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The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – Changes


Published 3 weeks ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 9 Recap - Changes

Back in 1993, Vanya continued to have issues controlling her powers. She was difficult, unlike the rest of her siblings. Reginald did everything he could to control Vanya, but it was a very difficult endeavor. Vanya killed many of their nannies because she refused training and couldn’t control her emotions. Reginald created Grace to gain control over Vanya. It worked as Grace put fear into Vanya’s heart because she couldn’t kill her.

Fast forward to the present, Leonard took Vanya back to his house. He took advantage of Vanya’s current state to brainwash and control her. While they were cleaning up, Leonard told Vanya that she was special and that her siblings would go after her. Vanya knew that she needed to explain herself to her siblings, but Leonard told her that it wouldn’t be that easy, especially since she had killed Allison. Vanya knew she had just lost control, but the truth is, she killed Allison, and the rest of the family won’t be able to forgive her. Leonard persuaded Vanya and convinced her that she was special and that it was only he who understood how special she was.

The rest of the gang took Allison back to the academy. Grace assessed Allison’s condition and told everyone that she would survive. Allison suffered a severe laceration to her larynx, which means she lost her ability to talk. Grace told everyone that they needed to donate some blood for Allison. Everyone volunteered, but Luther and Klaus couldn’t donate their blood for special reasons. Diego was the perfect candidate because his blood was clean, and they didn’t need to make a fuss over it because he was unconscious. It turns out Diego is afraid of needles for someone who loves knives.

Klaus is still having a hard time adjusting to his newly found sobriety. He couldn’t handle the stress of all the events unfolding, so he wanted to return to being numb. Ben did his best to talk some sense into Klaus. It seemed like it was working as Klaus apologized to Ben, but he was fooling around. Klaus wanted to get high, so he popped a few pills into his mouth. Ben felt offended by Klaus’s actions, so he punched him. Ben is dead, but somehow he was able to punch Klaus, and they both think it has something to do with Klaus’s powers. Klaus went back to rejoin the rest of his siblings as they tried and figure out how to stop the apocalypse. Klaus refuses to leave the academy, but Diego manages to convince him by throwing one of his daggers.

Vanya couldn’t control her thoughts. She kept going back to the moment she killed Allison. Vanya doesn’t know that Allison is still alive, so she keeps blaming herself for what happened. Vanya went to the sink to wash her face, and she accidentally knocked on Leonard’s bag. She picks up the bag and sees Reginald’s diary. Vanya took an interest in the diary and scrolled through a few pages. She saw everything that Reginald wrote about her powers. Leonard saw Vanya holding the diary, so he tried to explain things to her. Things didn’t go as planned for Leonard. He told Vanya that he got her the audition for the first chair. Vanya knew that Leonard was manipulating her all this time. Leonard tries to regain control of the situation by brainwashing Vanya, but it isn’t going to work the second time around.

Vanya wants to return to the academy, but Leonard wouldn’t allow her to leave. He told Vanya that her siblings would kill her, but she knew she did nothing wrong. Everything was an accident, and Vanya knew that her siblings would listen to her. Leonard tries to trigger Vanya’s power state by telling her she’s weak and useless. Leonard’s plan backfires as Vanya uses her powers to kill him. Leonard begs Vanya not to use her powers on him, but it is too late. Consumed by anger and hatred, Vanya conjures up a storm. The storm sucks all metallic objects around the house and sends them flying towards Leonard. Everything stuck to him like a dart board, instantly killing him.

Cha-cha finally catches up to Hazel and Agnes; however, Hazel has already left her. Agnes told Cha-cha that Hazel had already left, but she didn’t believe her and proceeded to torture Agnes. Meanwhile, Five, Diego, and Klaus arrive at Leonard’s place and find his dead body. They were shocked by how Leonard died; however, they needed to find Vanya. Five saw Leonard’s injury, and he knew that the prosthetic eye belonged to him. Five is convinced that they solved the apocalypse problem with Leonard’s death. Klaus and Diego aren’t convinced and want to find Vanya as soon as possible. Five leaves them hanging as he decides to teleport out of the house. Since Vanya could escape Leonard, they think she’s headed back to the academy.

Luther stayed with Allison all through the night. Grace tells Luther that Allison will survive; however, there’s no guarantee that she’ll be able to talk again. Pogo assures Luther that Allison was spared from death because of their efforts. He tells Luther they could take over so he could rest, but Luther refuses to leave Allison’s side. He no longer trusts Pogo and Grace after learning the truth. Pogo had no choice but to go with Grace as Luther looked over Allison.

Diego, Five, and Klaus arrive at the academy, but Vanya isn’t there. Diego knew he was wasting time looking for Vanya, so he opts out and resumes tracking down Hazel and Cha-cha. He still wants to avenge Patch’s death, so they no longer bother him. Five asks Klaus what Reginald told him about the apocalypse, and five keeps obsessing with the apocalypse like he’s missing something. Klaus told Five just to let the apocalypse thing go, but he wasn’t done with it.

Luther stays by Allison while Five figures out what’s missing in his equation. Five whips up a margarita as he continues to ponder on his thoughts. Five knew he was missing something and that something was about to come back. Hazel went to the academy to finish what they started. He pulls up his gun and presses the doorbell. He wants to kill Five, but he answers the door and offers him a margarita. Five talked with Hazel, but their conversation was put on hold as Diego attacked Hazel. Five tells Diego to listen to what Hazel has to say, but he doesn’t want to listen. All he wants to do is kill Hazel and avenge Patch’s death.

