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The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – The Day That Was


Published 2 years ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 1  Episode 7 Recap - The Day That Was

Harold Jenkins was born on the same day as the special kids. He was normal, his parents were normal, and his life was normal. Like all the other kids of his generation, they fell in love with The Umbrella Academy. Harold would spend most of his time playing with his action figures. Harold’s mother died after giving birth to him, and that changed his whole life. Harold’s father wasn’t a kind and loving father. He took Harold for granted and raised him with an iron fist. Harold knew he was born on the same day as The Umbrella Academy, so he thought he was special. One day, Harold went to the academy and told Reginald that he was born on the same day. He wanted Reginald to adopt him so that he could be part of the academy.

Reginald told Harold that he wasn’t special. He told Harold that nothing would change in his life and kicked him off his property. Everyone who saw what happened laughed at Harold and his dream of being part of the academy. Harold went home filled with hatred for Reginald. To make matters worse, he was coming home to an unloving father. Harold had enough of his miserable life. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Harold killed his father and was sent to prison for 12 years.

After being released from prison, Harold finds out that Reginald has died. He went over to the academy and saw Klaus stealing something from the house. He decided to follow Klaus and take the things that he threw away, including Reginald’s diary. It turns out that Harold Jenkins is none other than Leonard. Fast forward to the present, Leonard is present at the academy when Five returns. He tells everyone that they need to find Harold Jenkins, but he has no idea who he is. Leonard continues his façade with Vanya as he witnesses firsthand her true capabilities.

Five tells his siblings that they now have a chance to save the world. Allison is skeptical because she wants to spend her last moments on earth with Claire. Five tells Allison that they could keep everyone, including Claire. Luther volunteers to stay and look through Reginald’s files to find a connection between his research and the possible end of the world. Diego goes with Five and Allison to track down Harold Jenkins. Klaus couldn’t accompany them because he wasn’t feeling well. Time and space have been altered since Five managed to return from The Commission. Hazel receives a transmission ordering him to kill Cha-Cha.

Diego went with Five and Allison to the police station. He knew that Harold Jenkins would have a record, and he needed to see the record. Diego called his friend, Beeman, to get hold of the record, but Beeman told him that he was the prime suspect in Patch’s death. He can’t believe they would accuse him of murdering Patch, but his fingerprints were all over the crime scene, so things were looking good for him. Diego manages to convince Beeman to get Harold’s file. Allison calls Vanya and leaves her a voicemail so that she can call them back. Diego went back to Five and Allison with Harold’s file. Allison opened the file and saw Leonard’s picture. He told everyone that Harold was Leonard Peabody.

Luther discovers that Reginald didn’t look at any of the things he sent from the moon. Things weren’t going great for Luther because Allison wasn’t there for him this time around. Luther decides to get drunk, and he vented out his anger on Klaus. He demanded Klaus find Reginald’s soul. Klaus told Luther that he didn’t know how to contact Reginald, but Luther didn’t want to hear no for an answer. Luther ends up breaking down, and all he has is Klaus to cry on. Klaus did his best to be a good brother and tried to cheer Luther up. Luther tells Klaus that he wants to be like him. Klaus knew that it wasn’t a good idea, so he told Luther to sleep things off and he’ll be better in the morning.

Luther decided that he wanted to be carefree like Klaus so he left the academy independently. Klaus tries to stop Luther, but he can’t. Luther pushes Klaus out of his way like a ragdoll. Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-cha were back in the forest. Cha-cha plans to kill Hazel, but she can’t. It seems that Cha-cha is in love with Hazel, and she wants to end up being together, but things aren’t the same for Hazel. After going back to the motel, Hazel volunteers to get some takeout, but he immediately goes to see Agnes.

Diego, Five, and Allison went over to Leonard’s house. They broke into Leonard’s house, but they had already left. Allison finds Leonard’s attic, and they see that he is obsessed with the academy. Allison knew that Leonard wasn’t after Vanya; he was after everyone else. Five suddenly fell to the floor because he suffered from a gunshot wound. They need to tend to his injury, but Five told them to continue tracking Leonard.

Leonard brought Vanya to his grandmother’s house. Vanya could relate with Leonard because she thinks they went through the same shitty childhood. Vanya felt insignificant within the academy because she thought she was normal. Leonard wants Vanya to unleash her full potential, and he brings her to a secluded area to practice her newfound capabilities. Meanwhile, Hazel went to see Agnes and asked her to elope with him. Hazel plans to leave with Agnes, but she tells Hazel that he needs to tell Cha-cha about his plans. Hazel agrees and goes back to the motel to tell Cha-cha. He doesn’t have any idea that Cha-cha is following him.

Klaus went out with Ben to find Luther. Klaus doesn’t want to help Luther, but Ben convinces him. Ben used the conscience card on Klaus. Klaus told Ben that it wasn’t his responsibility to save or help Luther. Ben responds that it may not be his responsibility, but he knew that Luther would risk his own life to save Klaus whenever he got into trouble. Allison and Diego brought Five back to the academy. Diego saw Grace and decided to confront her.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Ben went around town looking for Luther. Klaus was beginning to lose hope of finding Luther when they heard a woman laughing as she exited a bar. She told her friend about a big hairy guy, and Klaus and Ben knew that they were talking about Luther.

