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The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – I Heard a Rumor


Published 4 weeks ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 8 Recap - I Heard a Rumor

Allison continues driving to the address that Diego gave her. She remembers how her husband, Patrick, discovered that she’s been using her powers on her daughter, Claire. Allison was putting Claire to bed when she asked for a bedtime story. Allison gave Claire a selection of stories to choose from, but she wanted to hear the stories from The Umbrella Academy. She told Claire a story about one of their missions to stop a bank robbery. After the story, Claire wanted to hear another story, but Allison told her it was time for bed. She didn’t scold or argue with Claire; Claire was stubborn and told Allison that she wasn’t tired yet. Allison used her powers on Claire, and Patrick saw the whole thing because he went to check on Claire. Patrick was disappointed with Allison, although she tried explaining things to him.

Allison drove all night, and she remembered how she used her powers on different people to get what she wanted. The reality that she only got what she wanted because she used her powers kept her awake. Morning came, and Allison made it to the address on the file. Allison peeked inside the house and saw Vanya’s violin case. She knew she was at the right address and decided to break in. Vanya wasn’t at the house because she needed to bring Leonard to the hospital. Leonard woke Vanya up and told her that he wanted to go home. He needs a prosthetic eye, but he told Vanya that they could just come back tomorrow for a checkup.

Leonard is in a hurry to leave the hospital. He knew the risk of staying there, but the nurse saw them going and told Leonard that he wasn’t discharged yet. Leonard didn’t want to talk to the nurse, so she just made him sign a voluntary discharge paper. Vanya asks the nurse about the three men injured at the dinner last night. The nurse responds that they could only save one of the three. Vanya realized that she had killed two men last night.

Meanwhile, Luther wakes up with the whore he was kissing last night. He doesn’t remember what happened, but it seems he finally lost his virginity. Klaus wanted to celebrate, but Luther wasn’t in the mood. He was back to his old self and wanted to focus on their mission.

Klaus called everyone at the academy to talk to them about his conversation with Reginald. Luther and Five were the only ones present aside from Ben, but he was always with Klaus. He told everyone what happened and finally got to the part where Reginald killed himself. Luther and Five didn’t believe Klaus, but Pogo confirmed his story. Pogo tells everyone in the kitchen that Reginald planned to kill himself to get the gang back together. He programmed Grace not to respond to his death that night and recorded everything on the surveillance camera for them to find. Luther couldn’t accept that Reginald killed himself. He asks Pogo what other secrets he was keeping from them. Pogo apologizes to Luther but doesn’t say anything because it was Reginald’s dying wish. Luther left the kitchen disappointed as he felt like a fool searching for answers.

Leonard and Vanya went home. Vanya is disappointed with herself because she killed two innocent men last night. Leonard tells Vanya that their deaths were not in her hands because she acted in self-defense. Vanya now knew she had power but couldn’t control it. She knew that a time would come when she would need to use her powers, but she was worried about what would happen. Leonard tells Vanya that they could learn how she could properly control her powers.

Meanwhile, Hazel and Agnes were stuck in traffic. Hazel doesn’t like being stuck in traffic with only a few days left before the world ends. Agnes doesn’t know the world is ending, so she tells Hazel they have their whole lives ahead of them. Agnes shows Hazel a map of the places she wants to visit with him.

Allison was stuck in traffic too. She was near the diner where Vanya killed two men. Allison got out of her car to check the place but a police officer stopped her. The police officer recognized Allison, and he was starstruck. Allison used her fame to gain the police officer’s favor. She asks if she could tag along for the day. Allison tells the officer that she’s doing some research on her upcoming role and needs help from an honest police officer. The officer couldn’t refuse and allowed Allison to tag along. He was headed to the hospital to interview the man who survived Vanya’s powerful attack last night.

Beeman went to visit Diego. They transferred him upstate for the hearing, but Diego can’t leave. Beeman bid Diego goodbye, but it was all a façade. He came over to help Diego escape as he extended his hand for a handshake. Diego checks Beeman’s sleeve and finds the key to his cell. Diego knew the ins and outs of the precinct like the back of his hand, so escaping shouldn’t be a problem for him.

Vanya continues to practice playing her violin at the cabin. Leonard continues to read through Reginald’s diary to help Vanya master her powers. It seems Reginald tried to help Vanya control her powers at one point during her academy stay. He did everything to train Vanya so that she could gain control over her abilities. Vanya’s power had something to do with sound and vibrations. Leonard tries to emulate the things that Reginald did with Vanya. He took her to the woods so Vanya could have her own controlled space for practice. Leonard told Vanya to recall what happened to them last night so she could recall how she used her powers. Vanya focused her thoughts on last night and felt terrified about her experience. Leonard, on the other hand, found everything extraordinary.

Five goes to Klaus and tells him they need to focus on saving the world. Five thinks that Reginald’s plan was working because his suicide led everyone to return to the academy. They are finally working together, and Five believes that since everyone is back together, they might as well save the world. Klaus likes the idea and decides to tag along. They were heading out when Diego arrived at the academy. He tells them that Allison is in danger.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Vanya were still going at it with her training. Vanya vaguely remembers what happened in her childhood. She kept on resisting her training because she was terrified of her abilities and she should be. Vanya’s powers were too powerful for her to control, and she kept on losing herself when she would use them.

