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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – The Frankel Footage


Published 3 weeks ago

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - The Frankel Footage

Hazel went back to save Agnes and kill The Handler. After her death, two men were about to dispose of her when she suddenly woke up. She asks the men to bring her to the hospital. Three months later, The Handler returns to The Commission, thinking things would return to how they used to be. She enters her office and sees a man named AJ. AJ is only using the body of a man; he’s a fish who could talk. AJ welcomes The Handler back but tells her the bad news about her demotion.

The Handler didn’t take things lightly and blamed Hazel and Cha-cha for screwing things up in the field. AJ tells her that she should be happy that she gets to keep her job. AJ introduces The Handler to a guy named Herb, who will be her new supervisor. Herb is in charge of all the case managers, and he shows The Handler to her new desk. Herb gave The Handler Five’s old desk. She opened one of the drawers and saw Five’s old nameplate. The Handler threw the nameplate in anger and almost killed Herb with it.

Five confronts Luther, but he no longer cares if the world is ending. As far as Luther is concerned, he’s no more extended Number One, and the academy never needed him to be Number One. Luther currently works for Jack Ruby, the guy who eventually kills Lee Harvey Oswald. Luther loves working for Jack even though he treats him like garbage. He went back to being a bodyguard and took care of Carl, who was so drunk that he was starting to annoy Jack. Carl dropped his wallet on the way out, but he didn’t notice. Five was about to leave the bar when he felt something in his pocket, and it was a small box labeled Frankel Footage, dated November 11, 1963.

Five knew that the box had something to do with the apocalypse, so he left in a hurry to check the contents. Meanwhile, Vanya is still waiting for someone to pick her up from Carl and Sissy’s house. She didn’t remember who she was, so Carl kept placing the missing person’s ads in the newspaper, hoping that someone out there was still looking for her. Sissy was on her way out to pick up Carl because he called from the bar. Harlan came out of his room and wanted Sissy to read him a bedtime story. Vanya tries to take Harlan back to his room, but he wants Sissy to read the story. Vanya volunteers to pick up Carl from the bar instead.

Diego and Lila were able to escape the institute. They stole some clothes to blend in. Diego doesn’t want to escape with Lila, but she insists they go together. Lila tells Diego that they make a great team and would have a better chance of staying free and alive if they worked together. Lila has a unique set of skills that Diego didn’t know. She jump-started a car, so they no longer needed to walk, which impressed Diego a bit.

Vanya arrives to pick up Carl, slumped on the pavement near the phone booth. He asks Vanya if Sissy is mad at her. Vanya responds that Sissy isn’t precisely happy because he lied to her. Vanya explains that Carl told Sissy that he was going back to work, but instead, he went to the bar and got drunk. Carl tells Vanya that she’s lucky to lose her memory because she could start anew. Back at the bar, Luther picked up Carl’s wallet and wanted to return it. He went outside to find Carl but saw Vanya instead. Luther froze at the sight of Vanya, who saw him but didn’t react to him. Luther thought Vanya would kill him for sure, but he didn’t know that Vanya had lost her memory.

Vanya drove off, and Luther knew he needed to do something. The men from The Commission failed to kill two of their targets, first Five, then Diego, so they went hunting for their next target, Allison. They arrive at her house and scope the place out. Allison and her husband fell asleep watching the TV. They woke up to a loud bang at their door. Allison took a baseball bat and went to the door. The door swung open, and two cops entered their house. The cops arrested her husband, Raymond, for assault and battery. It seems the guy who threatened them earlier told the police what happened. Allison tries to use her powers on one of the officers; however, Raymond will see it, so she can’t go on with it. The men from The Commission couldn’t do anything since people gathered outside Allison’s house.

Five went back to Elliott to ask for his help in developing the footage that Hazel left him. While talking, Five hears a radio call for backup at the institute. The caller tells everyone listening that 25 patients were still at large, and most of them were armed and dangerous. Five knew that Diego must’ve caused the breakout, so he needed to find him quickly before the police did. Diego and Lila were sitting in their car outside Oswald’s workplace. They were waiting for him to finish his shift so that Diego could execute his elaborate plan to stop Oswald from killing JFK.