Klaus and Ben enter the bar, but they weren’t ready for what they are about to see. Luther was in the middle of the stage, dancing without his clothes. Klaus tells Luther that it’s time to go home, but he refuses. Luther told Klaus that the bar was now his home. Luther felt very happy to finally experience getting high and having fun, but Klaus didn’t want to give in. He did his best to stay sober, but that s a tough decision for Klaus.

Diego couldn’t believe that Grace was still functioning even though he destroyed her circuits the last time he was at the academy. Grace tended to Five’s wounds while Allison and Diego discussed their options. Allison wants to see Claire, but Diego tells her that they should stick together. Diego told Allison that they needed to check Leonard’s grandmother to see if they would be able to find him there. While they were leaving the academy, Diego saw the police, and he knew that his days were numbered. Allison told Diego that they needed to split up because they can’t both be arrested. Diego didn’t have any choice but to surrender to the police. They arrested Diego as Allison left to track Leonard on her own.

Leonard brought Vanya to a nearby lake to practice her powers. Vanya felt ridiculous as Leonard insisted that she tries to move the boat using her powers. Vanya didn’t want to move the boat, but she tried. She was suspicious of why Leonard wanted her to figure out her powers so badly. Leonard knew that he was letting his emotions get the best of him, so he told Vanya that they could try again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Hazel got back to the motel, but Cha-cha wasn’t there. He was writing a note for Cha-cha when he saw a burnt transmission in the trash bin. He places the burnt transmission over his transmission, and it reads the same thing, “Terminate Hazel for immediate extraction.”

Hazel saw a cab arrive at the motel. He looked out the window and saw Cha-cha getting off the cab. He thought Cha-cha was looking for him to kill him. Hazel went to the bathroom to stick his transmission on the wall. Hazel prepares to face Cha-cha as he hides behind the curtains. Cha-cha kicks the bathroom door down and immediately opens fires at the shower curtains, thinking Hazel is taking a bath inside. Cha-cha enters the bathroom and sees the transmission, but it is too late. Hazel follows Cha-cha and knocks her out using his pistol.

Klaus almost gave in to temptation when he saw that a couple of guys were about to attack Luther. Klaus throws the party drug away and decides to help Luther. He jumps on one of the men trying to attack Luther but gets thrown to the floor. Klaus lost consciousness and woke up in the forest. It seems Klaus got transported to the spirit world. He ends up talking with a girl who’s riding her bike. She tells Klaus that he doesn’t have much time and points him to a barn. Klaus thought that he would see Dave, but he was mistaken. He ran to the barn and entered it, but he was transported to a barber shop.

Klaus took a seat, and the barber went out to attend to him. The barber placed a hot towel on his face and turned the seat towards the mirrors. The barber took off the towel to reveal himself as Reginald. Klaus talks to Reginald, and they have a father and son moment as he shaves his beard. Reginald told Klaus that everything he did was to prepare everyone, but they never understood his motives. Klaus told Reginald that they were just kids and that he was never a good father to them. Reginald responds that they were never just kids; they were meant to save the world.

Reginald reveals that he killed himself to bring the academy back together so that they could save the world from the apocalypse. He was about to tell something important to Klaus, but he was already being pulled back to the real world. Klaus wakes up and immediately looks around for Luther. The people at the bar told him that the bouncers kicked Luther out of the bar for partying too hard. Meanwhile, Leonard and Vanya were going back home when some drunk men decided to pick a fight with Leonard. They used Leonard’s car as a table, and they didn’t want to leave.

Leonard couldn’t do anything to save himself, or he chose not to save himself so that Vanya would use her powers. Vanya did use her powers as she sent all three men flying to their deaths. She sent out some shockwave from her body. Vanya calls for help to save Leonard. Cha-cha wakes up at the motel to find herself chained to the heater. Hazel wants to leave The Commission. He no longer wants to be a hitman, but Cha-cha wasn’t ready to quits. Cha-cha tells Hazel that they have the best job in the world. She did her best to convince Hazel, but he disagreed. Hazel loves Agnes, and he wants to spend his last days with her.

Cha-cha told Hazel that he needed to kill her unless he wanted to end up dead with Agnes. Cha-cha vows to find Hazel and Agnes and kill them both. She threatened to kill Agnes slowly, in front of Hazel, but that didn’t faze him. Hazel almost shot Cha-cha for what she was planning to do with Agnes, but Hazel’s desire to turn over a new leaf got him through it. Hazel left Cha-cha in the motel room and went to pick up Agnes. Three days before the apocalypse and things weren’t getting better. Allison is on her way to find Vanya while Luther is in an alley kissing a whore. Diego is in prison while Five is at the academy. Vanya was able to bring Leonard to the hospital, and she still had no idea that he was the enemy.

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