Helen Cho was still missing, but that’s because Leonard killed her. The gang finds Luther having a beer in a bar. He was done. He no longer wants to be part of the academy because the truth is too harsh for him to bear. Luther thought that Reginald gave him purpose on the moon. That he was one day going to save the world. Diego told Luther that he could give up on them, but he shouldn’t give up on Allison. Diego reveals that Allison went to confront Leonard and Vanya alone. Luther didn’t waste any seconds getting up from the bar. He told Diego that he should’ve told him about Allison sooner. Meanwhile, Cha-cha finally got out of her restraints and decided to follow Hazel and Agnes. She returns to the doughnut shop to look for clues on where they were going.

Cha-cha saw a flyer regarding a Bird sanctuary, and she knew that Hazel and Agnes would visit it. She took the flyer and was about to leave when she got the idea to blow the shop up. She turned the stove on high and lits a candle by the doorway. Cha-cha leaves the shop and walks away as the shop explodes. Meanwhile, Allison and Cheddar arrive at the hospital to interview Mr. Luntz. He tells them that Leonard hired them to put on a show. They were supposed to fight him, but they took things too far because they got drunk. All hell broke loose when Vanya used her powers on them, and he almost died.

Sergeant Cheddar knew that Allison was using him because she asked Mr. Luntz if Vanya was the girl with Leonard. She apologized to Cheddar and told him the truth. Cheddar decides to risk his job to help Allison. Back at the cabin, Leonard knew that they were just moments away from unleashing Vanya’s full potential, but she didn’t care. Vanya wanted to practice playing her violin because it was more important. Leonard is slowly getting frustrated with Vanya and her lack of enthusiasm for her newfound abilities. He cleans up after Vanya and decides to leave.

Hazel and Agnes arrive at the sanctuary, but Hazel has cold feet. He asks Agnes where she would go if she only had a day or two to live. Agnes responds that she would go wherever as long as she’s with Hazel. Hazel knew that he didn’t deserve to be with Agnes and that he needed to own things up from his end. He told Agnes to go to the sanctuary without him because he needed to tie some loose ends. Hazel promises that he will be back by tomorrow. Agnes hesitates to allow Hazel to leave, but she doesn’t have any choice. She trusted Hazel and gave him a goodbye kiss. Hazel took the car and drove away. Meanwhile, Vanya is now on the brink of mastering her powers. She was practicing her violin when she discovered that Leonard had left.

Vanya felt alone, just like how Reginald left her in the basement for his research. Reginald places Vanya inside a metal room, isolated from the rest of the family. She didn’t know what to do. Vanya tries to call out to Leonard, but he isn’t around. She took her violin and started playing to focus on the sound around her. Somehow Vanya can amplify the sound of her violin, which slowly translates into a more significant force around her as she can control the wind and the vibrations.

Mr. Luntz goes missing, which puts the hospital on high alert. Allison asks the nurse if she knows Vanya, and she confirms that Vanya left with Leonard earlier. Allison went back to the cabin to save Vanya. Cheddar tells Allison not to leave, but she doesn’t obey him. Allison drove back to the house and heard Vanya playing her violin. She enters the cabin to confront Vanya. Allison told Vanya the truth, which confuses her further. She couldn’t handle the stress of discovering her powers and discovering that Leonard was another person. Allison consoles Vanya, and she suddenly realizes what happened to her powers.

Back when they were kids, Reginald told everyone that Vanya was sick and that she needed to be isolated. He used Allison’s powers to keep Vanya’s powers in check. All the time, she thought that she was ordinary because Allison used her powers on her. Allison didn’t know what she was doing then, and no one bothered to question Reginald. The only one who knows the secret is Reginald, Grace, and Pogo. Allison told Vanya the truth, but she didn’t see things the way Allison did. Vanya thought that Allison knew the whole time that she had powers and didn’t do anything to save her. She thought Allison just wanted to keep her place in the academy so that she wouldn’t overpower her.

Allison wants to help Vanya, but she fails to see the truth. Vanya and Allison get into a heated argument, and she loses control of her powers. Vanya ends up slashing Allison’s throat using her powers. She whips her fiddlestick and sends a powerful gush of wind towards Allison’s throat. She didn’t mean to do it; it just happened because of her emotions. Vanya tries to help Allison, but she can’t do anything. Leonard went inside the cabin and found Allison drowning in her blood. He told Vanya that she did what she had to do and pulled her away. Leonard told Vanya that they needed to leave, but she refused. It seems Leonard also killed Mr. Luntz. His body was outside the cabin, covered by a black trash bag.

Five, Klaus, Luther, and Diego were on their way to the cabin. Five drove as fast as he could, but they were too late. By the time they arrived, Allison was already dead. Luther went over to her corpse and held her in his arms. They couldn’t find Leonard or Vanya anywhere.

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