Diego plans to cut Oswald’s trigger finger and tell him to leave Dallas within 24 hours. Lila tells Diego that his plan is stupid and they should kill Oswald and be done with him. Diego responds that he doesn’t want to kill a man before committing a crime which shows how stupid he is. While Lila and Diego are arguing, Five arrives to stop his plan. Five tells Diego to come with him and leave Lila, but he refuses. Five tries to call the attention of a cop passing by, so Diego stops him. Lila thinks Five is bluffing about turning them over to the police, but Diego knows he wasn’t. Diego cooperates and tells Five that they’re coming with him.

Allison went to the police station to see Raymond, but the police refused to help her. Allison didn’t want to wreak havoc at the station because she needed to keep calm for the sake of Raymond. He wouldn’t have been arrested if Allison kept herself calm yesterday. Meanwhile, Klaus was also at the station, but he was in jail. Klaus gets rid of a fanatic who got himself locked up trying to follow in his footsteps. He ends up talking with Raymond as they share a moment. Klaus is set free after their conversation because someone called the governor for him. Raymond is impressed with Klaus and his connections, but he doesn’t even know who the governor is. Klaus only knew the governor’s wealthy benefactors.

Raymond asks Klaus for a favor. If he ever meets the governor, he wants him to tell the governor that black men are being held without any charges at the police station. Klaus is shocked at the revelation and asks the police officer if Raymond is telling the truth. The officer tells Klaus he could file a complaint if he wanted to. Meanwhile, Five takes Diego and Lila to Elliott’s place. Elliott already watched the footage and is baffled as to who Five and his associates were. It turns out the Frankel Footage is raw footage from JFK’s assassination. Five and Diego watched the footage with Lila and Elliott. The footage was about an elderly couple named Dan and Edna Frankel. They were in Dallas to watch JFK and were there when he got shot. Dan and Edna caught a glimpse of Reginald on tape.

No one would’ve spotted Reginald if they watched the tape as is, but Five knew where to look. He stopped the tape at precisely the right moment and zoomed in. There was no doubt that the man in the black suit was Reginald. Meanwhile, Vanya continues her life on the farm with Sissy and Harlan. Harlan asks Vanya to play hide and seek with him, so she tells Harlan to hide while she counts to 10. Luther arrives and sees Vanya looking for Harlan. He suddenly caught a glimpse of what happened to Pogo and how Vanya mercilessly killed him. Luther pulls out his pistol, and it seems he went there to kill Vanya.

Vanya enters the barn looking for Harlan. Harlan changes his hiding spot so that Vanya won’t find him immediately. While Vanya was looking for Harlan, Luther sneaked up on her, but he was too heavy for the old barn floor, and the wood softly creaked as he walked in. Vanya heard the creak and turned around. Luther calls Vanya, and she’s shocked to see that someone knows her. Vanya eagerly approaches Luther to ask him how they knew each other. Luther thought Vanya was playing games with him, but she explained that she had lost her memory after an accident. Vanya apologizes to Luther if she did anything wrong. Luther tells Vanya that she shouldn’t apologize because he was the one who let her down.

Luther tells Vanya he did things he’s not proud of instead of helping her. He went over to apologize rather than kill Vanya, and he couldn’t kill her when he knew she had lost her memory. Harlan came out of hiding and went over to Vanya. Luther asks Vanya who Harlan is, but Sissy tells him he’s her son. Sissy has a hunting rifle pointed at Luther’s head, and she gives him 10 seconds to explain what he’s doing in their barn. Luther pulled out Carl’s wallet and told Sissy that he found it at the Carousel Club. Luther leaves the barn and leaves Vanya dazed and confused.

