on the floor beside Delores.

Allison spoke to Vanya about Leonard. Vanya didn’t want to believe Allison because she was starting to like Leonard. She felt that Leonard saw something in her that no one ever saw. Allison knew the feeling because she felt that way whenever Luther looked at her. Luther was her first love, and things didn’t work out between them.

Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha returned to their motel room. They took Klaus out of the closet and asked him about Five. They left the clue on Five’s van, but he wasn’t the one who received it. Hazel and Cha-cha continue waiting for Five to arrive so that he can rescue his brother. Klaus, on the other hand, continues to reminisce about the torment he experienced at the hands of Reginald.

Reginald used to lock Klaus up inside a crypt so that he could get over his fear of the dead. Klaus never got over his fear; instead, his fears became worse. Klaus used to beg Reginald to take him home, but he kept him inside the crypt for a few more hours, thinking Klaus would get over his fear. Meanwhile, Detective Patch arrives at the motel, but the motel personnel doesn’t want to help her. She tried to call Diego’s gym, but he wasn’t there. Patch left a message for Diego so that he could come and back her up. Diego and Luther were busy taking care of Five. He was drunk so that he couldn’t answer their questions, but he told them about Hazel and Cha-cha.

While waiting for Five to show up, Hazel and Cha-cha watched as Klaus tried to get over his fear of the dead. He tries to talk to an old Russian woman named Zoya Popova. It seems that Hazel and Cha-cha killed Zoya, and she couldn’t rest until she got her revenge. Klaus informs them about Zoya Popova and her grudge against them. Meanwhile, Allison goes home with Vanya. She goes to her room to check if everything is still there. Vanya came out with a bouquet. It seems that Allison thought wrong about Leonard. Vanya called Leonard to thank him for the flowers. She invites Leonard for breakfast, and he agrees. Allison’s hunch was correct; Leonard did take something from Vanya’s apartment. After speaking with Vanya over the phone, he pours Vanya’s pills into the sink.

Klaus can now see all the people Hazel and Cha-cha killed over the years. He even saw the tow truck guy. Everyone spoke to Klaus and told him how Hazel and Cha-cha killed them. The two didn’t understand why Klaus knew their victims, so they went into the bathroom to talk things over. Cha-cha discovers Hazel slacking off on their missions and setting targets free. Cha-cha felt disappointed, but Hazel assured her that he’d do better.

Meanwhile, Detective Patch couldn’t wait for Diego any longer. She goes and checks the rooms one by one and eventually finds Klaus. She sets him free and nearly kills Hazel in the process. Patch thinks Hazel is alone, and they catch her off guard. Cha-cha goes around and kills Patch while Klaus makes his escape. He went through the air vent and took Hazel’s briefcase with him.

Klaus rode the bus and tried to open the briefcase. He thought he could find something valuable inside, but it turned out to be a teleporter. Klaus opened the briefcase, and he disappeared from the bus.

Diego tucks Five into his bed so that he can sleep off his hangover. The owner of the gym went over to deliver Patch’s message. Diego rushes over to the motel, but he is too late. He sees Patch lying dead on the floor. He goes over to check, but Patch is already gone. The police arrived, and he knew that he couldn’t be seen over Patch’s body. Diego decides to leave and takes a receipt from the motel room. It was the receipt from the doughnuts that Hazel had bought earlier. Things just became even personal for Diego.

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