Hazel and Diego were fighting to the death. Hazel manages to get the upper hand, but Diego bit his ear instead. Five has seen enough and decides to intervene. He took a vase and smashed it on Diego’s head, rendering him unconscious. Hazel tells Five that he went to see him to volunteer to stop the apocalypse. Hazel wants to stop the apocalypse so that he can enjoy his time with Agnes. Five laughs at Hazel because they had already stopped the apocalypse. Five tells Hazel that the fact that he’s still there and that he quit his job at The Commission means that there’s no more apocalypse. Hazel is shocked and confused, but he’s happy that there’s no more apocalypse. He could finally spend his remaining days with Agnes.
Hazel tells Five that it’s time to start over because he doesn’t know where to go from here. Five has been chasing the apocalypse thing since he went to the future that he doesn’t have anything to do on his list. Hazel was on his way out when Five asked him who killed Patch. Hazel tells Five that Cha-cha killed Patch. Five wants to get Cha-cha’s weapon to clear Diego’s name. Five was in luck because Hazel had both guns with him. Hazel surrenders his weapon to Five and leaves.

Vanya went back to her apartment to resume her normal life. She checks her messages and hears Allison’s voice. She tried to call her a few days ago, but she wasn’t home to pick up the call. Vanya remembers how she killed Allison using her fiddlestick, and her emotions again got the best of her. Vanya cries in regret for not believing Allison when she came to warn her about Leonard.

Meanwhile, Allison finally woke up. Luther apologizes to her for not being there for her. Allison remembers what happened to her and told Luther about it. She wrote everything down on a piece of paper. Allison asks Luther about Vanya. He responds that they don’t know where she is. Allison tells Luther that Vanya has powers, but he doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say to him.

Pogo comes into the room and tells Luther that he knows what Allison is talking about. He tells Luther it is time for Reginald’s last secret to come to light. Meanwhile, Diego also woke up and asked Five where Hazel was. Five tells Diego that he allowed Hazel to go free because he surrendered their weapons to him. Diego’s name would finally be cleared of Patch’s death. He told Diego it was time to move on and forget about killing Hazel or Cha-cha. Diego didn’t want to move on, but Five made him see things from his perspective. Diego thought highly of Patch because she could see the goodness in people despite the filth that she saw in the streets. Five responds that Patch would appreciate that Diego would kill Hazel and Cha-cha to honor her death.

Somehow, Diego knew that his plans weren’t living up to Patch’s expectations. She wouldn’t harm a soul if it weren’t necessary, so he finally puts his plans to rest. Meanwhile, Vanya returns to the academy. She entered the house, and Luther went over to welcome her. Luther tells Vanya that Allison survived her attack. Vanya wants to see Allison but Luther says to her that she’s resting. Luther told Vanya that she could stay and see Allison later. He hugs Vanya, but it is a trap. Luther puts Vanya to sleep and throws her back into the metal room that Reginald created for her.

Vanya wakes up and finds herself inside the metal room. She rushes towards the door and sees Luther, Diego, and Klaus arguing outside. Luther tells them about Vanya and her powers, how Reginald was afraid of her, and the strength of her capabilities. Klaus and Diego try to argue with Luther and convince him to help Vanya, but he’s made up his mind. He doesn’t want to risk their lives trying to control something that can’t be controlled. Allison went down to the basement to confront Luther. She told him to release Vanya, but Luther disagreed with Allison. He wants to find out about Vanya’s powers before they remove her because she’s a threat to everyone unless they can control her powers. Allison tries to fight Luther, but she can’t. Without her voice, Allison was powerless against him.

Vanya continues to beg for her release, but they can’t hear her from inside the metal room. Diego, Klaus, Luther, and Allison decide to leave Vanya inside the room for the time being. Meanwhile, Cha-cha waits for Hazel to arrive. She prepared an elaborate contraption that would cause Agnes to fall into a pool of boiling water. Cha-cha wants Hazel to watch as Agnes dies. Hazel tells Cha-cha to let Agnes go and take him instead. Cha-cha plans to kill them both, so she proceeds as planned. Hazel manages to stop Cha-cha from sending Agnes to her death, but it is only for a brief period. Hazel tries to kill Cha-cha, but he fails. Cha-cha pulls on the rope and sends Agnes to her death, but time froze just before she fell into the water.
The Handler appears before Hazel. She was injured from the explosion that Five caused at The Commission, but that didn’t stop her from locating Hazel and Cha-cha. At the academy, Luther tries to explain things to Allison, but she doesn’t want to speak to him. Diego and Klaus returned to their normal lives while Five returned Delores to the shopping center. As Hazel told him, it was time to start anew. Things weren’t going to be peaceful for long as Vanya was slowly losing her sanity. She saw a reflection of her younger self, who seemed to be reaching out to her.

Vanya’s younger self reaches out to her and tells her that she must act to save herself. Vanya convinces herself that her siblings will keep her locked up forever. At first, Vanya didn’t want to believe it, but she lost control of her emotions. She embraces her powers and manages to break free from the metal room. Allison and Luther were startled by a massive explosion, and Luther knew that Vanya had broken free.

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