The men from the Commission were called The Swedes. They were biding their time in Dallas, waiting for further instructions. A new education set came from The Commission, and their new target is Vanya. Meanwhile, Five and Diego argue about Reginald’s involvement in JFK’s assassination. Diego knows that Reginald kills JFK, but Five doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. Five wants to talk with Reginald first before they start assuming things. They searched for his name in the Dallas phone book but didn’t find it. Diego searched for Reginald’s umbrella company, and they were in luck. They found the address and decided to find Reginald. They wanted to leave Elliott behind, but Diego knew that he couldn’t leave Lila with Elliott.

Diego found Lila in the dark room. She was having issues with her mental state again. Lila thinks she’s going crazy again after hearing the doomsday shit from Five and Diego. Diego decides to be a good friend and help Lila out. He manages to convince Lila that she’s not going crazy. Diego explains that there are things that can’t be explained, but that doesn’t mean they’re not true.

Allison was finally able to see Raymond. She didn’t see Klaus, but Raymond tells her that none of it was her fault. Allison promised Raymond that she would get him out of jail. Raymond remembers what happened to them last, so he asks Allison why he told the police about a rumor. Allison didn’t want to answer the question, and luckily her visitation hour was up. Raymond knew that Allison was keeping secrets from him, but he wasn’t in the position to argue. Allison tells Raymond they could talk about it later and leaves the precinct. On her way out, Allison sees Klaus’ fanatic waving his hand at her. The man has the words Hello and Goodbye written on his palms. They were the same as Klaus’ tattoos on his palms. Allison knew that she had found Klaus and confirmed it with the fanatic.

Klaus went back to his mansion and broke into the house. Ben told Klaus that the key to the door was just under the mat, but Klaus knew he was just tardy. Klaus looks at his portrait before going to sleep, and Ben asks if he doesn’t like what he sees. Meanwhile, Vanya and Sissy talk about Luther over a couple of drinks. She wants to remember what Luther’s relationship was with her. Sissy tells Vanya to avoid Luther because men in their area don’t typically apologize to women. She explains that whatever Luther did to her, it must’ve been real bad. Vanya didn’t care; she wanted to remember anything about Luther because it was better than not knowing who she was. Sissy checks Vanya’s hands. She knew Vanya wasn’t a farm help because her hands were so beautiful.

Sissy wonders where Vanya got her callouses, but Vanya couldn’t remember that she used to play the violin. Sissy tells Vanya that it’s getting late and they need to sleep. Vanya went to bed, but she couldn’t sleep. Speaking with Sissy about her hands triggered her memory. She vaguely remembers playing the violin and slowly killing Luther. Vanya decided to take the car and see Luther. Sissy heard Vanya leave, and she tried to stop her, but she was too late. Vanya had already driven off by the time she got to the door.

Five and Diego arrive at Reginald’s address. Five was having a moment because he hadn’t seen Reginald in over 45 years. Diego tells him that Reginald hasn’t seen either of them because they were in the 60s. Five teleports inside the house to open the door and allow Diego inside. They went around, but it didn’t seem like anyone was living there. Five tells Diego that the house seems like a front for something that Reginald wants to hide. Five finds a room with a nuclear explosion drawn in the backdrop. He knew Reginald was up to something sinister. Diego, on the other hand, found Reginald’s office. The office was full of dust, and no one had been there for some time.

Diego was going through the files, but they were just blank pages. He heard something moving in the corridor and decided to follow it. Meanwhile, Five found an invitation to a gathering a few days before JFK’s arrival in Dallas. He decides to keep the invitation as he knows it would be handy. Diego continues to follow a man in a black suit. They went inside a barn, and it seemed the man knew someone was following him. Five heard a noise and saw Pogo. Pogo was still in diapers, and he didn’t know who Five was. Pogo scratches Five’s neck and escapes while Diego is led into a trap by Reginald. They engage in a fist fight, and Reginald ends up winning. Diego hesitates to land the finishing blow, so Reginald stabs him with a dagger instead.

Reginald walks away from Diego as he holds on to his wound. Pogo manages to find Reginald and joins him.

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